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StraightCollegeMen.com Vol. 59

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/12/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


The Movie:

SCM regulars Dean, Ashton, Duke, Caleb, Rocky, and new guy Jersey. Brand new SCM dude Prescott is featured in a solo jack off.

The Movie:

To celebrate Straight College Men's fifth year anniversary, the dudes have been invited to spend the weekend in a castle. This is Day Three of their adventures.

Lights Out!:

The guys have spent a chilly morning outdoors "jousting" and running around naked throwing eggs at each other. Now relaxed with plenty of strong drinks, the dudes are gathered on the bed for a lights-out orgy. The following is filmed in night-vision and presents with a clear picture quality with just a little bit of grain and sort of a green & white tint. Now it's time for a Roll Call. We have: Ashton (cute red-headed dude with muscular/smooth body), Duke (cute guy with dark hair and toned/hairy body), Caleb (cute dude with dark hair and toned/smooth/tattooed body), Dean (handsome muscle-bound guy with dark hair), Rocky (good-looking guy with dark hair and smooth/tattooed/muscle-bound body), and Jersey (cute guy dude with dark hair and toned/smooth/tattooed body).

At this point, the dudes all look like one quivering lump of naked flesh on the bed groping each other and looking to pair up. The always-reliable Caleb gets the party started by climbing on top of Dean leading the two to make-out with plenty of wet tongues while rubbing their bodies together. Jersey takes the plunge and chows down on Rocky's cut cock sliding his wet mouth up and down and stroking the shaft. Duke chows down on Ashton's clipped tool giving some good head. Caleb moves behind Dean in a side/missionary position (without butt sex) allowing Dean to lie back in his arms. The dudes rub their bodies together with Caleb reaching forward stroking Dean's uncut dick working the long foreskin back and forth over the slick knob, rubbing those nuts, and sucking Dean's sexy dark 'n hard nipples.

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Ashton licks and sucks Duke's nipples as Rocky sucks Jersey's cut pole and plays with his pal's tight hairy bunghole. Caleb's on the move again standing above Dean sliding his plump cut dong down Dean's throat slowly fucking his mouth. Dean grabs that big dick fisting the shaft and taking as much down his gullet as he can without choking. Rocky now has a big boner and fucks Caleb's face leading Caleb to deep throat that fucker down to Rocky's dark trimmed pubes. Rocky bends over taking Dean's stiff cock down his throat working the foreskin and making loud popping noises. Jersey and Duke get into a traditional sixty-nine with Jersey on top as both dudes suck hard clipped dicks. Duke is frisky and begins to tongue Jersey's tight hairy touchhole. Rocky moves into a sixty-nine with Caleb and both guys really go at those hard tools bobbing up and down and giving excellent blowjobs.

Dean moves over and chows down on Caleb's hard cock cramming it down his throat, jacking the shaft, and sucking Caleb's balls. Rocky is back down on Dean's dong while Jersey brings up the rear tonguing Rocky's tight shaved butt hole. Jersey gets down on Rocky's prick working the rigid shaft with his talented mouth. There's a very nice camera shot of Jersey's hairy asshole. Caleb works himself to climax shooting a large thick load on Dean's face and chest! He's totally into the action loudly grunting as he cums. Caleb's still in the game and begins to make out with Rocky with plenty of wet tongue swallowing by both dudes. Caleb takes Rocky's hard prick down his throat at the same time Jersey is sucking Rocky's nuts. Rocky beats his meat shooting jizz on Caleb's tongue and on his own stomach. Dean grabs Rocky's cum-slick cock, crams it down his throat for a good taste of man-juice, and kisses Duke.

Caleb eats Dean's tight shaved asshole as Dean pulls his pud and sucks Jersey's hard tool. Rocky has recovered and begins sucking Dean's hard nipples. The dudes are constantly on the move switching up with each other. Caleb sucks Dean's prick while Duke munches down on Jersey's man-pucker. Ashton is watching all the action beating his hard cut cock. Caleb sucks Duke's hairy nuts and cut cock while Jersey straddles Duke letting his lick those balls. Rocky shoots another load this time on Jersey's face. Duke spreads his legs and begins to finger fuck his tight ultra hairy bunghole while he jacks off. Dean beats his meat quickly working his foreskin and shooting a thick load on Duke's hairy chest and full pubes. Duke reaches the point of no return and busts a thick nut on his hairy stomach.

After sucking plenty of cock and having his own pole orally worshiped, Ashton flogs his log shooting a thick load on Dean's back. Dean grabs Ashton's dick and crams it down his throat getting another taste of spunk. Jersey stands above all the dudes lying on the bed and shoots a big load that lands on Dean.


Twenty-four year old Prescott is the new dude around SCM. He's a good-looking guy with short black hair, very cool sideburns, and beard stubble. Prescott is six feet tall, weighs around 175 pounds, and wears size 11 shoes. He enjoys all types of sports with football, track, and wrestling being his favorites. Prescott works in construction as a welder and has a few scars to prove it. He's a friendly easy-going guy who admittedly gets wild when he's been drinking Jack Daniels. In fact, he has a tattoo of a bottle of Jack on his arm. After downing three beers, Prescott is ready to get down on business. He strips off his clothes revealing a toned/smooth body with plenty of tattoos, full dark brown pubes, plump nuts, and a cut cock. He lies back on the bed watching straight porn and begins to play with his dick. Prescott's eyes are glued to some big tits on television as he spreads his legs, rubs his nuts, and jacks that hard cock using his right fist to glide up and down and rub the purple knob. Switching between fists, Prescott works his hard dick popping a large thick load on his fist, hairy stomach, and full pubes. Hot dude!



"SCM Volume 59" is shot directly on video and presented in widescreen. The hand-held videography provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. As mentioned, the sex is taped with night vision with the lights out. This does not ruin the picture, as the image is for the most part sharp with just a little grain.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes as they joke around, drink, and get down to some serious cock sucking.


The disc includes an interactive menu, chapter stops, and previews for: "Paul, Brett, & Dean", "Ashton", and "The Island Day 2". The extra CD ROM features previews for: "Magic Shoot", "Jersey", "Broderick, Rocky, and Caleb", "Rocky", "Dean, Brett, and Trevor", "Paul Plus One", "Michael", and "Mark" (hot dude from 2002). Also included is a full-color catalog of all the SCM titles.

Final Thoughts:

"SCM Volume 59" is a huge improvement over the disappointing Volume 58. Again, the dudes are outside for a while getting wild with some "jousting" wearing their kilts followed by some naked egg toss which turns into an all-out egg fight. Once clean and liquored up, the dudes relax naked in a large bed. Matt (SCM owner and Camera Op) turns the lights off and uses the night vision to tape the guys as they cut loose. This time around, Matt provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp with just a little grain, the image has a green tint due to the night vision but this does not distract from the action. All the tongue kissing, cock sucking, and cum shots can be clearly seen. I recommend for fans of the SCM series. Anyone who is new to the series may want to start with another volume where the action isn't shot in night vision.

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