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Bi Teen Power 3

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/13/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

March 2005

The Movie:

Eastern European chicks and dudes explore the wonderful world of bisexual sex.

Scene One:

Taffy is a cute gal with long brown hair pulled pack in a ponytail. She's dressed in a black bikini that shows off her appealing figure and medium-sized breasts. Taffy's busy entertaining Peter (cute with short brown hair and tall/slender/smooth body) and Nico (cute with brown hair and toned/smooth body) on her aqua sofa with some heavy make out and wet tongue. The dudes pull Taffy's bikini top down revealing her boobs with large areolas leading Nico to suck those tits while Peter keeps her busy with some additional soul kissing. Nico rubs Peter's bulging swim trunks, pulls 'em down revealing his shaved pubes and large hard uncut cock. Wanting to see everything, Nico yanks Taffy's bikini bottom down exposing her shaved pussy and begins to lick her privates and diddle her clit with the tip of his tongue.

Peter reaches down and rubs Taffy's little man in the boat making her cry out and pout with pleasure...especially when he begins to finger her quivering quim. Nico strokes Peter's cock working the foreskin while eating Taffy out and switching back and forth between that hard prick and wet pussy. Taffy chows down on Nico's hard uncut tool bobbing her mouth up and down the shaft giving some excellent head. Taffy pulls on both dude's boners while they kiss and suck tongues. Peter takes Nico's dong down his throat while Taffy gets down on Peter's pole. Nico sinks down on Peter's condom-covered dick humping with a short 'n quick tempo as Peter kisses Taffy and plays with her tight little tudi. Peter fucks Taffy (with condom) in the missionary position sliding smoothly in and out of that wet mound of love. Miss Thing loves having her pussy pumped as the camera leans in for a nice close-up that also shows off her little rosebud.

Nico fucks Taffy in the missionary position (with condom) with a nice camera shot of his tight hairy bunghole and balls from behind. Nico squirts a large wet load on Taffy's bum and Peter's chest. Hot load! Peter shoots his wet jizz on Taffy's toned stomach and tits. Nico is so worked up by the action that he shoots another load on his stomach.

Scene Two:

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Babs (pretty gal with short bleached hair, medium perky tits, and nice figure) and her friend Brad (cute with short brown hair and tall/slender/smooth body) are busy in a very tight lip lock when Tim (cute with short dark hair and toned/smooth body) joins in the tongue party. Babs sucks Tim's big uncut cock stroking the shaft and working the knob as Tim takes Brad's uncut cock down his throat. Miss Chick wildly switched back and forth between the two rigid dongs chowing down on both with plenty of wet slurping sounds. Babs hops on and rides Brad's condom-covered cock as her tight twat slides up and down and Tim fucks Brad's mouth. Tim wants a piece too and fucks Babs in the missionary position (with condom) sliding smoothly in 'n out of her shaved pussy. Tim switches to fucking Babs doggy style while Babs slobbers all over Brad's tool. Tim shoots a large thick load of spunk on Brad's stomach. Brad laughs and does not cum.

Scene Three:

Giggly school gals Ginger (cute with long curly dark hair in pig tails and nice figure) and Midge (pretty with long dark hair in pig tails in nice body) are lying in bed talking on a lime green telephone and sucking lollypops. Shyly tittering, Midge lifts up her skirt flashing her white panties. She's wearing a Hello Kitty tee shirt. The chicks honey up to each other rubbing their covered tits leading Midge to pull Ginger's top up revealing her perky twins with large pink nipples. Excited by being "naughty", Midge shows off her small firm itty-tuggas. Patrick (cute with curly brown hair and tall/toned body) barges in crashing this girl's only party. Ginger lies back on the bed spreading her legs with panties still covering her private place while still clutching her lollypop. Midge and Patrick get down sucking Ginger's hard nipples leading Patrick to go further to play with Ginger's shaved pussy. He laps at Ginger's love-clam running his tongue over her sensitive clit.

Patrick pulls his large cut cock out and Ginger sucks it giving a good old-fashioned blowjob grasping the shaft and workin' it. He slides up Ginger's tight twat in the side/missionary position (without condom) pounding in and out making his large balls slap against her rosebud. Midge desperately needs a taste so she gets down to where the action is taking Patrick's hard tool down her throat and licks Ginger's pouting pussy while diddling Ginger's clit with her finger. Ginger is still holding on to that fucking lollypop. Midge is now eating her friend's tunnel of love full force while Patrick fucks her doggy style (no condom). The gals take turns riding that big dick sliding their juicy panty cakes up and down that flesh pole. Patrick eventually shoots a large thick load of man juice on Midge's tongue and Ginger's tits.

Scene Four:

Ted (very cute with short blond hair and tall/smooth/toned body), Doug (cute with jelled short brown hair and slender/smooth body), and Wanda Louise (pretty with shoulder-length brown hair parted in middle and nice figure) are sitting around talking. Wanda Louise is definitely ready for some action and begins kissing each dude with tongue leading to the guys kissing each other. The dudes pull Wanda Louise's shirt up exposing her perky tits and begin to lick her hard nipples. She lays back on the bed allowing Doug to continue playing with her teats while Ted is busy down below eating her shaved pussy with his tongue shoved up her pink wet business. Wanda Louise pulls Doug's briefs down revealing his full dark pubes and stiff uncut cock. She takes that hard fucker down her throat jacking he shaft and tonguing the blood-engorged knob.

Ted finger fucks Wanda Louise using two fingers making that pussy meow with pleasure. Wanda Louise sucks Doug's cock as Doug chows down on Ted's stiff unclipped dong. Miss Thing works her magic jacking and sucking Ted until he shoots a thick load on his trimmed brown pubes and stomach. Doug fucks Wanda Louise in the side/missionary position (with condom) wildly sliding in and out using slick smooth strokes as Ted fucks Doug from behind (with condom) pounding his tight bunghole. Wanda Louise is hungry for as much cock as she can have bouncing up and down on Doug's condom-covered prick and sucking Tim's dick. Doug switches places riding Tim's tool (with condom) using short quick humping motions. Doug shoots a thick load all over Wanda Louise's thigh.



"Bi Teen Power 3" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clean allowing the viewer to hear the gals giggle and pout and the dudes moan and groan as they get off.


The disc contains an interactive menu, scene selections, a galley of action shots from the movie, and previews for: "In the Sand", "Going Deep", "Young and Uncut #14", and "Bareback Buddies".

Final Thoughts:

"Bi Teen Power #3" is a hot li'l no-frills movie filled with plenty of hard cocks, perky tits, and wet pussies. The guys and gals are appealing and give energetic performances clearly into the action and each other. The direction, videography, and editing create four scenes that move along at a nice steady pace and don't become dull. There are plenty of close-ups and full coverage of all the action. There are a number of sexual switch-ups here but not enough gal/gal action, which is a shame since it would complete the movie. I recommend for dudes who may be bi-curious.

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