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Manchester Nights

Studio: Other » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/16/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

August 2006

Directed By:

Rufus Ffolkes


Ricky Johnson, Kiernan James, Kyle Martin, Steve Strong, Aiden Bonini, John Gadsby, John Jackson, Scott Black, and Alex Russian.

The Movie:

Randy young (all age 18+) British lads from Manchester spend their free time getting off with their best mates.

The Dudes:

The lads are cute with a mix of short black and blond hair, toned and slender bodies, smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and unclipped pricks.

Scene One:

Ricky Johnson (cute with short dark hair and tall/slender/smooth build) and his pal Kiernan James (cute with punkish black hair and petite/toned/smooth body) are in the middle of a slow highly erotic session of sucking tongues and feeling bodies. The lads take their time tasting those wet tongues and getting in the mood for what's in store. The lads are soon completely naked with Kiernan showing off his heavily foreskinned prick and full dark pubes as Ricky straddles his chest feeding his pal his fat uncut tool. Ricky fucks Kiernan's wet mouth sliding in and out and moaning. He reaches behind and begins to pull Kiernan's pork as Kiernan sucks his plump nuts. The dudes get into a side sixty-nine where both can chow down on those stiff cocks and full balls.

Kiernan eats Ricky's tight shaved bunghole tonguing the pucker in very nice close-up. Ricky fucking digs it! He lubes Ricky's butt hole and finger fucks him sliding his digits in and out while Ricky works his own foreskin. Kiernan slides a rubber on his tool and fucks Ricky in the missionary position using fast 'n smooth strokes to fill his mate's chute. Kiernan switches between hard 'n fast and long full strokes driving Ricky crazy. Ricky wanks off shooting a large thick load of spunk on Kiernan's waiting tongue and face. Hot! Ricky licks the juice from his pal's face and kisses him deeply. Kiernan straddles Rick fucking his mouth and shooting wet jizz on Ricky's tongue, face, and neck. To finish off, Ricky sucks his pal's spent cock getting a good taste of tangy love juice.

Scene Two:

Steve Strong (cute with short black hair and smooth/slender body) sits in the bathtub slowly soaping up his arms, chest, full dark pubes, and unclipped tallywacker. Kyle Martin (cute with short brown hair and tall/slender/smooth body) accidentally walks in on Steve wearing only a towel. Steve invites him into the tub and the lads engage in some body lathering which leads to fiddling with each other's uncut pricks. Kyle's now on his knees taking Scott's stiff pole deep throat to full pubes and sliding up and down nursing on that deep red knob. Kyle stands up showing off his large stiff prick as Scott chows down stroking the shaft, gobbling up that member, and sucking the red cock head. Scott fingers Kyle's tight shaved touchhole. Kyle munches down on Scott's tight shaved asshole tonguing the pucker and finger fucking him.

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Kyle fucks Scott from behind (with condom) using long full strokes to fill his friend's bum. Kyle's fucking becomes hard and fast as Scott frantically wanks his dick. Scott squirts a large thick load on Kyle's face and tongue. Kyle grabs that dong and sucks tasting his friend's cum. Kyle quickly wanks off shooting a thick load on Scott's face and in his mouth. Scott sucks that big tool leading the blokes to kiss and share that juice.

Scene Three:

Aiden Bonini (very cute with short dark hair, cool sideburns, and slender/smooth body) walks in on his mate Ricky Johnson (from Scene one) enjoying a nice wank working his long foreskin while looking at a "nasty" magazine. Ricky invites him in and the lads immediately get down with some heavy tongue kissing as Aiden jacks Ricky's uncut prick. Aiden removes his clothes revealing full dark pubes and an uncut cock. The dudes kiss some more as they jack each other's cocks working those overhangs and pinching hard nipples. Ricky straddles Aiden and slides his big dong in and out of Aiden's mouth fucking his face. Ricky returns the favor chowing down on Aiden's big dick giving excellent head and working his balls while finger fucking his hole with two digits.

Ricky bends over offering his bum for a nice ass eating. Aiden takes the bait and munches down on that tight bunghole fucking it with the tip of his tongue. Hot! Ricky rides Aiden's big condom-covered dick bouncing up and down working all that meat up his love-chute. Aiden switches to fucking his pal in the side/missionary position pounding that hole nice and hard. After some traditional missionary fucking, Ricky beats off shooting a thick load on Aiden's face and in his hungry mouth. Aiden lays back on the futon with legs up in the air and shoots a large load on his own face and mouth. The dudes have one last kiss getting to taste each other's thick nut.

Scene Four:

Kiernan (from Scene One) is alone and horny so he rings his pal John Gatsby (cute with longish black and bleached hair and smooth body) over for some fun. No pretenses here as both lads know this is a simple booty call. Once John arrives, the guys tumble around on the bed kissing with deep tongues. Kiernan takes John's large uncut cock into his mouth swirling his tongue around the plump purple knob and stroking the rigid shaft. John loves the head and Kiernan really chows down. John sucks Kiernan's stiff unclipped prick sliding his mouth up 'n down and moves into a sixty-nine for both to enjoy at the same time.

John bends over as Kiernan lubes his tight shaved hole and slides his condom-clad pole fast and smooth from behind. Kiernan gives John a butt sex tutorial fucking him in the missionary position. Kiernan also needs some meat and slides down on John's condom-covered tool riding up and down jacking off and shooting a small thick load on John's stomach. John beats off shooting a thick load on Kiernan's tongue, chin, and neck. The dudes kiss to get a taste of spunk.

Scene Five:

Alex Russian (cute with short dark hair and slender/smooth body) and his mate John Jackson (cute with short dark hair, and toned/smooth/tattooed body) are sitting on the couch watching the telly. Scott Black (very cute with short blond hair and tall/toned body) comes over and gets the party started by sitting between the two dudes and rubbing their thighs. This lad is definitely not shy. John and Scott begin to kiss with deep tongues as Alex pulls John's blue jeans down revealing his dark trimmed bush, large nuts, and unclipped cock. Scott chows down on John's dick sucking it to a full boner reaching over to stroke Alex's stiff uncut pork. Scott ends up switching between the two dongs taking each one down his throat and jacking the shafts working that tasty foreskin with plenty of deep throat.

John gives Scott some excellent head sucking his rigid clipped dick as Scott continues to go down on Alex. Scott bends over and allows John to eat his bunghole tonguing that tight hairy pucker making Scott moan with pleasure. Scott munches down on Alex's asshole as John continues to eat Scott's bum. It's an all-out ass eating par-tay. Alex lays on the coffee table as Scott fucks him from behind (with condom) with fast/smooth strokes. John gets in on the butt sex fucking Alex doggy style (with condom) as Alex gets back down to eating Scott's manhole. John lays face up on the coffee table as his mates stand above him and wank off. Scott shoots a thick load on John's face rubbing his spent dick on his pal's face leading John to suck the knob. Alex squirts a large load on John's face and neck. John beats off shooting a thick load of spooge on his stomach. He scoops that nut up and eats it. Yummy!



"Manchester Nights" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography provides full coverage of the non-stop action with plenty of exciting close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing to hear the lads' sexy Manchester accents with plenty of heavy breathing and moaning when they do their "thing".


The disc includes an interactive menu with a horrendous high-pitched and very annoying tune, scene selection, chapter stops, website information, cum shot review, safe sex PSA featuring two wild and horny drag queens, and trailers for: "Fratboy Auditions Volume I", "Twink Bedroom Adventures 2", and "L.A. Cumfidential".

Final Thoughts:

"Manchester Nights" is a hot fucking movie! Director and Videographer Rufus Ffolkes along with editor Jonathan Andrews create five sexy scenes that move along at a nice steady pace. The lads all give energetic performances and obviously dig each other and the action. I love British dudes with their sexy accents and uncut cocks so the movie was a huge turn-on for me. My personal favorites are Ricky Johnson, Aiden Bonini, and Scott Black. I highly recommend for fans of cute British lads in their early twenties with big unclipped pricks.

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