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Bare Twinks

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 5/21/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:December 2006

Director:Saint Cyre

Cast:Brandon, Ryan Philipe, Christophe, Chicky Hard, Andree, Alex, Tommy Sem, Marty, Tommy Beran, Dany, Christian

Body Types:Muscular, twinks, uncut penises


Things to see: bareback sex, oral cumshots, facial cumshots, rough fucking, semen swapping

Plot: No real plot, just lots of sex

The Movie:

I think that I know the secret! I'm not talking about Oprah's newfound philosophy. Instead, I think that I have cracked the code, opened the door, and discovered the secret as to how directors pair actors together in a scene. The secret involves porn directors pairing a highly attractive model with an average to not so attractive model. If a scene requires three guys, then why not have three average lookers having sex together! Of course, preferences for looks are as subjective as the best ice cream flavor (peppermint, if anyone asks). However, I think that once you see this movie, you too will discover the "secret." The guys in this film are (mostly) cute and attractive. In fact the hunk named Chicky (trust me, he doesn't like chicks) can be my date anytime. However, there are some average lookers as well, and I would argue, that two of the scenes are composed entirely of average lookers. The other four scenes are pretty good. Therefore, I challenge you to discover the secret of bare twinks.

Scene one:

Brandon and Ryan make out on their bed. Brandon has blond hair and a muscular body, while Ryan has curly hair and a very skinny body. Ryan starts off the scene by sucking on Brandon's cock. He spends several minutes sucking on Brandon's cock. Brandon then sucks on Ryan's large cock. Ryan's cock bends downward, making it easy for Brandon to please him. Ryan can't hold his load for a long time since he quickly shoots into Brandon's mouth.

Next, Ryan straddles Brandon's bare cock. Ryan bounces up and down on the cock, riding it like it was a mechanical bull. Eventually, Ryan lies down so that Brandon can do most of the pumping. Ryan strokes on his penis and then quickly releases a load onto his chest. Brandon then pulls out and shoots a load onto Ryan's stomach. Ryan licks off some of the cum and then the guys share the remnants as they kiss.

This scene was a good way to start out the film. There was lots of oral action, including a nice oral cumshot. There were also some great camera angles that leave nothing to the imagination. The only problem with this scene was that Ryan never removes his baseball cap. It's merely a minor annoyance of course.

Scene two:

Christophe and Chicky sit on the couch. Christophe is a light brunette with a muscular body and Chicky has spiky brown hair with a big cock. The boys lightly kiss each other, which quickly leads to Christophe sucking on Chicky's plump penis. As Christophe sucks away, we get a nice view of Chicky's large penis as well as his big balls. In addition to the sucking, there is also some light face fucking.

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Next, Chicky rims out Christophe's ass. There are some close ups of his lingering tongue. Next he shoves in his large cock, while Christophe is bent over the couch. Chicky clearly enjoys pulling out and shoving back into Christophe. Next, Christophe straddles Chicky's cock, facing forward towards the camera. From this angle you can see all of the sexy goodness. Christophe rides Chicky's cock like an animal. As the lads pump in unison, Christophe's erect penis bounces all around, making it resemble an elephant trunk. Towards the end of the scene, Chicky strokes off Christophe while he is still inside him. Finally, Chicky gives Christophe a very wet facial and lets him suck on his spent cock.

This was the hottest scene in the movie! Both of the actors were very attractive and their sex was very nice as well. I particularly loved the oral cumshot at the end! The only complaint I have, as well as a word of caution, is that Chicky has some sort of fungus on one of his nails. I dare you to look away, that is... if you can!

Scene three:

Andree and Alex lightly wrestle in bed, while naked. Andree has frosted wavy hair and Alex has lots of blond highlights with spiky hair, making him look like a porcupine. Their playfulness eventually leads to cock sucking and forming a 69 position. The intense sucking leads Alex to shoot a load into Andree's mouth. The boys share the protein drink together.

Next, Andree flips Alex over and starts pumping away. He rides Alex quickly but then teases his hole by pulling out and shoving his cock back in. The boys eventually shift positions so that Alex straddles Andree's cock while facing the camera. After some more pumping, Alex jacks off his dick. Finally, Andree shoots all over Alex's face like a sprinkler. Alex looks like a glazed doughnut afterwards. At the end, the boys share the semen.

The sex in this scene was good. The angles were conducive to seeing the action, and the cumshots were nice. The guys in this scene weren't as hot as the guys in the previous scenes. Therefore, you may enjoy this scene more or less, depending on your tastes for men.

Scene four:

Tommy, a skinny brunette, is asleep at his desk. He is awakened by a Marty, a longhaired stud wearing only a towel. Marty isn't much for foreplay so he removes his towel, and then forces Tommy to suck on his cock. Tommy sucks away until Marty starts to finger fuck his ass. Tommy moans as the finger penetrates his hairy hole. Marty eventually shoves in two fingers, trying to help Tommy to get ready for what's about to come. However, the boys surprised me when Tommy gets up, pushes Marty on the desk and fucks him raw. Marty eventually lies on his back while being screwed. The two fuck until Tommy cums and then returns his cock to Marty's ass. Marty also oozes out a load, which Tommy laps up with his tongue. At the end, the boys share their semen.

This scene was good. Tommy is cute, but I found Marty to look fairly average. Also, I would have liked to see more reciprocal oral action.

Scene five:

Chicky masturbates under the covers. His young friend Tommy catches him and decides to give him some "hands on help." Tommy looks young with a skinny body frame and dark blond hair. Tommy starts to suck on Chicky's cock. However, Chicky decides to make Tommy his bitch! Chicky starts to force Tommy's head onto his cock. This makes Tommy wince. Chiky also face fucks him and penis whips him. Eventually, Chicky holds Tommy's head in place and jacks off his penis into Tommy's mouth.

Next, Tommy rims out Chicky's ass and finger fucks him. Chicky then tells Tommy that he wants to fuck him (in broken English). Tommy sits on his back with his legs up. There are some nice angles as Chicky fucks him, and occasionally slaps his ass. Chicky also teases his asshole by pulling out and entering again. Chicky ultimately fucks him pretty hard and tells him to scream for him as he fucks. Next, Tommy is turned on all fours and fucked doggy style. At one point, Chicky hits him with a pillow, albeit a soft pillow. Tommy seems to really enjoy the rough play. Finally, Chicky shoots his load into the Tommy's hole and then shoves his cock back in for more pumping. Tommy then shoots a load on Chicky's face and into his mouth. The guys share their semen at the end.

This was another good scene. It was nice to see some of the rough cock play thanks to Chicky.

Scene five:

Andree returns and is accompanied by Dany, a spiky haired brunette, and Christian a dirty blond with light skin. Andree and Christian start to rub and kiss the sleeping Dany. Christian then probes Dany's hole with his fingers. The probing wakes up Dany so he starts to suck on Andree's penis. Next, Dany and Christian get on all fours with their asses facing Andree. At first Andree fingers their holes, but then he shoves his cock into their holes. He fucks each of their holes, only to move on to the other guy. He continues this alternating process while fingering the other's hole to keep the hole open. Next, Christian lies on his side while Andree screws him. Unfortunately the angles for this position aren't conducive to seeing the action. Meanwhile, Dany lies on the bed, not doing much except for kissing Andree. Next, Dany lies on his back while Andree fucks him. Dany shoots his load while he is getting fucked. Chrisitan gleefully licks up the semen, only to return it to Dany's mouth. Christian then shoots his load into Dany's mouth and then does some more semen swapping. Finally, Andree shoots his load and then sticks his cock back into Dany. The guys kiss at the end.

The DVD:


The transfer is great. All of the scenes were shot indoors. I didn't notice any pixilation or major grain. The picture is very clear and sharp.


This DVD features standard 2.0 stereo sound. You have the option of watching the film with or without music. All of the dialogue could be heard without distortion.


This DVD features animated menus. There is a useful scene selection option, which enables you to select several different chapter breaks in one scene. There is a "cumshot festival" option, which shows you all of this film's cumshots. Finally, there are 15 previews for other titles. It's nice to see a company including so many extra trailers.

Final thoughts:

Bare Twinks is a good movie. The sex is hot, and the actors are (mostly) hot too. I have a hunch that you will continue to come back to certain scenes, while neglecting the few scenes that involve the less hot guys. However, Bare twinks still comes with a recommendation because the sex is so darn hot!

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