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Viper Revealed

Studio: Latino Fan Club » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/15/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Dates of Production:


Directed By:

Brian Brennan


Viper, Hush, Joieto, Chulo, G.Q., Oliver, D.C., Theo, Alejandro, Carlos, June, and Tariq.

The Movie:

This compilation of ten scenes and various outtakes features the very hot Latino stud Viper at his big-dicked best.

The Dudes:

These horny Latino dudes are each appealing in their own way with a mix of short and long dark hair, muscular and toned bodies, plenty of tattoos, full and trimmed pubes, and big uncut cocks.

Viper and Joieto:

The dudes are working as exterminators when Viper (hot dude with long black hair, goatee, and toned/smooth/tattooed body) comes racing down the stairs unzipping his work suit claiming bugs are crawling on him. He yanks his uniform off exposing his toned body, full pubes, hangy balls, and large uncut tool. Joieto (good-looking with short curly dark hair, goatee, and toned/smooth body) grabs that big dick examining it to make sure there aren't any bug bites. The examination turns to a good blowjob when Joieto chows down on that fat dong working his mouth up 'n down. Viper fucks his pal's face fast and hard while Joieto pulls his own uncut cock free from his pants and begins to jack off. Joieto works his foreskin and shoots a thick load of jizz on the floor. Viper beats his meat shooting a large thick load of man juice on Joieto's neck and chest.

Viper Solo:

Viper lays back in the locker room letting it all hang out: his hot full dark bush, hairy hangy nuts, and large uncut cock. Spreading his legs, the viewer is treated to a shot of Viper's hairy gooch and butt crack as he rubs his chest and begins to slowly stroke his cock working the ample foreskin up and over his slick purple cock head. Viper wraps both fists around his big tool pointing it at the camera and continuing to slide his overhang. He slaps that large thang, wagging it, and stroking it to climax. Viper shoots a large thick load on a blue towel. Hot!

Viper, Chulo, Hush:

Viper and Hush (good-looking with short hair and muscular/smooth body) are standing in a grimy men's room as Chulo (nice-looking with short dark hair and toned/slender body) sucks their uncut cocks deep throating all the way down to full dark pubes. Chulo switches back between the two dongs giving both his full attention for a complete oral workout. At one point, Chulo sucks both flared knobs at the same time. Hush had one of the biggest knobs I've ever seen. Hush shoots a thick load on Chulo's neck while Viper cuts loose with thick spooge on Chulo's chest. Hot!

Viper, G.Q., and Oliver:

Hunky doctor Oliver (good-looking with short black hair and toned/smooth body) treats Viper when the hospital Orderly G.Q. (good-looking with shaved head and smooth/muscular body) brings Viper in on crutches. Before long, Viper is completely naked lying on the exam table leading G.Q. to undress and suck Viper's big uncut cock. Oliver pulls his blue jeans down (what kind of doctor is this?) revealing his full pubes and thick unclipped dick. Oliver chows down on Viper's prick sharing the oral duties with G.Q. The dudes rub Viper's bum spreading his cheeks revealing a hairy crack and tight pink bunghole. Viper fingers Oliver's tight shaved hole and fucks him in the missionary position (with condom) using fast 'n hard strokes. Viper switches over and fucks G.Q. doggy style (with condom) pounding his tight touchhole. Viper shoots a large thick load on G.Q.'s bum, Oliver dumps a small thick load on G.Q.'s shoulder, and G.Q. squirts a large thick load on this inside thigh.

Viper and D.C.:

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Viper's busy taking a leak in a public restroom when D.C. (cute with short dark hair and toned/hairy body) walks in and boldly watches him. Viper notices the attention and begins to tug on his foreskin making his dong grow to full hardness. This is all the invitation D.C. needs sinking to his knees sucking Viper's big dong cramming it down his throat. Viper fucks his new pal's face with D.C. easily keeping up deep throating all the way to that full dark bush. D.C. pulls out his own hard cut tool and begins to jack. He sinks down on Viper's condom-clad dork riding fast 'n hard filling his manhole with stiff beef. Viper fucks that tight hairy asshole from behind pounding quick and hard. Viper shoots a thick 'n large load on D.C.'s lightly hairy chest. D.C. shoots a thick load on his full pubes. Hot dudes!

Viper, Hush, Theo:

Viper and Hush are slouching on the sofa teasing their pal Theo (cute with short dark hair, beard stubble and toned/hairy body). The dudes grab his crotch joking around, as Viper's large uncut prick is slips out of his shorts. Theo begins to rub both dudes thighs while watching straight porn leading Theo to go down on Viper's dick with some deep throat. Hush stands up next to the television and plays with his uncut member. Hush pulls Theo's pants off revealing his full dark pubes and hard unclipped meat. Theo takes Hush's huge foreskin-covered knob into his mouth sucking the bulbous thang and fisting the rigid shaft.

He switches back and forth sucking both tube steaks. The dudes spread Theo's bubble butt cheeks exposing his tight hairy hole and large hairy nuts. Viper lubes up and fingers Theo's hole for a little while and then fucks him from behind (with condom) cramming that big dong deep making his pal grunt with a mix of pleasure and pain. Hush busts a thick nut on Theo's hairy chest and stomach, Viper cuts loose with a large thick load of spooge on Theo's stomach joining Hush's offering. Theo beats off shooting a large thick load on his stomach. Dude's body is covered with thick man juice.

Alejandro, Viper, and Friend:

Viper and his pal Alejandro (good-looking with dark hair and toned body) are sitting on the sofa with a gal who has dyed red hair that's almost pink, cool eyebrows, and an attractive rough 'n tumble look. The dudes pull her top down revealing nice tits with dark pierced nipples. Alejandro sucks those nipples while Miss Thing chows down on Viper's large hard cock. Eventually, Chick sucks Alejandro's big cut prick giving it a full workout. Alejandro fucks her from behind (with condom) pounding that tight butt hole as Viper screws her mouth. Alejandro needs a taste and takes Viper's dick down his throat sliding his wet mouth up and down while continuing to fuck that Gal from behind. Viper gets a turn on Missy Chick's bunghole fucking her fast 'n hard (with condom) filling the room with loud moans. The dudes shoot their thick loads on her bum. Guess what? Chick has an uncut dick! Surprise!

Viper and Carlos:

The dudes are sitting on a bench in the locker room smoking a joint. Carlos (handsome with short dark hair and muscular/smooth body) has a towel loosely wrapped around his waist allowing the viewer a peek at his uncut dick. Viper is completely naked allowing anyone who wants to see his full pubes and big unclipped prick. The weed takes effect leading Carlos to explore Viper's thigh, toned chest, stomach, pubes, and cock. Viper stands up giving his friend full access to his delights leading Carlos to take that large dick into his mouth deep throating and stroking the rigid shaft. Carlos gives excellent head and clearly knows his way around a big dong. While cramming his mouth full, Carlos removes his towel revealing his full dark pubes and begins to beat his meat. Viper spreads Carlos' butt cheeks fingering his tight shaved hole. He fucks Carlos from behind (with condom) using smooth/fast/hard strokes really drilling that asshole. Viper shoots a thick load of cream on Carlos' hot muscular chest and Carlos lets loose with an ample thick load on the floor.

June, Tariq, and Viper:

The dudes are sitting around June's apartment smoking joints and getting higher than kites. They begin to brag about how man sugar daddies they have and Tariq confesses he has twenty. This makes the guys laugh and cut up as the grass is taking full effect. Since Viper is constantly boasting that he has a big dick, the dudes talk him in to showing it off. The pull his baggy blue jeans down revealing his bushy dark pubes, hangy nuts, and large unclipped dick. June (cute with short dark hair and toned/smooth body) grabs that big dong and begins to stroke the foreskin back and forth while Teriq (good-looking with short dark hair and toned/hairy/tattooed body) pinches Viper's hard nipples. Viper yanks June's jeans down exposing his brown pubes and big curved unclipped man-meat jacking it with his right fist.

The dudes pull Tariq's pants down showing off his full dark pubes and uncut tool. As the guys pull their hard pricks they pinch Viper's hard nipples making him breath heavily. June goes down on Viper giving excellent head leading Tariq to take it down his throat while Viper pulls June's pork. Tariq and June gladly share sucking Viper's cock and nuts cramming their mouths full. Tariq takes June's big cock down his throat and then begins switching back and forth like a man crazed for cock. June gets down on both stiff members giving both equal attention with his talented mouth. The dudes stand in a circle pulling their puds and rubbing them together.

Viper slides into June's tight shaved hole from behind (with condom) as June hunches back demanding more as Viper fucks him smooth and hard. Tariq gets a piece of that ass fucking June doggy style (with condom) pounding that snug bunghole hard 'n quick. Tariq switches to the side/missionary position continuing with the hard pounding as Viper fucks June's willing mouth. After Viper gets another go with June making June shoot a thick load on his stomach, the other dudes near climax. Tariq shoots his hot thick love-milk on June's chest and Viper cracks his thick nut all over June. Cum bath!



Viper Revealed is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of mouth-watering close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes cool NYC accents as they hang out. There are plenty of the usual lusty sex noises as the guys get down to some serious man-sex.


The disc contains an interactive menu, scene selection, and chapter stops. There are no bonus features.

Final Thoughts:

The Latino Fan Club and Director Brian Brennan come through once more with a big ol' turn-on with Viper Revealed. The direction, videography, and editing create hot scenes that move along at the perfect pace never becoming dull. Viper is fucking hot with his handsome face, sexy toned/tattooed body, dark bush, hairy nuts, and large unclipped dong. He's a laid-back dude who loves to get high and let dudes suck his huge business. All the dudes are sexy in their own way and give energetic performances clearly into each other and the action. My personal favorites are Viper, June, Alejandro, and Tariq. I highly recommend for fans of good-looking streetwise Latino dudes with big dicks.

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