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Young & Uncut #16

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/3/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Years of Production:


The Movie:

These young (all age 18+) Eastern European guys are horny and looking for action to satisfy their hard uncut cocks and bungholes.

The Dudes:

All the guys are appealing with a mix of black, dark and light brown hair, tall/slender/smooth and smooth/toned bodies, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and uncut 'n cut cocks.

Scene One:

Hugo (cute with short brown hair, tall/slender/toned/smooth body) and his buddy Tak (cute with short light brown hair and slender/smooth body) enjoy and afternoon out in the woods climbing trees. Before long, the dudes forget all about sitting on branches as they make out with plenty of wet tongues while rubbing each other's bulging Bermuda shorts. Hugo pulls Tak's large uncut tool out jacking the foreskin and sucking the big purple knob. Tak returns the favor taking the head of his pal's stiff clipped cock into his mouth while stroking the shaft. Both dudes could use lessons in giving a descent blowjob. Hugo has some very hot large hangy nuts that swing as Tak suckles that knob. Tak fucks Hugo in the side/missionary position (with condom) using quick smooth strokes. There are no good close-ups of the butt sex. The dudes finish up by beating their meat. Tak lies on the ground while Hugo kneels by his side. Hugo shoots a large thick load of jizz on Tak's stomach as Tak cuts loose with a small load hitting the same spot.

Scene Two:

George (cute with short dark hair and tall/slender/toned/smooth body) and Wade (very cute with short black hair and toned/smooth/slender body) are sitting in some type of office with a large poster of Tweety Bird on the wall. I wonder where Granny and Sylvester are? Perhaps operating the video camera? The dudes sit at the desk and talk...and talk...and talk. Finally, they get down to some heavy kissing with nice tongue and body rubbing while Tweety keeps a watchful eye on 'em. The guys soon undress down to their briefs with George revealing his huge uncut monster and brown pubes as he jacks Wade's hard unclipped dick. Wade grabs that fat fucker cramming as much as he can down his throat while sucking the plump knob and milking the shaft. George sinks to his knees and sucks Wade's flared knob working the shaft with his tight fist.

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George rubs and jacks the rigid members together working the foreskins up and over the dick heads leading Wade to measure the width and length of his pal's fat pork. Wade fucks George's tight hairy bunghole from behind (with condom) using fast smooth strokes as George's tool swings back 'n forth. There are some nice camera shots from below of Wade's tight hairy touchhole and nuts as he plows his pal. He switches up and fucks George in the missionary position continuing to drill that snug chute. George shoots a small load on his stomach while Wade squirts and enormous thick load on George's chest, stomach, and pubes. Hot fucking load with a nice cum-drenched foreskin.

Scene Three:

Sid (cute cover dude) and Booker (cute with short black hair and toned/smooth body and cool tatts) sit on an ugly sofa quietly talking and rubbing each other's thighs. The dudes heat up with some tongue sucking followed by Sid licking Booker's smooth chest and hard nipples. They yank their blue jeans off and continue to taste each other's tonsils while grabbing the fronts of those bulging briefs. Sid strokes Booker's hard uncut prick working the foreskin over the knob as Booker grabs Sid's stiff unclipped dick and copies the his pal's jacking technique. Sid chows down on that rigid meat sliding his wet mouth up and down and working the flared head and licking plump nuts. Sid knows how to give some good head. Not to be shown up, Booker grabs Sid's cock wrapping his hand around the stalk and taking as much as he can down his throat.

The guys end up in a traditional sixty-nine on that ugly ass sofa gorging on each other's hard members. Sid's fuck stick is quite large and Booker obviously digs going down on it. Booker fucks Sid's tight hairy asshole from behind (with condom) using fast 'n lubed strokes filling his pal to the brim. The guys really get into the fucking with some nice camera shots from underneath. Booker switches up and fucks his friend in the side/missionary position while pulling his pork. Booker ends up shooting a small load on Sid's stomach (in medium shot so it's hard to see) and Sid cranks out an equally little nut on Booker's stomach.

Scene Four:

Jesse (cute with short brown hair and tall/slender/smooth/toned body), Matt (cute with short dark hair and smooth/slender body), and Mark (very cute with dark brown hair and toned/smooth body) are outdoors relaxing around a picnic table. Jesse is busy rubbing his pussy....a black and while kitty cat. Meow. Sylvester? The dudes end up playing with the frisky pussens in yard until it takes a hike and they get down to a more enjoyable pastime. Jesse and Mark tease Matt rubbing his chest with a feather and blade of grass. Jesse and Matt make out with wet tongues as Mark kisses and licks Matt's pink nipples. Mark pull's Matt's jeans and briefs down revealing trimmed pubes and a big uncut cock. He takes that thang down his throat working the heavy foreskin up 'n over the moist purple/red knob with deep piss slit making Matt pout with pleasure. Matt sucks Jesse's hard unclipped tool working the stalk and foreskin as Mark continues to chow down on Matt. Matt goes down on Mark's uncut dick fisting the shaft and nursing the knob. Mark and Matt sit back on a bench while Jesse is on his knees frantically sucking cocks and switching back and forth between the two meat sticks.

The dudes stand in a close circle and engage in a friendly cockfight flopping their hard dongs together and against their plump nuts. Hot! Jesse fucks Mark from behind (with condom) using quick 'n smooth strokes as Mark sucks Matt. Mark screws Matt doggy style (with condom) while Matt gives Jesse head. For a third switch up, Matt drills Jesse's tight bunghole from behind (with condom) as Jesse chows down on Mark. The dudes fill the air with heavy breathing and cries of passion. Mark and Jesse shoot wet loads covering Matt's chest and stomach with their nuts. Matt shoots a small thick load mixing his cum with his pal's seeds.



"Young and Uncut #16" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is hit and miss here. Scenes one and two have more basic mediums shots than close-ups while scenes three and four are much improved with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is clear with just a little grain and a few pixel problems from time to time.


The sound is hollow but the viewer can still hear the dudes as they breathe heavily, cry out, and moan with pleasure as they get down.


The dude includes a simple interactive menu with scene selection, a nice photo gallery of action stills from the movie, and trailers for: "Young and Uncut #14", "Bareback Buddies", "Bi Teen Power 2", and "Carnival of Youth".

Final Thoughts:

"Young and Uncut #16" is technical mixed bag. The first two scenes coul be improved with better editing and more close-ups. Scenes three and four are much better with plenty of close-ups and editing that keep 'em moving along at a nice pace. All the dudes are appealing which is a big plus and makes the lousy medium shots in the first two scenes bearable. The guys are into the action and each other as they chow down on those dongs and give energetic performances. I suggest a Rent It for fans of cute Eastern European twinks with big uncut cocks.

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