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Rossi's Revenge

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/22/07

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Rossi's Revenge

Club Jenna

Genre: Vignette

Director: Bill Fisher

Cast: Sophia Rossi, Gina Lynn, Nadia Natalli, Jordan Ashley, Kayla Paige, Tommy Gunn, Nicholas Taylor, Roxy DeVille, Marcus London

Length: 126:31 minutes

Date of Production: 9/29/2006

Extra's: The best extras were the four solo masturbation scenes by the ladies of the cast including Sophia Rossi, Gina Lynn, Nadia Natalli, and Kayla Paige. Gina's was the lengthiest but even it came in at under 8 minutes though fans will appreciate these extras as pretty decent nonetheless. There was also a true double sided DVD cover, a photogallery, a bit of spam and trailers to movies like Janine Loves Jenna, Jenna Loves Justin, Club Jenna's Casting Couch 1, Sophia Revealed, Altered Minds, Insexts, McKenzie Illustrated, McKenzie Made, Krystal Therapy, Ashton Asylum, Chanel No. 1.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Rossi's Revenge was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Bill Fisher for Club Jenna. This was his latest movie for the company, some of the other titles shot by the man under a different name, so he let loose with all the effects and artistic expression he had bottled up inside him from all his other works to date. Each of the six scenes took on a life of it's own with the stylish manner in which they were shot; sometimes substantial portions of grain added in to give a weathered look and other times in the kind of slow motion many fans scream angrily about but the one thing I saw about all of the different styles was how the editing and camera work seemed to be deliberately done a certain way and offering up a mix of textures instead of the generic gonzo flat lighting so many people seem to prefer. To me, a little bit of style goes a very long way but I'm not going to suggest that I would want to see a lot of titles shot this way, even if they were designed as such. In general, there was no way to give an overview of the scenes thanks to the multitude of ways the scenes were shot so I'll add in some commentary on points that stuck out at me below in the individual descriptions (and the bitrate hovered in around the mid 5 Mbps most of the time for those keeping track). The audio was presented in a standard 2.0 Dolby Digital English, most of the vocals excised out in order to cater to the music (something I hate in artistic porn). Some of the music was creative while other pieces gave me a headache so your mileage will vary here too, the bitrate being 192Kbps for those keeping track.

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Body of Review: Bill Fisher is one of those directors you'll want to keep an eye out for thanks in part to his sheer versatility while working at Club Jenna (though under various names). His latest release is a showcase piece to their former contract gal, the curvy Sophia Rossi in Rossi's Revenge; a series of unrelated vignettes that were not all equally hot. If you find Sophia to be one of those gals you can't live without, you can skip the rest of this review and get a copy but it was not her best work (or at least thanks to the technical aspects, it did not showcase her all that well). The back cover said it like this: "Between worlds of fantasy and reality, there's a realm only Sophia Rossi can show you. Finally Bill Fisher's brilliant vision converges with Sophia Rossi's erotic curves, in Club Jenna's latest masterpiece, Rossi's Revenge. Let the eroticism of Gina Lynn, Roxy DeVille, Nadia Natalli and Kayla Paige take you down a deep dark tunnel of pleasure into a sadistic world where lust and revenge coexist. Enjoy the manifestations of your wildest fantasies as Sophia and Gina Lynn collide in the most erotic girl-girl action ever witnessed. Arouse your inhibitions and prepare yourself for a climactic battle of sex versus sin." If that sounds interesting to you, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Sophia Rossi, the former contract performer plastered all over the front cover in the blue corset, was up first as a runway model in a veiled outfit that did little to hide her goodies. She was joined by the well known blonde, Gina Lynn, who was seen on the lower left hand corner of the cover with the smile; the two of them starting out by masturbating before feeling each other up. The most noticeable thing about the scene at first was how much grain was present with the look of film added in to make a statement of sorts from the look of it. The sex was rawer than I anticipated here, the gals both appearing to savor each other more than a little bit as they fingered, ate, and otherwise played with lesbianism for the director. The music dominated the action and that weakened it for me a whole lot; reminding me that the dubbed vocals (they appeared to be dubbed or at least out of synchronization) and sex sounds so important to establish heat were lacking. I like both of them so the scene worked for me but the technical matters were not the best.

Scene Two: Nadia Natalli, a newcomer to porn that reminded me a bit of Julie Night in the face, was up next as she enjoyed stripping montage style on a couch with the kind of thumping beat and quick edits you'd expect to see on a music video from twenty years ago. She was partnered up with Jordan Ashley; a guy I'm more used to seeing in pro-am titles than anything like this but he cleaned up well enough. She aggressively slobbed his knob and he stoically watched her working the meat pipe as she made a mess. A sloppy hummer is a good hummer for the most part and they were some banging away vaginally after that; though not in time to the beat for those who aren't tone deaf. She actively rode his cock with some hip grinding and ass pumping to make it a better than average scene, the load of population pudding coating her tonsils and face in no time with some post coital sucking to enhance it even more.

Scene Three: Kayla Paige, a pretty gal with brown hair and a lean body, was up next as she skipped the tease in favor of blowing muscular Tommy Gunn. She's been in a couple dozen movies that I'm aware of and her oral style was slightly nastier than Nadia's in the previous scene; the gal working the tip, the balls, and every part in between as she also jerked him off. The scene looked knocked out hastily (you could see the crew in the background more than usual here) and her flexibility was offset but a moderately active riding style that proved to be inconsistent (I also hated her implants). I've seen much better with her in it so the scene had less replay value than most of the other scenes in the movie but I'd like to see how she could do in a high end production. The ending pop shot went right to her chin, Tommy furiously rubbing it out without any assistance from the gal.

Scene Four: Sophia Rossi, wearing only some jewelry as she posed for the camera, was up next as she took care of both Nicholas Taylor and Tommy Gunn in a living room setting. As soon as they entered the picture, she dropped to her knees to please them both, alternating between the cocks with her hands and mouth in a passionate bit of oral. Nicholas had wood problems though and that served to weaken the dynamic too often, his much smaller cock forcing her to enjoy Tommy's meatier member more readily. Maybe this was why she relegated him to the a goofy BDSM hood and forced him to stand off to the side when she and Tommy started to aggressively screw vaginally on the nearby bed; eventually allowing Nicholas to do a 69 with her before she took them both (Tommy from behind as she blew Nicholas again). Tommy definitely got the lion's share of her attention here though and the scene ended with his cock blasting a healthy load to her face.

Scene Five: Roxy DeVille, playing a streetwalker in a nasty part of town, was up next as she found obsessive Jordan Ashley looking for love in all the wrong places. Her attire fit the night time public setting all too well, the corner proving to be a great location for cab 1022 to find her at work. Initially, she blew him off but on the second attempt to pick her up, she got in the cab with a lot of attitude, soon finding herself blowing him in his seedy motel room. She used some nasty tricks with her cigarette like flicking ashes on his cock and continuing to smoke it and his pole without missing a stroke. Jordan was then outfitted with an ashtray on his mouth (the fetish kind where he would have to breath in her ashes and fumes) as he diddled her with his fingers. She seemed to enjoy this the most, smiling as he continued to finger her cookie before the aggressive vaginal ride she took on his rod. The style did not ruin the scene this time but enhanced it, her rippling ass cheeks looking wonderful as she impaled herself on his cock. The scene ended with her jerking him off into her mouth, a pleasant change from allowing the guys to do it themselves as in the other scenes.

Scene Six: Sophia Rossi, wearing more body jewelry as she gyrated for the camera, was up last with muscular Marcus London on the bed. There was too little tease but her oral was in top notch form; the gal showing yet again that she was no stranger to a cock in her mouth as she power sucked him off. He went down on her too but not for very long; both of them wanting the same thing as they bumped uglies, her pussy getting puffy as a result. The use of gels here a few times seemed to be a mistake and the camera did not seem to find the right way to handle the shots; making Sophia look worse than usual much of the time. He jerked off into her mouth and the scene ended, the gal seeming to swallow some of it down but most of it having long since flew off due to his marksmanship being so poor.

Summary: Rossi's Revenge by director Bill Fisher for Club Jenna might not have been the best use of Sophia Rossi and the others but there was enough stroke and replay value for me to rate it as Rent It. The abundance of special effects, the thumping score, and the minimal vocals all weakened the end result but some of the pairings were not the best match ups either. I like Gina, Sophia, and Roxy but ultimately, Rossi's Revenge lacked any sparks too often to make it consistently work for me; lowering the rating as a result. If you really like Sophia, you will want this one for your collection but even then I hope she gets a chance to make a movie that isn't knocked out in record time so she can shine much brighter.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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