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Sweet Cheeks #8

Studio: Anabolic » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/29/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Sweet Cheeks 8

Anabolic Digital

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Ivan

Cast: Lexi Love, Mark Ashley, Steve French, Aurora Jolie/Nikara, Brian Surewood, Sascha, Chelsie Rae, Tony T., Rico Strong, Ethan Hunt, Alexis Texas, Paulina James, Brianna Love

Length: 177:05 minutes

Date of Production: 4/9/2007

Extra's: The best extra was the 22 minute long strip tease section that allowed the gals to showcase their skills with Ivan providing a montage for them all. I liked the use of the wet look the most and the emphasis on ass tease was a really nice touch, though I would have liked vocals over the music offered up here. Still, I'd have done any of them and this was as strokable as the movie itself for me. The 8:46 minute long Behind the Scenes was okay but the emphasis was not on nudity or additional sex so much as the wacky antics of Lexi Love (who got most of the footage here, excluding some of the hotties as a result). The pop shot recap, the photogallery, and the cardboard cover were all standard and nothing special for me but the first two extras were appreciated more than a little bit.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Sweet Cheeks 8 was presented in an anamorphic widescreen color with a ratio of 1.78:1 as shot by director Ivan for Anabolic Digital with some help from Tony T. and others. I haven't seen Ivan's work in the past since it was largely for a highly niche oriented company that few care about (present company included) and the first time the name came up was when a couple of his buddies (one of them a pretty well known reviewer) started campaigning to find the guy work. While that usually means my shill alert goes off and the quality of the picture is crap, I was given the head's up that this wasn't the case so I gladly put him to the test. I've watched the series in the past with Sweet Cheeks 7 and Sweet Cheeks 6; finding the technical elements in need of polishing up but otherwise seeming to provide some decent stroke material. This time, Ivan took over the reigns and seemed to provide some pretty solid visuals. The gals were made to look good, the camera angles were not designed to be wildishly out there, and the action was well lit by the director. It was far from as good as some of the top gonzo directors offer at this time but it showed some nice potential and I've seen far worse in the last 25 years of watching porn (so I look forward to seeing if his follow up projects improve, stay the same, or show this one was just a fluke). The audio was in 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps), the music selection providing a version where it wasn't as loud (but it was still present; contrary to the advertised; music off option). The vocals were easy to hear and the dirty talk varied more than I like but this seemed to be a slight step up for the series as well.

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Body of Review: Ivan is the latest director for Anabolic Digital; the company recently publicizing splitting up from sister company Diabolic. Ivan is best known for his work at a small niche company known for shock value over quality productions so I wasn't too excited about checking out his taking over the latest volume of one of their best series with Sweet Cheeks 8; a show I had last seen with Sweet Cheeks 7 and Sweet Cheeks 6. The series is best known for ass tease than actual anal action, though there has often been a lot of both in the show. Such was the case here where Ivan made it his own with the assistance of Tony T. and the usual characters at the company. It was a pretty solid effort in terms of the ladies hired for the show and the men, well...they all had a cock so you can't complain too loudly. Seriously though, there was a lot of heated action here for fans even if the publicized revitalization of the series at the hands of Ivan by some out there proving to be a bit too much hype in promoting their buddy. If you're still interested, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action for those who care, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Lexi Love, a gal that I've grown quite fond of in terms of her performances of late, was up first as she set the mood for the entire DVD as she teased in her skimpy outfit (zebra striped with neon blue highlights). I wasn't initially impressed by the editing as it seemed too jumpy but the sense of Ivan's eye for what works enhanced the look of the montage much like it did the bonus tease extra offered on the DVD. The oiled ass may be a near trademark of William H. but aside from not having enough of it; the living room setting seemed to work for her. After some solo action, she took on both Mark Ashley and hairy Steve French; alternating between their cocks as she proved her oral skills were still highly charged. The men then took turns boning her in numerous positions, with the gal aggressively riding cock in all three holes as the mood presented itself. She did PTM and ATM with gusto and my two surprises of the scene was the lack of DP footage and the amount of pubic hair she was sporting. Otherwise, the ass cheek shots of population pudding seemed almost wasted until she went to licking her fingers clean. It was a solid opening scene that set the stage for the rest of the show; the chemistry levels high and the energy levels even higher.

Scene Two: Aurora Jolie/Nikara, is the light skinned black gal best known for her stance against giving up her pussy in porn; preferring instead to let the usual mope squad members tap her mouth and ass with abandon as the youthful performer carves out a name for herself. Her looks and meaty ass barely held in by red lingerie were appealing and her montage, while not as good as Lexi's, was still worth checking out. Her partners were another weird mix of dynamics in the form of Brian Surewood and Sascha; each contributing something different as they worked her mouth and ass in splendid form. I'm not going to hose you and say this was the best performance by any of the trio but Sascha limited his uglier side and Brian seemed to love her ass more than anyone I've ever watched him work with, the energy levels pretty high in most cases. She did do some limited ATM but it was her oral skills that shined the most here. She seemed enthusiastic and her ass cheeks rippled as well as ever; the relative lack of chemistry between the performers making it a bit different than what I'm used to from her. By the end of the scene, she looked worn and the final facial was plentiful though.

Scene Three: Chelsie Rae, an exceptionally cute blonde that has reminded me of another gal from porn's past (Alexa Rae) in a very good way, was up next as she seemed to stare down the camera while engaged in the tease action. A smile would have made it better for me but the seductive quality of the expression(s) she presented made it clear that she was here to fuck her brains out and drain the men dry of population pudding. Her bra and panties outfit was simplistic and I wished she had been given more to work with but even getting stuck with Tony T., Rico Strong, and Ethan Hunt, did little to lower her physical appeal for me. She was the most passive gal of the movie in many ways but she also took them on in an airtight manner (a cock in her mouth, pussy, and ass at the same time) so it wasn't like she had a lot of maneuvering room to work with either. The scene proved to be another where she did not quite do it for me as a result; making me once again long for her to work with top talent that will bring out the best in her. On a side note, Tony seemed to get the lion's share of her scene and he was proving once again that he could control his abusive side; making him the best of the three males in the scene (he has really made strides in terms of sticking to the dynamic that the gal is the important part of the scene in recent months-good job!). It ended with facials being swallowed (a good idea) and with some work, she could be a lot more appealing in terms of her performances.

Scene Four: Alexis Texas, a gal that I liked in her debut for Frat House Films (released by Shane's World in College Amateur Tour), was a world class cutie as she followed the formulaic tease. I'm not sure why the pink lighting was employed but I do know that any lighting would make her look great and that ass was to die for. The oiling up could have lasted an hour as far as I was concerned and Tony T. was the lucky guy to get to work with her on the white couch. He savored all she offered, kissing her ass as he lightly slapped it, showing that he was into the action more than beating up the lady as other critics would fuss at him about. The gal was sweet in the blowjob action and while she was too new to appreciate the screwing as much as a seasoned veteran, I thought she improved over her earliest performance in some ways too. She did get active as she warmed up and few could argue that she was anything less than an up and comer here. In all, I want to see more of her and maybe she'll look me up when she visits Houston again to personally display how much she has grown since getting into porn. She took the facial with clamped mouth and eyes, looking away until the end but still showing that she has room for improvement; giving me something to look for if nothing else.

Scene Five: Paulina James, a curvy brunette with pretty eyes, showed she knew how to gyrate with the best of them in her pink outfit outside; showing her baby fat to enhance her all natural body nicely. This was another scene where the oiling up could have lasted longer to make me happy but her time in the backyard swimming pool was hot too. Her partners for the scene were Tony T. and Steve French; both of them showing more of the healthy interest they displayed earlier as they worked over her mouth and pussy actively. She did a fine good here and while I was expecting a DP and lots of anal given the title, I can't fault her for sticking with her strengths. It ended with a pop shot to her ass cheeks and another to her mouth, showing her to be able to give a decent performance though far from her best work.

Scene Six: Brianna Love, the hotty on the front cover wearing neon pink undies, was up last and given a number of Anabolic titles saving the best for last, I was hoping she would really clean the pipes of Tony T. as she prepared to rock his world. Regardless of what you might hear, Brianna is one of the ladies in porn to age really well; getting better with experience even as she lost some of the baby face appeal of the newbie she was pushed so heavily as having. During the initial tease, I even got the impression that she was pushing that dynamic well beyond its useful life but her charms worked wonders on Tony as he catered to her like a slavering fanboy by kissing, rubbing on her, and otherwise giving her needs a green light before his own. The oral and anal were the highlights here as her ass cheeks rippled appealingly. In any case, her skills showed she has the ability to project a broad based appeal that I liked as much here as most of her recent scenes; the squeakish vocals she gave showing he was giving her exactly what she needed/wanted. If any of the others were as driven with a need for seed as Brianna, I sure in heck did not see it. The facial finished it up and I was left thinking Ivan might be a force if he polishes up his technical skills a bit.

Summary: Sweet Cheeks 8 by director Ivan for Anabolic Digital proved to have some decent fuck for the buck and earned a rating of Recommended. The extras were pretty good, especially the tease, and the technical values in terms of the anamorphic widescreen and mastering quality made it something to appreciate as a step forward. The ladies all had plenty to appreciate too and for that alone, I thought Sweet Cheeks 8 was as good or better in some ways as Sweet Cheeks 7 and Sweet Cheeks 6.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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