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Chanel Illustrated

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/30/07

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Chanel Illustrated

Club Jenna

Genre: Vignette

Director: Jim "Jamie Shamrock" Enright

Cast: Chanel St. James, Mark Davis, Joelean, Reno, Eric Masterson, Selina Draagen, Barry Scott, April Blossom, Steven St. Croix, Faith Leon, Marli Moore

Length: 91:06 minutes

Date of Production: 11/28/2006

Extra's: The best extra was the 9:44 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Dic Tracy. It did not really show sex or nudity but it gave a sense of how much fun the cast had on the set during the shoot. It also helped confirm my assertion that the director was Jim Enright though as the movie's producer, he could have been in the role as well. There was also a true double sided DVD cover, a photogallery, a bit of spam and trailers to movies like Janine Loves Jenna, Jenna Loves Justin, Club Jenna's Casting Couch 1, Sophia Revealed, Altered Minds, Insexts, McKenzie Illustrated, McKenzie Made, Krystal Therapy, Ashton Asylum, Chanel No. 1.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Chanel Illustrated was presented in a non-anamorphic, letterboxed widescreen with an aspect ratio of about 1.85:1 as shot by director James "Jamie Shamrock" Enright for Club Jenna. The recent advent of anamorphically enhanced productions and even the newer high definition releases have put such efforts to shame but it wasn't bad looking; reminding me that Jim has been a director for a long time, often providing quality porn whatever name he was working under. The colors looked accurate, the lighting was a mixture of various techniques that sometimes worked better than others, the level of grain typically minimal, and the composition of the shots better than average for the company; sporting a bitrate of around the upper 6 Mbps much of the time. There were no compression artifacts, no video noise, and while I would've liked more of a straightforward approach to the scenes, the movie wasn't bad looking at all. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English audio track in 192 Kbps was kind of basic but the vocals instilled a sense of heat in several of the scenes and the music, while offensively loud and obnoxious, wasn't the worst I've heard from Walt Jizzney. There also wasn't a lot of separation between the channels and the dynamic range lacked a bit but I didn't get the sense that the audio was blown off here at all, helping to elevate the quality of the production a little bit.

Body of Review: James "Jamie Shamrock" Enright has been one of the men making many of the releases for Club Jenna work as he has taken to assisting on most productions as producer in other production assistant positions. Having watched his work for years, I can tell that he follows the lead that he is directed to on other productions but his own titles seem a bit more straightforward if you know what I mean. His latest is Chanel Illustrated, the sequel to McKenzie Illustrated where he showcases the sexual attributes of contract performer Chanel St. James in a series of work related vignettes. The cover said it like this: "Welcome to the latest edition of the hottest couture and sex lifestyle magazine to ever hit the racks, "Chanel Illustrated". Take a tour deep into sex tips, fashion design, 'accessorizing', fellatio techniques, and learn how to really make love like a porn star. Stunning Club Jenna contract starlet Chanel St James knows just what it takes to get you and your partner off like you've never dreamed and do it in style. Climb into the glamorous and decadent lifestyle you've always dreamed of!" If that sounds good to you, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Letters To The Editor: Chanel St. James, the brunette on the front cover, was up first on a bed typing on her computer. She was wearing skimpy lingerie and talking about her attentive boy toy in the form of aging lothario, Mark Davis, who then proceeded to go down on her to a thumping score. That didn't last long when they reversed roles and she started bobbing her head on his cock, keeping eye contact with him as she worked away on it. That led to a fast edit where she bucked on his rod, moving faster than the camera could easily capture as her pussy took all of him inside of her that it could accommodate. After a few positions, the beet red Mark took forever to launch his load of population pudding as she lied back passively.

Scene Two: Ask For A Big Raise: Joelean, a lean blonde that had all but retired from performing, was back in action as the most qualified secretary in history that was denied a job by boss man Reno. She came back in pink lingerie and was hired on the spot as she climbed into his lap; giving the meat puppet a solid hummer to seal the deal. He gave her some oral too but it was mechanical and too short, preferring to pound away at her instead while the two used the desk for something unrelated to work. Aside from her breasts looking markedly different these days, she appeared to be keeping in shape and the lack of chemistry between them wasn't so bad that I hated the scene (even if I found it one of her weaker efforts to date). The facial went mostly over her head, the gal giving some post coital sucking to finish him off.

Scene Three: Finding the Perfect Man: Chanel St. James, dressed down after a jumpy little montage from the final scene of the movie, was up next in a comic look at finding the so-called "perfect man" in the form of Eric Masterson. While Eric is a decent guy, he is about as perfect as I am, essentially a far cry from the term if you catch my drift. The sex was much like the other scenes in that the oral and vaginal work went in turns. She kept her bra on and provided an okay ride but even the ending titty pop but lower level lighting and wider angles as if to cover up a condom (I didn't see one but Eric has been notorious about using them in recent years). The lack of enthusiasm made it a by the numbers scene but she admittedly looked fit and sexy.

Scene Four: Kink: Porn Store Fun: Selina Draagen, a gal with a lean body and pretty smile, was up next as she came into a porn shop wearing clothing way out of the league of the men she encountered. George Kaplan was the guy at the register and Jim "Jamie Shamrock" Enright was wearing a wig that looked goofy with another mope in the background as Barry Scott became the primary object of her affection. The weird special effect used didn't seem to be there for any reason (distorting their faces) and there was no tease getting in the way of the action but as a guy that likes tease, this seemed to weaken the scene until she lip locked his cock so aggressively. Her all natural body was fit and didn't get much oral from him in the 69 though so she jumped onto his cock and started gyrating and impaling herself shamelessly. The music seemed more fitting here and of all the gals, she seemed most into the sex. It wasn't a great scene and she lacked the star power of Chanel but she nearly killed Barry who was dripping with sweat by the time he gave up his wad to her face.

Scene Five: Love Spells That Actually Work: April Blossom, a brunette with average looks and an appearance of a gal in her early 30's, was up next after getting dumped by another aging meat puppet, Steven St. Croix. His hair dye job looked really bad and why she wouldn't jump for joy over the "loss" of his charms is beyond me but she applied a love potion and he returned with a vengeance. He went down on her longer than any of the men in the movie did for their partners, the bed proving to be a necessary component of their tryst given how active they worked on each other orally. It was a messy hummer and he took time out to do some foot fetish work, the vaginal penetration seeming almost like a let down after the definitely decent oral since she was passive at riding. The majority of the pop shot went to her chest but a bit hit her face too for those who care.

Scene Six: Girl Power: Faith Leon, Marli Moore, and Chanel St. James were up last in a lesbian scene where they were all working out on floor mats (yoga) before realizing that they had a special connection. The pussy eating, the toy use, and the rubbing were all important parts of the scene and it was a playful way to end the action. Faith looked especially good but Chanel was still hot and Marli added something as a blonde. I just wished it lasted longer and wasn't so heavily edited.

Summary: Chanel Illustrated by director James "Jamie Shamrock" Enright for Club Jenna relied too heavily on effects, a thumping score, and rapid editing that I personally am not too keen on. Chanel was attractive as were the other ladies but the sexual antics were so cookie cutter generic that I didn't (or couldn't) find a lot of replay value in them. The way she was so self conscious about her implants (always wearing a bra) detracted from her strengths too but ultimately it was the formulaic approach that lowered the rating to a Rent It status. I know Jim has talent and the cast of ladies was such that in real life, they'd have drained the balls of every last guy in no time if they weren't chemically enhanced, but Chanel Illustrated was best at illustrating the weaknesses of Club Jenna's lesser efforts.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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