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I Love Latinas

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 5/21/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: Latina Compilation
LENGTH: 5:33 spread across two discs
CAST: See below.
PRODUCTION: June 21, 2006

the Audio & Video

Since this was a compilation video, there were various aspect ratios and the picture quality varied too. However, it was all pretty sharp and I had no drastic quality issues
| Audio was clear and presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo

the Special Features

The following special features are found on both disc - Photo Gallery | Pick Your Pleasure [Choose a compilation of positions from every scene - Tease, Blowjob, Missionary, Doggystyle, Spoon, Cowgirl & Cumshots | Web Trailer | Company Info

the Fucking

disc one:

Two seconds after Rose drops her top to let us look at her lovely tits and dark nipples, Mick and Alex storm the scene and start groping and licking her body. She begins by sucking Mick's dick, while Alex eats her pussy, and then spending some time taking turns sucking both dicks. The fellas take turns fucking Rose missionary and doggystyle, and after a spooning, she takes one of 'em (couldn't tell which) for a sexy cowgirl ride. There's some reverse cowgirl and more doggystyle, before the scene ends with the fellas dropping shots on her chest and mouth.

Providing yet another screencap that doesn't do an actress justice, let me say that Rose is a cutie - but it's her body that really had me standing at attention. Her ass was plump, her skin was dark and those nipples were even darker. I spent the entire scene watching her sexy body in motion. Well, when I wasn't trying to figure out what decoration Alex had on his knee.

[ Rose, Mick Blue & Alex Rox | Oral (M/F), Vaginal | Missionary, Doggystyle, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl | Condoms: No | ]

Scene two begins with Lena on her knees, giving Mark's dick a salival tongue lashing, before spreading her legs for missionary. After some PTM, he follows up with doggystyle, both vaginal and anal, and an anal reverse cowgirl ride. She pauses to treat Mark to some ATM, before hopping back on the horse for more reverse cowgirl in her ass. Lena spends the remainder of the scene alternating between riding his dick and sucking it after pulling it out of her ass, until he drops a shot on her face to end the scene.

-- sponsored by --

Not sure if it was her red lingerie or the way her hair was done, but she looked particularly sexy during this scene. Since he ass looked plumper riding cowgirl, it's just a shame she spent more time riding reverse cowgirl.

[ Lena Jolliet & Mark Ashley | Oral (F), Vaginal, PTM, Anal, ATM, Facial | Missionary, Doggystyle, Reverse Cowgirl | Condoms: No | ]

Lovely Luscious begins the scene by spreading her cheeks wide open to let us get a look at both holes, before crouching down and stuffing Chris' dick in her mouth. She gives it a good lubing, then guides it into her pussy and takes a lengthy cowgirl ride. Missionary is next, along with generous helpings of PTM, until Chris switches holes and starts pounding her ass. She takes an anal reverse cowgirl ride, followed by anal doggystyle (with gaping), until Luscious ends the scene by stroking a messy shot all over her face.

Well, I could've done without the gaping - not a fan, but this wasn't a bad scene and it's ALWAYS nice to see Luscious' luscious ass get pounded good.

[ Luscious Lopez & Chris Charming | Oral (F), Vaginal, PTM, Anal, Facial | Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggystyle | Condoms: No | ]

There's some idle talk between Rebeca and Mike to start the scene, before they get down to business taking turns licking each other's naughty bits. Mike kicks off the penetratin' with missionary, followed by cowgirl and a PTM chaser. Beca bends her tight, small ass over for some unfortunately brief doggystyle, until Mike sticks it in her ass for some "face down, ass up" anal fucking and ATM. Rebeca gets back in the saddle for anal cowgirl, which is followed by an anal spooning, anal reverse cowgirl and a lengthy anal doggystyle that leads to an anal creampie for Rebeca. Once the spunk runs out of her ass, Mike catches it in his hand and Rebeca spends the end of the scene lapping it all over her face.

Pretty long scene with one of my favorite positions ("face down, ass up"). However, I still think Rebeca could use some meat on her bones, as opposed to inside of her, and I could've done without the post-cumshot action. Yuck!

[ Rebeca Linares & Mike Adriano | Oral (M/F), Vaginal, PTM, Anal, ATM, Creampie | Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggystyle, "Face Down, Ass Up", Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl | Condoms: No | ]

As Victoria slowly pulls off her g-string and starts pouring water on her pussy, Mark suddenly joins the scene and does his best to help lubricate her with his tongue. He spreads her legs for missionary, followed by doggystyle and some PTM, before Victoria rides cowgirl. After a PTM break, she saddles up for some brief reverse cowgirl, until he treats her to a sexy creampie - that she DOESN'T lick up. Thank God.

Victoria's makeup is a 'lil on the thick side, but she looks lovely throughout the scene - and a sexy creampie is ALWAYS a plus.

[ Victoria Sweet & Mark Ashley | Oral (M), Vaginal, PTM, Creampie | Missionary, Doggystyle, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl | Condoms: No | ]

While the camera is showing us her sexy body and ass, Lola gets things started by rubbing her pussy before Ben makes his way over and quickly undresses her. After he's finished fumbling with her pussy, Lola takes the initiative by sucking his dick and then riding cowgirl, regular and reverse. There's a spooning and PTM, along with doggystyle and missionary, until Ben drops a messy shot on her face.

Lola's body was on the lean side but, combine with her sultry facial features, it was more than adequate to get the blood pumping.

[ Lola Rivera & Ben English | Oral (F), Vaginal, PTM, Facial | Cowgirl, Spoon, Doggystyle, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary | Condoms: No | ]

When we join this scene, Vanessa's already spreading her legs wide and letting Shane fuck her missionary. There's some lengthy PTM, before 'nessa mounts him for cowgirl, both regular and reverse, followed by doggystyle. Some PTM is thrown in for good measure and, after a spooning and scissors, he drops a shot on her mouth to end the scene.

Vanessa's a cute girl. She really is. But, i'm just not feeling that "Kate Moss-skeletal-anorexic" thing she's got goin' on. I'm sure she's not doing this on purpose (at least I HOPE not!), but it's just not a preference in things that I look for sexually.

[ Vanessa & Shane Diesel | Oral (F), Vaginal, PTM | Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon, Scissors, Doggystyle | Condoms: No | ]

From my review of Mr. Pete's Fresh Mex: "Mr. Pete begins the scene by wetting down the lovely Sativa with his bottled water until she removes her pesky bra and panties. She walks over to a stool and promptly bends over, allowing Mr. Pete to give her sexy ass and pussy a quick tonguing. She drops to her knees to return the favor on his stiff dick. After a VERY SEXY sucking, she hops back on the stool and he dives between her thighs to lick her pussy again before sliding inside her for some missionary. When that's done, she bends over to get hit from the back as Mr. Pete smacks her ass. She gives as good as she gets by smacking his ass back. There's some sexy reverse cowgirl followed by a spooning, some more doggystyle and more cowgirl until the scene ends with Sativa taking a shot on her face.

Sativa is one of my favorite Latin actresses and she looks great while fucking, as always. However, there were some problems with this scene. First, I don't know why Mr. Pete decided to shoot most of this scene at a 45 angle, but after a while I felt as if I was watching a scene filmed with the same camera used on the 60's "Batman". Second, Mr. Pete might be a competent director, but he should stick behind the camera."

[ Sativa Rose & Mr. Pete | Oral (F/M), Vaginal, Facial | Missionary, Doggystyle, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Spoon | Condoms: No | ]

disc two:

We join the lovely Sabina, who gives her pussy a slight workout, before Manuel magically shows up and (wisely) gives her a quick licking. He pokes her pussy for a one hot minute, before she drops to her knees and lets him fuck her mouth. There's some lengthy (and quite sexy) cowgirl, regular and reverse, followed by a spooning and some PTM. Some sexy doggystyle leads to another spooning, along with more doggystyle and missionary, until Manny ends the scene by giving Sabina a weak shot on her mouth.

Despite Manny's lack of spermicide at the very end, Sabina generated MUCH heat during this VERY sexy scene. It's a shame her mouth and pussy were the only openings penetrated.

[ Sabina & Manuel Ferrara | Oral (M/F), Vaginal, PTM | Cowgirl, Spoon, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggystyle | Condoms: No | ]

The lovely Ms. Cruz, who slightly resembles Brittney Murphy, begins the scene masturbating on a red chair, in a red room. After a quick cut, she's now standing up masturbating near a big window - at least until Ian enters. He walks over to her and she quickly drops to her knees and stuffs his dick in her mouth, before taking a sideways (yep, you read that right) cowgirl ride. Sammy bends over for doggystyle, followed by PTM and missionary, along with more cowgirl, this time both regular and reverse. After a spooning, she takes a shot to the mouth at the end of the scene.

This scene wasn't that bad. I enjoyed watching Sammy masturbate, and anytime one of the leads works up a sweat it's a sexy scene in my book.

[ Sammy Cruz & Ian Scott | Masturbation, Oral (F), Vaginal, PTM | Cowgirl, Doggystyle, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl | Condoms: No | ]

From my review of Mr. Pete's Fresh Mex: "Ben begins the scene by giving Jennifer's pussy a tonguing. When he's done, Jen drops to her knees to give him a VERY MESSY blowjob before taking off her panties to get on top of Ben for some reverse cowgirl. After that, there's some doggystyle followed by some deep missionary and a spooning until Jen gets on top for some sexy cowgirl and missionary. The scene ends with Jennifer taking a shot on her face.

Jennifer is a hot tamale that loves to get fucked and in this scene she generated a LOT of heat. Whether it's due to her hot body and looks or her seemingly insatiable appetite for dick has yet to be determined."

[ Jennifer Luv & Ben English | Oral (M/F), Vaginal, Facial | Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Missionary, Spoon, Doggystyle | Condoms: No | ]

Kathleen spends a good part of the beginning rubbing her pussy, until the fellas walk over and promptly stuff their dicks in her mouth and pussy. After that, a flurry of positions - from doggystyle and cowgirl (regular and reverse) to scissors and missionary (along with gagging) follow. More doggystyle and bow & arrow lead to an eventual messy facial from both guys at the end of the scene.

Eh. Kathleen's cute and she handed Chris and Pete like a pro, but I wasn't feeling this scene too much. I think it was me.

[ Kathleen Kruz, Chris Charming & Mr. Pete | Masturbation, Oral (F), Vaginal, Facial | Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Scissors, Missionary, Bow & Arrow | Condoms: No | ]

Yet another mami that begins the scene masturbating! As Paola is enjoying fingering her pussy and playing with her nipples, Pete walks over for a blowjob, which is followed by some very sexy cowgirl. Missionary is next, followed by doggystyle and a spooning. Paola takes a reverse cowgirl ride, before spreading her legs again for more missionary and scissors. There's some scene-ending doggystyle, which leads to Paola catching a shot in her mouth and on her face.

Paola looked VERY sexy fucking and this scene was SO fucking hot! Seriously. Probably the hottest scene on the entire disc.

[ Paola Rey & Mr. Pete | Oral (F), Vaginal, Facial | Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggystyle, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl, Scissors | Condoms: No | ]

Lorena spends some time in the bathtub, arching her back and sticking that sexy ass in the air, before joining Mike in the bedroom. After he oils up and measures her ass, he buries his face right between her cheeks. Next, she drops to her knees to give him a blowjob, before bending over for some lengthy doggystyle and cowgirl. There's generous helpings of PTM and a very sexy reverse cowgirl ride, which is sandwiched between a lengthy spooning. One of my faves, some very hot "face down, ass up" action leads to Mike dropping a shot in her mouth to end the scene. Lorena spends a few seconds just about gargling his wad before the scene fades.

Man, I don't know what happened, but Lorena had some VERY bad and VERY noticable acne around her mouth. Thankfully, whomever directed this scene, saved the extreme closeups for the very end. That's not to say Lorena's not a pretty girl - she is - but you wouldn't be able to tell it from this scene.

[ Lorena & Mike Adriano | Oral (M/F), Vaginal, PTM | Cowgirl, Doggystyle, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl | Condoms: No | ]

Another scene joined in progress, as Precious is in the process of stuffing Ben's dick in her mouth. Once the lengthy blowjob is finished, he drops her skirt and lets her sit on his lap for some unimpressive reverse cowgirl. Doggystyle is next, along with bow & arrow, cowgirl and PTM. Missionary and scissors rounds out the action (if you could call it that), until he drops a shot on her face.

Well, i'm not exactly sure what was so "precious" about Precious Girl. As far as I was concerned, this was a waste of a scene and if they had stopped with Lorena's scene (acne and ALL), it would've ended the disc on a much hotter note. Oh well, es la vida.

[ Precious Girl & Ben English | Oral (F), Vaginal, PTM, Facial | Doggystyle, Reverse Cowgirl, Bow & Arrow, Cowgirl, Missionary, Scissors | Condoms: No | ]

the Final Word

In case you haven't noticed, it's true - I Love Latinas.

No, I mean I REALLY love Latinas.

Any amount of heat a Latina generates for me, a white or black chick would have to work ten times as hard to get my blood flowing. Why is this? I honestly have no idea. I think it's the exotic features. The dark complexion. The plump asses. The speaking of Spanish while fucking. The way most (mind you, I said "most" - every ethnicity has its share of duds) Latinas seem as if they're doing their damnedest to give you a workout and earn that cumshot. There are so many things I could think of, but when it comes down to it, I really can't explain it accurately. Makes sense, huh?

Well, while this disc doesn't feature some of my favorite Latinas working in the biz today (no Marquetta? no Anell? how 'bout Victoria Lan?), there are more than enough sexy mamis to give you a slight example of what makes Latina women some of the greatest you'd be fortunate to spend the night with. Or a few minutes - depending on how long they'll let you last.

Since these discs only feature some of my favorites, I can only give it a Recommended rating, but if you're looking to do some research, check some of my past reviews - i've been known to review a Latin disc or two.

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