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StraightCollegeMen.com Vol. 60

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/27/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


The Movie:

To celebrate Straight College Men's fifth year anniversary, the dudes have been invited to spend a long weekend in a castle. This is Day Four of their party.

The Dudes:


Ashton's a good-looking dude with red hair, a smooth/muscular body with tattoos, red pubes, plump nuts, and cut cock.


Dean is a hot hunk with dark brown hair, a smooth muscle-bound physique, hot dark nipples, trimmed pubes, hangy nuts, and an uncut cock with long foreskin. Dean refers to his unclipped member as a "turtle".


Duke's a cute dude with short dark hair, toned/smooth chest, and a very hot hairy bush, nuts, gooch, bum, and cut cock.


Caleb is a good-looking guy with dark hair, smooth/muscular build with plenty of cool tattoos, shaved pubes, and fat cut cock.


Rocky's fucking hot with short brown hair, smooth muscle-bound body with tattoos, trimmed pubes, and large cut tool.


Jersey's a cute dude with short dark hair, toned/hairy body, cool tattoos, dark pubes, and big cut prick.

Tossin' Salads!:

The dudes spend their day outdoors wearing their kilts while drinking beer and testing their archery skills on a fake deer. This is the same deer Ashton assaulted when he was drunk in a previous SCM volume. Slingin' back the brews and arrows, the dudes wreck havoc on poor Bambi. Boozed up Rocky ends up tackling the plastic animal to the rowdy delight of the dudes.

Once inside and cleaned up, Matt lets the guys know that it's now time to munch down on some man butts for cash. Rocky, Dean, and Jersey lift their kilts and bend over a large table with Caleb getting the action started by tonguing Dean's tight lightly hairy bunghole. Duke licks Jersey's tight hairy asshole stabbing his tongue between his butt cheeks as Ashton munches down on Rocky's tight lightly hairy touchhole.

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Dean returns the favor and gets down on Caleb's tight shaved asshole licking the fucker like a pro and making his pal moan. Jersey makes a meal out of Duke's hot ultra hairy butt hole while Rocky spits on Ashton's lightly hairy manhole and licks flicking his tongue all over that li'l pucker. Dean begins to lick and suck Caleb's balls taking that cut cock into his mouth from between Caleb's legs. Caleb raises one leg onto the table allowing Dean easier access to his tasty chute. Caleb's back on Dean's bottom sucking his hangy nuts and stroking Dean's unclipped dong. He hoists Dean's hot bubble butt in the air and tears into his most private place with that busy tongue. Gawd!

The dudes really heat up and munch down on those tight holes giving it their all. Dean and Duke kiss with wet tongues as they enjoy having their holes eaten. Duke's really cutting loose with the kissing and ends up making out with Caleb with plenty of tongue as Dean sucks Caleb's dick. Ashton beats his cut cock off and dumps a thick load on his fist rubbing it on Rocky's butt. Duke gets down and sucks Jersey's clipped pork as Ashton and Rocky lick and thumb Dean's spread bung.

Caleb jacks off shooting a large load on Dean's asshole and rubs his cum-slick cock against that starfish. The camera misses Rocky getting his thick nut on Ashton's butt hole but picks up right after the load was shot. Rocky laps his man juice from Ashton's bum. Dean wildly beats that unclipped dick and shoots his load on Caleb's hole. Dean's fucking hot loudly grunting as he cums. Jersey and Rocky make out with full tongue as Duke jerks off shooting a thick load of jizz on Jersey's buns. Jersey does not nut.


Prescott is a good-looking dude with short red hair, cool sideburns, and a friendly personality. This twenty-four year old has worked as civil engineer but really wants to work for the Las Vegas Police Force. He played football in high school and compares those days to the football movie "Varsity Blues". At this time, Prescott is single so he jacks off at least once a day. He's been known of fuck "gutter sluts" from the local strip clubs but wants to get back with his ex girlfriend. Shower time! Prescott strips down revealing his hot toned body with lightly hairy chest, sexy bum, full red pubes, plump hangy balls, and a fat cut cock. He enjoys the soothing warm water of the shower soaping up and showing off for the camera.

Once toweled off, Prescott lies back on the bed and begins to toy with his dick while watching straight porn. Switching back and forth between his left and right fists, he strokes his prick to full fat hardness. Prescott's plump nuts bounce up 'n down as he beats his big meat stroking his fist up 'n down the shaft and working the purple knob. Reaching the point of no return, he shoots a thick load of cock snot of his stomach and pubes. Hot dude.



SCM Volume 60 is shot directly on video and presented in widescreen. The hand-held videography basic coverage of the action. The problem is with the butt eating close-ups. While there are shots of various tight pucker holes, the overall there are simply not enough extreme close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes as they get rowdy throwing back beers and get down to some serious ass eating.


The disc includes an interactive menu, chapter stops, and previews for: "Caleb and Dean", "Hawaii Day One", "Rian". The extra CD ROM features previews for: "Ashton Plus One, "Broderick, Rocky, and Caleb", "Rocky and Ashton", "Hugh", "Sonny and Dean", "Michael II", "Hawaii Day Two", "Dean and Damon", "Davis". Also included is a full-color catalog of all the SCM titles.

Final Thoughts:

SCM Volume 60 is a bit of a disappointment. What could have been an ultra hot movie is reduced to a lower rating due to lack of down 'n dirty close-ups of tongue on bunghole. The dudes really cut loose and give it their all munching down on tight assholes, sucking nuts, and taking cocks down their throats. There are a number of descent shots of those tight puckers but the camera simply does not get in for any extreme close-ups of the actual deed. This is a shame since the dudes are really feeling frisky and have no qualms munching down on their buddies bungs. The solo by new SCM dude Prescott is cool with plenty of pullin' on that fat cut pud. Overall, the movie is still a turn-on so I will give it a Recommended.

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