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Bi Teen Power 4

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/21/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Years of Production:


The Movie:

Eastern European guys 'n dolls dabble with energetic bi-sexual action.

Scene One:

Marvel Ann (attractive gal with bleached blond hair and nice figure) and her pals Iggy (cute with dark hair and tall/toned/smooth body) and Clive (cute with brown hair and smooth/toned body) enjoy an afternoon in the local park racing around in circles. I wonder if they've had anything to drink or smoke? It sure seems like it from their zany behavior. Back in Marvel Ann's apartment, the three play kissy-face with wet tongues a-plenty followed by Iggy pulling Miss Chix's jeans down revealing her white lace panties. Iggy rubs her love mound while soul kissing Clive. Horny Clive slides his hand down Marvel Ann's intimate apparel and plays with her pussy. Iggy pulls down his pants revealing dark trimmed pubes and a big uncut cock. Marvel Ann completely disrobes showing off her perky tits with hard pink nipples and her shaved box. Clive and Marvel Ann make out while Iggy jacks Clive's unclipped tool working the foreskin up 'n over his moist knob.

In a nice close-up of Marvel Ann's tight pink privates, the dudes share rubbing and finger fucking her while she takes a hard prick in each hand and works 'em with her ironclad fists. Marvel Ann gets down to some serious cock sucking giving excellent head to Iggy leading him to reach over and stroke Clive's dong. Iggy eats Marvel Ann's lunchbox flicking his tongue on her sensitive clit as Missy Chick blows Clive. There are some good close-ups of the pussy eating as the dudes munch down on Marvel Ann. There are all sorts of switch ups as the dudes suck each other's cocks and balls never leaving their gal out. Frankly, Marvel Ann seems starved for cock so everyone had better get out of her way! Iggy fucks Marvel Ann in the side missionary position (with condom) smoothly sliding in and out with fast strokes as Clive fucks Iggy's tight hairy asshole in the same position (with condom). Iggy goes wild diddling Marvel Ann's swollen clitty-poo. The dudes beat their meat with Clive shooting a thick load on that pussy while Iggy shoots a large thick load on Marvel Ann's stomach and arm.

Scene Two:

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Dusty Sparkles is a cute gal with red hair pulled back in a ponytail and appealing figure. She's sitting on a bench with her pals Hugo (cute with dark hair and toned/smooth body) and Phelps (nice-looking with short curly hair and toned/smooth body). The dudes help Dusty out of her blouse revealing her small 'n perky tits in a slinky black bra. The bra is quickly removed and the guys rub those boobs and lick the hard pink nips. Phelps pulls off his briefs exposing his large unclipped tool, plump nuts, and full brown pubes. Dusty grabs that big dong cramming it down her throat and working the hell out of it. This gal knows how to give good head. Hugo is busy eating Dusty's shaved delicates with plenty of finger fucking. Phelps chows down on Hugo's big dick like a champ swallowing it down his throat as Dusty continues to get a good taste of Hugo. Dusty and Phelps end up sharing Hugo's dong taking turns filling their hungry mouths.

Hugo fucks Dusty from behind (no condom) sliding in 'n out fast 'n hard making Dusty pout with pleasure as she gives Phelps a blowjob. Hugo switches teams and fucks Phelps from behind (no condom) filling that tight hairy bunghole with fast/smooth strokes. Hug switches to fucking Phelps in the side/missionary position while Phelps is busy chowing down on Dusty's wet lotus blossom. Hugo pulls out and shoots a large thick load on Phelps's hairy nuts and gooch. Phelps beats off shooting a large wet load on Dusty's tits leading her to suck that cum-slick knob.

Scene Three:

Katherine (pretty with long brown hair and nice figure) is sharing a cramped hot tub with her pals Ann (pretty with long bleached blond hair and appealing body) and Tab (handsome with short black hair and toned/smooth body). The gals are relaxing in their Jacuzzi boozin' it up with cocktails while flirting with Tab. Katherine is dressed in a blue bikini while Ann is wearing a tight red tee shirt and white panties. Katherine playfully slashes water on Ann's chest lifting Ann's shirt and sucking on her hard pink nipples. The gals rub each other's bums while Katherine and Tab rub and play with Ann's tits. Ann needs a taste and begins to tongue Katherine's perky boobs sucking her dark nipples. Katherine is very frisky rubbing Ann's panty-covered pussy. The gals get down on Tab's big cut cock taking turns sliding their lips up and down the long shaft, jacking, and sucking the purple knob.

Tab fucks Katherine's shaved honey pot from behind (no condom) using long full strokes to make her whimper and pout as she licks Ann's slick slot and diddling a fierce tune on her clituar. Ann sinks down on Tab's big dick wildly sliding up and down that beef pole as Tab frantically thrusts upward to fuck that quivering quim. Ann can't help but diddle her own little clit working it with the skilled tips of her fingers. These horny gals take turns riding that hog and splashing water all over the place not giving a shit as long as their lustful desires are met. There are plenty of nice close-ups of the fucking and the gal's tight pink rosebuds. Tab jacks off shooting a large thick load of jizz on both the gal's tongues. They love that nut and kiss sharing the seed.

Scene Four:

Bunny (attractive gal with dark hair pulled back in pony tail with nice figure) is hanging out in her dorm room with Felix (cute with dark hair and toned/smooth body) and Robertson (cute with brown hair and smooth/toned body). Bunny and Felix make out with plenty of deep wet tongue as poor Robertson simply sits and watches. Bunny begins to stroke Felix's hard uncut cock jacking the ample foreskin up and over his flared cock head. Bunny is sure hungry for dick and gives excellent head much to Felix's deee-lite. The dudes help Bunny off with her shirt revealing nice medium-sized breasts with large areolas. Bunny and Robertson engage in some soul kissin' while Felix sucks those boobs. Bunny chows down on Robertson's stiff unclipped tool with large purple mushroom head. This isn't much of a challenge for Bunny, as she definitely knows her way around a rigid fat prick.

Bunny shimmies out of her tight blue jeans revealing black lace panties and finally her tight little shaved "Kiki". Felix fucks Bunny's pussy from behind (with condom) as he sucks Robertson's hard dick sliding his mouth up 'n down. Bunny wildly diddles her clit using quick circular motions with her fingers. There are all sorts of switch-ups here with Felix sucking Robertson as Bunny sucks Felix, Robertson entering Bunny in the side/missionary position (with condom) drilling with fast 'n wet strokes. Felix squirts a large thick load on his chest and stomach while Robertson cuts loose with a dinky load on Bunny's hip.



"Bi Teen Power 4" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clean allowing the viewer to hear as the guys and dolls get down to some serious sex with plenty of pouts, cries, deep breathing, and moans.


The disc contains an interactive menu, scene selections, a galley of action shots from the movie, and previews for: "Young and Uncut #14", "Bareback Buddies", "Bi Teen Power 2", and "Carnival of Youth".

Final Thoughts:

The Bi Teen Power movies have a seedy quality that I find hilarious and a turn-on. "Bi Teen Power 4" is no exception with the cheap sets and overall sleazy feel. The gals and guys are appealing, are definitely into the action and each other. The scenes move along at a nice pace and never become dull. Again, all that's missing is some full-on gal/gal action. Although the chicks play around and suck tits and eat a little pussy, it's usually for a very short time. The movie is obviously geared for bi-curious males instead of females. So, I recommend for dudes who may be curious about gals.

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