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Seed My Hole

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 5/21/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:February 2006

Director:Michael Paris

Cast:Carey Lexes, Brandon Junior, Shemin, Kozel Richter, Newman, Micky Coolio, Jack rebel, Kev, Peter and Miguel De Sanchez

Body Types:Muscular men, twinks, uncut penises


Things to see:bareback sex, oral cumshots, facial cumshots, rough fucking, cock rings, semen swapping, erotic yogurt play

Plot:European guys show off their pastime, seeding each others' holes.

The Movie:

The title, "Seed My Hole," leaves little to the imagination. When an adult DVD uses such a graphic title, or perhaps that's just to the point, you can generally tell what you are going to see. For example, made up titles such as "cum on my face bitch" or "double penetratin' daddies" will give you an idea of what you might see. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this DVD features barebacking, and the act of penetrating after cumming.

While I was a bit wary of reviewing this DVD (perhaps scared is the better term), I was extremely surprised to find such a scorching hot film! The first scene alone is reason to own this DVD! This title features countless handsome European studs barebacking and cumming into orifices. While these lads may not speak English, the film speaks for itself. If you are looking for some hot barebacking action, then this might be the title that you have been waiting for.

Scene one:

A sweaty boxer (ironically named Peter) punches a punching bag in his room. He works up a nice sweat which glistens all over his chiseled chest. Once he stops exercising, his friend Micky decides to help him work out his "other muscle." The guys remove their pants, revealing their hard erections. Micky starts off by sucking on Peter's veined penis. However, Peter likes things rough, so he grabs Micky's head and forces it up and down on his cock, while occasionally slapping the hard prick on the guy's face. Peter then turns Micky around and shoves his hard cock inside. Micky holds onto the punching bag for support.,. The fucks him from behind, making the guy moan.

It should be noted that Peter knows how to fuck! He shoves his cock in and out of the hole, screws forcefully, and pumps away like a jackrabbit. Fortunately, Micky can't get enough of Peter's forceful fucking, and he moans like he is receiving the orgasm of his life. Peter eventually forces Micky to the ground (with his dick still inside). Peter continues to fuck away, with sweat dripping and the two of them moaning in unison. In an unexpected moment, Micky releases his load in a hands free cum shot (while getting screwed). Peter then continues to fuck the hell out of him until he shoots his load onto Micky's butt and hole, only to then shove his cock back in and fuck him some more. The two then kiss, but the boys aren't done yet. Peter jacks off another load into Micky's open mouth. Immediately, Micky cums all over Peter's face, giving him a nice wet facial. Finally, Micky sucks up his cum and shares it with Peter.

Wow! What a scene. These models worked incredibly well together. It was the perfect combination of a hungry bottom and an aggressive top. Their sex is so incredibly hot because both are extremely turned on and don't care about getting sweaty and dirty. I would have been happy with the scene ending after the guys came while screwing. However, this scene sent me over the edge when the guys shot another load into each others' mouths. Woof!

Scene two:

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A photographer named Jack photographs Carey, a model with spiky blond hair. Carey is young and muscular with a tan body, while the photographer is an average looking brunette with pale skin. After Carey reveals a large erection in his pants, the photographer puts down his camera to take care of business. Jack goes wild with Carey's penis, sucking it thoroughly (he sucks on it for several minutes!) Carey also briefly sucks on Jack's penis.

Without warning, Carey forces his bare cock into Jack. As the boys screw, both of them seem to enjoy having sex with each other because they moan a lot. Eventually, Carey pulls out to shoot a sticky load on Jack's anal region. Carey then "seeds the hole" by shoving his cock back in and pumping away some more. Next, Carey gets his turn to be screwed. While Jack does the fucking most of the camera angles focus on Carey. This was a good choice because Carey is much hotter than Jack. The photographer doesn't seed Carey's hole, but he does give him a nice facial, shooting all over his face and eyes. Jack licks up most of his jizz and shares with Carey.

This was a good scene. The standout is Carey with his boyish looks and beautiful body. His tanned body nicely contrasts to Jack's pale, white skin.

Scene three:

Shemin is feeling horny so he starts to stroke his cock, while sitting on the staircase. Suddenly, his friend Richter comes down the stairs to help him out. Shemin is a brunette with a tan, almost hairless body and Richter is a young brunette with a skinny physique. Richter barely goes down on Shemin's penis (someone should teach this guy a thing or two about deepthroating). While orally servicing his friend, Richter strokes on his own penis. Next, Richter Climbs up a few steps and sticks his ass into the air. Shemin accepts the offer by shoving his penis inside. As the boys screw, the open design of the staircase enables us to see the boys in action.

After Richter's channel has loosened up, Shemin starts to get rougher! First he starts to fuck Richter faster and then he rips and tears off Richter's shirt. This forcefulness enables Shemin to cum quickly, which he then shoves back into Richter's hole. Richter then shoots off a creamy load into Shemin's mouth. Shemin also cums again, oozing out some cum into Richter's mouth. Richter doesn't seem to have any qualms about taking it all in his mouth. Finally, the guys do a little bit of semen swapping at the end.

This scene was much shorter, but was still significantly hot. I would have liked to see more positions, but the fact that there were two oral cumshots made up for my grievances.

Scene four:

An attractive brunette (Miguel) is having some breakfast. His friend (Kozel) walks in and starts to share some yogurt with him. This leads to some erotic kissing and licking, involving yogurt. Kozel is still wearing a towel, fresh from a shower, so Miguel removes it and starts to give him a sucking. Kozel has a medium sized penis so his friend can easily go down on his shaft. Miguel then bends over his smiling friend, undoes his jeans, and shoves in his erect cock. The two fuck against the countertop. Kozel seems to enjoy getting screwed since he is hard throughout the scene. Miguel fucks away until he cums inside of Kozel. As he pulls out, his wet semen drips out and onto the floor. Miguel then returns to fucking him some more.

Next, Kozel is screwed on all fours, on top of the kitchen counter (don't try this at home, kids). Miguel screws him some more, and the camera reveals several great angles of the action. Next, Kozel jacks off his cock shooting onto his chest. He then scoops up some of his own cum and eats it. Finally, Miguel gives Kozel a nice facial.

Well, this was definitely a breakfast treat! I think that Kozel got more than his daily requirement of protein. Overall this was a great scene. Kozel looked like he was enjoying himself because he moaned a lot and smiled. The chumshots are nice, and the breakfast set will undoubtedly make you blush when you next eat yogurt.

Scene five:

Two young lads read together on a couch. A cute brunette starts to rub his equally cute blond friend Brandon. Eventually, Lev starts to suck on Brandon's large cock. Lev gives his friend a nice blowjob, making Brandon smile a lot. Without hesitation, Lev takes off his clothes and then lets Brandon screw him. Lev straddles Brandon's large cock, while Brandon sits on the couch. Lev does most of the work at first as he bobs up and down. Eventually Brandon takes control and starts to move his penis in and out quickly.

As the boys are screwing, Brandon notices that they are being watched by their gay friend (Neman). Neman has a nice cock, but for the love of God, don't look at his crazy hairstyle (I think it's road kill chic). Neman shoves his cock into Brandon's mouth, while Brandon is still fucking. Meanwhile, Lev aggressively rides Brandon's cock while watching the action. Next, Lev bends over to get screwed by Neman. Brandon helps out by sucking on Lev's cock. Lev loves the attention that he receives from both ends. Finally, Lev lies down, stroking on his cock. Brandon and Neman stroke their cocks above Lev. Both guys cum around the same time, giving Lev a nice, wet facial. Lev promptly licks their cocks to taste them. Lev then shoots a load onto his chest.

This was a great scene. The slow buildup to the screwing made the scene feel romantic. In fact, this scene felt like I was watching two friends (at first) having sex with each other.

The DVD:


The transfer is excellent. All of the scenes are well lit indoors. All of the actors can be easily seen and the action never suffers from dark, underneath angles. The picture is very clear and sharp.


This DVD features standard 2.0 stereo sound. One nice feature is that you have the option to watch the scenes with porn music or without. I thought that this was a great option that more studios should offer.


This DVD has several nice extras. First, the menus are nice with animations from the film and bright colors. The scene selection option is fantastic because each scene is broken down into several chapter breaks. This makes it that much easier to find the money shot at the end. However, you also have the option of choosing the "cumshot festival" option, which shows all of this film's copious money shots. Finally, there are 18 previews for other titles! With this amount of trailers, you could literally get off a second time.

Final thoughts:

Seed My Hole is a spectacular DVD title with plenty of hot men, juicy oral and anal cumshots, as well as sweaty sex. While there is no plot to this film, the transfer is great, and there are numerous trailers for similar releases. I would venture to say that seed my hole is simply one of the best gay titles of 2006. You can't go wrong with this title. In fact, you could say that this title is a hole in one!

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