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Naked Muscles - The New Breed

Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/29/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

June 2006

Directed By:

John Rutherford, Kristofer Weston


Carlo Masi, Adam Champ, Tom Chase, Chris Wide, Cody Cooper, Adam Dexter.

The Movie:

Butch muscle-bound dudes get down to sweaty man-on-man fucking in the great outdoors.

The Dudes:

These hot dudes range in age from late twenties to early forties with a nice mix of muscle-bound, muscular, and toned bodies, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and uncut 'n cut cocks.

Scene One:

Adam Champ (handsome with dark hair, heavy beard stubble, and muscle-bound/hairy body) and his pal Chris Wide (good-looking with brown hair and muscular/smooth body) are playing a sweaty game of volleyball in a lush, spacious backyard. The dudes take a quick break and suck each other's tongues, strip down, and then continue with the game. Adam has dark trimmed pubes and an uncut cock and Chris as full brown pubes, hangy nuts, and a fat unclipped tool. Before long, lawn games are forgotten as the guys get down to more deep soul kissing and slow hands roaming all over those hot muscle-stud bodies. Hard bubble butts are squeezed, stiff nipples are sucked, and growing cocks are stroked. Chris takes Adam's dong into his mouth deep throating down to his trimmed bush giving excellent head jacking the foreskin and running his tongue under the overhang.

Adam chows down on Chris's big dick grasping the hard shaft at the root and sliding his wet mouth up 'n down causing Chris to leak plenty of pre-cum. Adam works the slimy goo over Chris's knob and piss slit with his thumb. Hot! Adam climbs on top of Chris sucking his tongue and working his tight shaved bunghole against Chris's rigid member. Adam reaches back playing with Chris's asshole and starts finger fucking him with two digits. He slides his condom-covered tool up Chris's man chute leading Chris to ride that thang slowly humping his hips to scratch that deep need. Adam switches to the missionary position plowing his pal fast 'n hard pulling all the way out and then stabbing back into that gasping hole. Chris shoots a thick load of jizz on Adam's hairy chest. Adam jacks off shooting a thick load on his inside thigh.

Scene Two:

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Adam Dexter (very hot Black dude with short hair, goatee, and muscle-bound/smooth body) and Cody Cooper (good-looking with short salt and pepper hair and toned/hairy body) are outside posing for each other in their tight Speedos. The dudes quickly grow bored of posing and begin the deep tongue sucking leading to some hard nipple sucking. Cody rubs the large tube in Adam's red swimming suit pulling it down to reveal full dark pubes, plump nuts, and a large 'n hard cut cock. Cody sucks that big dick fisting the shaft up 'n down with his tight hand and slobbering all over that tube steak taking it down his gullet. Adam gets down on Cody's stiff clipped prick deep throating all the way down to brown trimmed pubes and licking his plump balls. Cody is much smaller in stature allowing Adam to pick him up as Cody fucks his face.

Cody lays back in the missionary position and Adam munches down on that tight shaved touchhole licking the pucker. Adam fucks his pal in the missionary position (with condom) sliding that big cock deep into that manhole using long slow strokes. He picks up speed and begins to drill that butt hole making Cody loudly moan with pleasure. Cody beats his meat shooting a large thick load of spunk on his hairy stomach. Adam pulls his pud shooting a large thick load on his six-pack abs. Hot dude.

Scene Three:

Carlo Masi (fucking hot dude with dark hair, cool sideburns, goatee, and muscle-bound hairy body with tattoos) washes his Harley Davidson lovingly cleansing the hog with a sopping soapy sponge. Bending over to clean a hard to reach area, Carlo's hot bubble butt crack is exposed by this tight low-riding Levis. Carlo sits on his chopper, pulls out his large uncut cock and begins fisting the foreskin up 'n over his slick cock knob rubbing it on the leather seat. Adam Champ (from Scene One) opens the garage door and sees the activities his buddy is engaging in. Adam immediately pulls his own hard unclipped tool free from the confines of his tight blue jeans and begins to wank. The dudes stand close together stroking their rigid members together, pinching hard man-nipples, and swallowing wet tongues.

Carlo chows down on Adam's stiff dick taking it all the way down his throat sucking the foreskin covered knob, and sliding his tongue under the overhang. Adam gets a good taste of Carlo's big veiny pole jacking the foreskin and deep throating down to Carlo's full black pubes. Carlo sits on the chopper with his hot bubble butt in the air and back arched as Adam munches down on his tight hairy bunghole licking and sucking the pouting pucker. Adam fucks Carlo from behind (with condom) slowly sliding in and out picking up speed to pound his buddy's chute. Carlo digs being porked and demands to be fucked harder while jacking his slick tube steak. Adam lays back on that hog while Carlo wildly rides that cock bouncing up 'n down and grinding his hips for full penetration. Adam beats Carlo off making him shoots a thick load on his hairy chest and stomach. Carlo gives Adam a quick suck while Adam beats off shooting a thick load. Hot dudes!

Scene Four:

Tom Chase (good-looking with brown hair, goatee, and muscular/hairy body) and his pal the ultra hot Carlo Masi (from Scene Three) are in the middle of a red-hot make-out session in their barn. As wet tongues are sucked, the dudes' hands wonder all over those beautiful muscular bodies pinching hard nipples, and rubbing bulging crotches. Tom sucks Carlo's large uncut tool down his throat nursing on the purple knob while beating his own stiff cut member. Desperately needing a taste of cock, Carlo takes Tom's rigid rod into his mouth leading the dudes into a traditional sixty-nine with Tom on top. Carlo rubs Tom's tight hairy touchhole as Tom continues to suckle that foreskin. Carlo lays back and lets Tom fuck his willing mouth with that large clipped dong. Repositioning themselves, Tom munches down on Carlo's snug hairy bunghole getting a full taste of tangy manhole.

Tom fucks Carlo's tight hairy butt hole from behind (with condom) using fast 'n smooth strokes to pleasure his pal. Tom digs the action and loudly grunts and breathes heavily as his ass is pounded. Carlo fucks Tom's snug bunghole doggy style (with condom) slowly working that big dick in 'n out of that tight tunnel of love leading Tom to hunch back for more. To finish up, the dudes get back to some tongue kissing as they beat their meat. Tom shoots a large thick load on his hairy chest and stomach. Carlo tosses off thick jizz on Tom's hairy chest and his own fist. Hot!



'Naked Muscles The New Breed" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by mr. PAM (one of my favorites) is professional providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of nice close-ups. The editing by Max Phillips is cool and keeps each scene moving along at a slower but enjoyable pace. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clean allowing the viewer to hear these muscle-bound hunks as they pleasure each other. The original music by Sergio Montana is soothing and hypnotic adding a dream-like/fantasy touch to the scenes as the dudes do not speak.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a climax reel, a gallery featuring high quality photographs of the dudes by Big Hud and Rocket, and previews for: "Waterbucks 2", "Dual: Taking it Like a Man", "Man Country", "Wide Strokes", and "Muscle Up".

Final Thoughts:

COLT Studios and Directors John Rutherford and Kristofer Weston definitely do not disappoint with "Naked Muscles The New Breed". This is a hot high-quality production with excellent direction, videography, editing, and very cool music. The dudes are clearly into the action and each other and give energetic performances. All the dudes are appealing with my personal favorites being Carlo Masi, Chris Wide, and Adam Dexter. I highly recommend for fans of COLT releases as well as those who may not be familiar with the studio and are looking for a high quality production.

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