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Bait Bus 6, The

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/28/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


Directed By:


The Movie:

Hold what you got! The Bait Bus gang is back and ready for fun times. The gals pose as bored trust fund babies out for some kicks that happen to include man on man action.

Jamie and Riddick:

The gang is in high spirits as they set out for a day of cruising around town looking for man meat. Jamie (cute dude with bleached blond hair, beard stubble, and toned/slender body), Cameron (pretty gal with long blond hair, big boobs, and a nice figure), and Tyler (unseen but certainly not unheard camera op) are on the prowl for some straight dudes to dupe. Jamie engages the gals with a story where he was given a rough 'n tumble massage by a "bull dyke". The gang comes upon Riddick (hot dude with shaved head and muscular/smooth body) who just happens to be sitting alone near an empty basketball court. Since his buddies are over an hour late, he's easily talked into bus when Tyler explains she and Cameron are students taping a documentary for school. "You are supporting the arts!"

Riddick sits in the back of the bus with Cameron. As the two flirt, we find out Riddick has been a personal trainer for three years and keeps stealing glances at Cameron's ample bosom. To get the ball rolling, Tyler chimes in with "My girl's kind of a freak. She has the talent of bringing the freak out in people." Cameron pulls her shirt up revealing her large firm natural tits with pink nipples and begins to jiggle her jugs. Riddick is more than happy to get a nice handful of those bad boys. Cameron asks her prey if he "likes blowjobs" with Tyler cutting in "She's a dick sucking pro!" The gals talk Riddick into a blindfold blowjob and soon Jamie leaps into action. He removes Riddick's shorts revealing shortly trimmed pubes, large hangy nuts, and a fat mouth-watering cut cock.

Jamie chows down on Riddick's big dick working his mouth up 'n down the shaft, jacking it, and nursing the knob. Riddick is definitely enjoying the head and begins to breathe heavily as Jamie goes to town on that big pork. Of course Riddick ain't too pleased when he finds out a dude has been giving him head. Frankly, he doesn't seem too upset so perhaps he needs to brush up on his acting skills. Anyway, the gals "calm" him down with Tyler's handy story that they are trust fund babies with a "shit load of money" and offer him $2,000.00. Jamie rides Riddick's hard condom-clad cock with Riddick using quick thrusts to fill that tight hairy asshole as Jamie humps up 'n down. Riddick fucks him in the side/missionary position with plump nuts bouncing as Jamie jacks his large stiff clipped cock. Riddick shoots a thick load of jizz on his tanned body. Hot dude.

Jamie and Jay:

Jamie (this time with dark hair) and Tyler are back this time with new gal Ashlyn (very cute with long bleached hair, big tits, and nice figure). Tyler announces that she slipped in the shower and busted her ass and Jamie tells of the first time he got fucked in the ass after drinking an entire bottle of vodka. The gang finds Jay (nice-looking with short red hair, goatee, and toned/smooth body with tattoos) walking down the street. Tyler tells him that she and her pals are bored out of their fucking minds so are driving around harassing people. "Can we harass you?" Tyler once again goes into the phony trust fund baby story telling Jay she and Ashlyn don't have anything better to do.

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The gals talk Jay into getting in the van and soon Ashlyn and her new friend are sitting in the back. She talks Jay into rubbing cream on her feet and as a reward, will flash her tits. Jay is all over those feet giving them a massage when Ashlyn makes good on her promise and exposes her huge silicone babies. Jay is like putty in Ashlyn's hands and she quickly talks him into some blindfold head. Jamie leaps into gear pulling Jay's pants down revealing shaved pubes, nice balls, and a cut tool. Jamie takes that cock into his mouth sucking up and down turning it into a nice hard bone. Jamie gives excellent head and knows his way around a hard prick.

Jamie slobbers up and down Jay's pole and Jay is pissed when he finds out the gang's secret. Once again the gals "calm" their stooge down by explaining that Ashlyn is a "freak" who can only get off if she knows a guy wants her bad enough to fuck another dude to have her. Hmmm. Okay. Tyler chimes in with her usual "We're trust fund babies. We have liquid income." After nerves are calmed and money is offered, Jay fucks Jamie from behind (with condom) sliding his hard cock in and out of that tight hairy bunghole using fast/smooth strokes. Jay fucks Jamie in the missionary position plowing his chute while Jamie slides his lubed fist up 'n down his hard cut tool. Jay beats his meat and shoots a large thick load all over Jamie's full dark pubes, cock, and stomach. Hot load.

Jamie and Chad:

Jamie, Ashlyn, and Tyler once again hit the roads around Miami looking for a horny straight dude to deceive into their van of lusty tricks. On this sunny day the gang decides to look for a guy with an accent. Tyler decides that their ruse with be the gal's are taping a documentary called "Coming to America". Excited, Tyler breaks out in a smoky/bluesy tune "Let's go on a manhunt!" Jamie claims that he "worships cock" in an off-hand tone and takes a long drag off his cigarette. Tyler screams, "European cock!" They soon come across Chad (good-looking with short black hair and toned/smooth body) who happens to be from Manchester England. Chad has a very sexy accent and claims to have be a massage therapist waiting for a client. Hmmm. That story seems a bit flimsy. What kind of licensed massage therapist waits on the street for clients?

The gals talk Chad into the van and he's soon sitting in the back with sexy Ashlyn. Ashlyn entices Chad with her big breasts exposing them and allowing Chad to get a couple of good handfuls. This gal has big tits! Chad removes his shirt revealing a nice toned smooth chest. Dude is fucking hot! Ashlyn talks Chad into some blindfold cock sucking and once again Jamie flies into gear pulling Chad's blue jeans and boxers down revealing his shaved pubes, plump balls, and cut dong. Jamie goes to town on that tool with some excellent deep throat making it grow to long full hardness. Chad has a big ol' cock but it ain't no match for Jamie's oral skills. As usual, Chad is not happy with their joke and the gals have to "calm" him down with promises of money and Ashlyn's pussy.

Chad fucks Jamie doggy style (with condom) using fast and smooth strokes to fill that tight hairy touchhole with his long hard pole. The scene is now completely quiet except for the lubed sounds of fucking and the van's tires on the road. Clay switches up to banging Jamie in the missionary position as Jamie beats his hard clipped tool. Chad switched up one more time into the side/missionary position where he drills that snug man chute and shoots a thick load on Jamie's stomach. The cum shot is very quick and if you blink, you will miss it.

Jamie and Constantine:

Jamie and Tyler are hittin' the road with Tyler's college pal Tiffany (pretty chick with long bleached blond hair and slender figure). The gang rides around looking for a "rough neck" leading Tyler to break into another throaty/bluesy ditty. Lucky for these horndogs, Constantine (very hot dude with short dark curly hair and toned/smooth body) has just been fired from his construction job for taking a leak on the building. Frankly, if this dude is straight, then so is Jamie. The gal's quickly talk dude into the van and he heads to the back and sits with Tiffany. I wonder if he would rather sit with Jamie? Ha! Tyler happily exclaims, "We are fucking bored out of our minds!" as Tiffany honeys up to Constantine.

Tiffany flashes her small but perky tits with pink nipples and Constantine removes his shirt revealing a hot toned/smooth chest with pierced nipples. Tiff easily talks her new friend into a blindfold knobjob and Jamie kicks into full throttle pulling Constantine's blue jeans down revealing dark trimmed pubes, plump balls, and a cut cock. Jamie jacks that dick, sucks hard, and works it to a nice full boner. Constantine has a big ol' tool when fully stiff. Jamie chows down playing a sweet tune on that big skin flute. He gives excellent head taking that big prick down his hungry throat. At one point, Jamie looks at the camera with sheer glee in his eyes as he clutches that large rigid meat pole.

Constantine isn't happy when he finds out Jamie has been tootin' his horn but I still think he's gay as well The gals laugh with Tyler stating "I told you she was a fucking freak". Constantine pouts, "Is this the way you get your jollies?" Yes it is, baby! The gals talk their "victim" into more action with the offer of$3,500.00 in cash and a chance to fuck Tiffany. Constantine screws Jamie from behind (with condom) using long full strokes making his hangy nuts slap as he pounds. He switches to the missionary position as Jamie pulls his hard cut pud. There's a nice camera shot from behind of Constantine's tight shaved starfish as he slides in and out of Jamie's snug hairy manhole. To finish up, Constantine shoots a thick load of jizz on Jamie's stomach.



"The Baitbus #6" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The hand-held videography by Tyler provides full coverage of the all the action and plenty of close-ups. The picture quality ranges from sharp and clean to a little grainy at times.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the gang's conversations, schemes, ideas on how to lure straight dudes in, the bus in constant motion, and all the noises of sex as the dudes get down.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection with chapter stops, a gallery of photographs from each scene, website information, and trailers for: "The Baitbus #3" and "The Baitbus #4".

Final Thoughts:

"The Baitbus #6" is an entertaining and hilarious romp. Videographer Tyler (always off camera) is quick witted with a big mouth and the main reason I enjoy the Bait Bus series. She along with sexy gals Cameron, Ashlyn, and Tiffany easily lure the straight dudes in. I'm sure it's all a set up as the dudes do not seem very angry when the cat is out of the bag. Jamie is good-looking dude as are the straight guys that are picked up. The conversations and off-hand remarks are funny and the action is basic. I recommend for fans of straight guys getting it on with other dudes, cute gals with big tits, and oftentimes-hilarious banter.

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