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Arabian Tales

Studio: Other » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/10/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

November 2006

Directed By:



Jamalal Din, Ashrat Wali, Hamzan Majd, Hannad Hadi, Hisham Abdul, Imad Aldin, Jabir Hassam, Jalal Aldin, Khalaf Mujib, Khuzaymajan, Muzzafar, Jijad Hayyan, Shakir Dabar.

The Movie:

Handsome Jamalal is traveling though the desert on foot when he stumbles upon a treasure chest containing a sacred book filled with erotic images of man-on-man sex. Studying each photo, Jamalal is magically transported to each location to spy on the action.

The Dudes:

These Arab men are appealing with short dark hair, a nice mix of muscular and toned bodies, hairy and smooth chests, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and large uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Nijad (handsome with short dark hair) and Hannad (good-looking with dark hair) are sharing an intimate moment kissing with slurping wet tongues and rubbing the front of each other's bulging pants. Hannad pulls Nijad's loose pants down and begins jacking his pal's fat uncut cock sliding his mouth up 'n down. Nijad slaps his hard tool against Hannad's tongue and fucks his face. Hannad's stiff uncut pole is now sticking out of his pants and he beats off while giving Nijad head. Nijad fucks his friend from behind (with condom) swiveling his hips and using fast smooth strokes as he pounds that ass. The dudes beat their meat with Nijad dumping a small thick load on Hannad's stomach and Hannad squirting a large thick load on his chest, stomach, and full dark bush.

Scene Two:

Imad (nice looking with dark hair, soul patch, facial stubble, and toned body) sits back and slowly rubs his chest as he watches Muzzafar (handsome with dark hair) and Khuzaymajan (cute with dark hair) make out feeling each other's bodies. Khuzaymajan gets down on his knees and raises Muzzafar's white robe taking his hard uncut dick into his mouth for a good ol' blowjob. Imad pulls his large uncut tool and plump balls from his pants and wanks while keeping an eye on the action. I love those big fat nuts! Khuzaymajan switches to chowing down on Imad's cock and then begins to switch back and forth between the two stiff dongs cramming his mouth full. Imad sucks Muzzafar's cock giving excellent head and gorges on Khuzaymajan's unclipped prick as well.

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Imad sits spread-eagle on top of both dudes who are lying on the floor. The guys jam their hard member's up Imad's tight hole (both with condoms) for some double penetration making Imad cry out in pleasure. Unfortunately, this action doesn't have enough close-ups and the camera work is annoying panning back and forth. Khuzaymajan squirts a huge thick load that flies though the air hitting Imad's toned chest. Huge load! Muzzafar cuts loose with some thick jizz on Imad's shoulder while Imad dumps thick love juice on the carpet.

Scene Three:

Hisham (handsome with dark hair and muscular/smooth body) and Jalal (good-looking with dark hair and smooth/toned body) engage in some heavy kissing leading Hisham to tongue his way down Jalal's toned chest pulling his pants down to reveal full dark pubes and a hard uncut dong. He goes down on that stiff puppy giving an excellent knob job and allowing Jalal to fuck his face. Jalal chows down on Hisham's rigid unclipped tool swirling his wet tongue around the large purple knob, licking his full nuts, and deep throat down to shaved pubes. Jalal teases Hisham by rubbing his hard dick between his butt cheeks from behind and then enters that tight bunghole (with condom) sliding quickly in and out using smooth strokes that become faster and end up in a good ass pounding. Jalal jacks off shooting a thick load of man juice on Hisham's chest. Nice load! Hisham does not cum.

Scene Four:

Hamzan (nice looking with dark hair and sideburns) is feverishly kissing his pal Ashrat (handsome with dark hair) playing dueling tongues as the dudes rub the large tents in the front of their pants. Hamzan pulls Ashrat's pants down revealing his full dark pubes and large uncut prick. He immediately is down on that big cock working the heavy foreskin with his fist and gnawing on that knob. Hamzan stands up and pulls his own unclipped pork using his right fist for a fast 'n hard wank. The dudes watch each other as they pleasure themselves manually. Ashrat fucks Hamzan from behind (with condom) as Hamzan hunches back on his friend's huge tool. Ashrat pounds that hole with quick smooth strokes. Ashrat shoots a thick load on the side of Hamzan's face while Hamzan squirts a thick load on his arm. Nice cum-filled foreskin.

Scene Five:

Muzzafar (handsome with dark hair and muscular body) and Khalaf (good looking with short dark curly hair and toned/hairy body) are slowly making out tasting tongues and exploring bodies taking their sweet time to enjoy an erotic moment. Khalaf stands up lifting his white robe to reveal his full dark pubes and rigid uncut cock. Muzzafar's mouth slides up and down the large shaft taking as much in as possible. He drops his pants exposing his full dark pubes and stiff unclipped dick with large flared knob. Khalaf licks his way down Muzzafar's chest sucking that big dick, licking the shaft, and working the knob. The dudes climb into a traditional sixty-nine where they can both have easy access to hard pricks and hairy nuts giving and receiving oral pleasures.

Jabir (nice-looking with dark hair) sneaks in and watches the man-on-man lovin' hauling out his huge uncut beef stick and begins to work his ample foreskin up and over the bulbous knob with his right hand. Muzzafar sucks Jabir's enormous cock allowing Khalaf to join him as they gorge themselves. Jabir sucks Muzzafar's tool, as Muzzafar is busy working Khalaf's dick. Jabir fucks Khalaf from behind (with condom) using fast 'n hard strokes while Muzzafar watches and pounds his pud. Jabir switches to fucking Muzzafar doggy style (with condom) using the same fast/hard pounding making Muzzafar moan like a motherfucker as that huge meat invades his tight hole. The dudes finish up by beating off with Khalaf squirting a thick load on Muzzafar's face, shoulder, and chest. Muzzafar dumps a small thick load on his stomach and Jabir doesn't cum.



"Arabian Tales" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen. The hand-held videography covers the basic action with some descent close-ups but lacks any close-ups of the butt munching. The camera work is annoying at times as it keeps moving back and forth and in Scene Two provides lousy coverage of the double penetration. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clean allowing the viewer to hear some cool Arabian music with plenty of heavy breathing, slurping noises, and moans of pleasure.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a gallery of high quality photographs of the dudes solo and in XXX action, and plenty of cool trailers: "Arabian", "8 Inches From Brazil I", "8 Inches From Brazil 2", "Arabian Men I", "Arabian Men 2", "Jungle Cruisers I", "Jungle Cruisers 2", "Pool Side Heat", and "Underwater".

Final Thoughts:

"Arabian Tales" is definitely a mixed bag. On the plus side, there are plenty of very appealing Arabian men with handsome faces, toned and muscular bodies, and large uncut tools. The dudes are clearly into each other and the action giving hot, energetic performances. The scenes move along at a nice pace, and the picture quality is sharp and clean providing some beautiful shots of the desert. Flip the coin and the movie contains some irritating hand-held camera work that provides no close-ups of the ass eating, and completely misses the mark for the double penetration in Scene Two. There isn't enough variety in the sex acts with the dudes mostly sticking to one position for the fucking. For some reason Director Alexander chooses to film the scenes in sort of a brown and white color that completely distracts from the action. The movie would have benefited from the use of regular color. Lastly, one of the hottest dudes in the movie Jamalal Din spends the entire time spying on everyone else and we never even get to see him naked. What a waste of talent. I'm suggesting a Recommended for fans of handsome Arab men with big uncut cocks since the cocksucking is hot.

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