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Gay Core Vol 1

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 6/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:January 2007

Director:Rush Chambers

Cast:Alexandre, Douglas, Furacao, Jhean, Kevin, Natan

Body Types: Latino and dark skinned guys, uncut and cut penises, body builders


Things to see:rough sex, gagging, forceful blowjobs, spitting, hole stretching and ass play, erotic use of vegetables.

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

With the title "Gay Core," you might think that you will be watching something about the marine core and their pursuit for seamen. To my surprise, "Gay Core" is an extreme sex film with tons of aggressive and forceful sex. While some porn might try to fool you into thinking that a double penetration is "extreme sex", its rare to find porn that features large carrots being used to screw a hole. Even rarer is that same carrot being eaten, without being washed off, and then followed with the carrot pieces being spit out and tossed around like a food throwing contest. After watching this film, I can wholeheartedly say that this is the most extreme porn that I have ever watched (considering my limited experience with this type of porn). Given this statement, I suggest you read on to figure out of this title appeals to you.

Scene one:

Gean Pablo and Douglass make out on the bed. Douglass is older (around 35), very buff, and looks Brazillian. Gean Pablo is younger with spiky hair, has a beard and tan skin. Douglass begins the "rough housing" by pushing Gean Pablo onto his dick. Gean Pablo leaks drool and chokes as he is held down on the cock. The sucking becomes unappealing when he starts to cough a lot, although he keeps coming back for more. The guys then spit on each other's face, followed by licking all over. Douglass also finds some time to orally please Gean Pablo, although the guys return to spitting on each other again.

Next Gean Pablo is bent over so that his ass can get rimmed and probed. Gean Pablo enjoys being probed, especially when Douglass shoves in most of his fingers. Eventually, Gean Pablo straddles Douglass's cock. The guys fuck forcefully, with both of them making lots of noise. Interspersed in the fucking, Douglass sticks his fingers into Gean Pablo's mouth and Gean Pablo's hole is stretched out more with three fingers. The guys screw in several more positions, ultimately ending in two decent cumshots.

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This was a good introduction to some of the extremely rough sex in this film. While Douglass lightly slapped Gean Pablo around, I never thought that he was being abused. People grossed out by spitting, however, may not care for this scene (as well as the rest of the scenes). The guys spit all over each other and then lick it up, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Finally, on a humorous note, Douglass has a profoundly deep voice that sounds similar to Vin Diesel talking. Douglass only knows a couple of words, so he repeats the words "yeah man" throughout the scene. I found his repetitious words to be a little distracting, so I lowered the volume for this scene.

Scene two:

Alexandre is a beefy Latin guy and Natan is a feminine looking Latin guy with blond highlights. Both of these guys are about to experience some pretty rough sex. First, Alexandre forces Natan onto the bed and starts to slap him and hold his hair aggressively. Alexandre then takes off Natan's clothes and uses them to beat Natan on his chest and backside. Alexandre also uses his own clothes to beat Natan as well as lightly suffocate him. After the clothes play, the guys play spitting games. Both guys spit on each other and spread the saliva all around.

After Alexandre spanks Natan, he rims out Natan's hole and forces most of his fingers in. Next, natan gives a wet and slobbery blowjob. However, Alexandre gets aggressive by forcing Natan down on his shaft, and then closes off Natan's nostrils so that he can't breath. Amidst all of the aggressive acts, Alexandre also calls Natan a fag.

Alexandre then flips Natan up in the air and starts forcefully fingering him. Alexandre stretches out his hole like it was made of play dough. Next, Alexandre fucks Natan in several positions. During the screwing, some of the extreme sex includes sucking on the dick after being in the hole and the shoving of a Alexandre's big toe into Natan's hole. Finally, Alexandre gives Natan a cum facial, while Natan cums into his own hand. Alexandre takes the cum and rubs it all over Natan's face.

Whoo! This scene is not for the faint of heart. The sex is rough, dirty and aggressive, and that's only the first five minutes. There is tons of slapping, spitting, gagging, etc. If you are into rough play then this will be one of your favorite scenes. If you are squeamish, then you will probably turn off the DVD at this point.

Scene three:

Douglass returns for this scene to screw Furacao, a young Latin guy. Furacao starts by eagerly sucking on Douglass's cock. Although Douglass holds him down on his cock, Furacao doesn't even flinch, taking all of the manhood into his mouth. The sucking continues with some spit play, rimming, and eventually a 69 position. The 69 position quiets the loud Douglass, who is always saying the word "yeah!." Furacao is eventually finger probed and has his hole stretched, ultimately taking four fingers in his ass. Douglass also shoves in his large toe, making Furacao squeal like a pig. Douglass then fucks the hell out of Furacao, while occasionally lightly slapping Furacao's his face. While Furacao is being screwed, he jacks off a load onto his stomach. Douglass decides to suck on the tip of the spent cock. Finally, Doug shoots his load close to Furacao's mouth, and Furacao tries a "sample."'

This scene was not as rough as the previous scene. While Douglass may be an aggressive top, he found the perfect match with Furacao. As Douglass tries his forceful maneuvers, Furacao continues to moan and enjoy all of the aggressive ass play that he receives. The oral cumshots at the end, made this scene that much sweeter.

Scene four:

The über aggressor, Alexandre, returns to this scene. In a hot tub, he makes out with Kevin, a young and handsome Latin guy. Unfortunately, for Kevin, his ass and mouth are going to be really sore after this scene! First, Alexandre forces Kevin to suck on his cock. Alex then lifts him out of the water and starts to spank him and rim his ass with lots of saliva. Next, Alex whips out a big, fat carrot and starts to shove it up Kevin's ass. At one point, Alexandre pulls out the carrot and makes Kevin suck on the dirty carrot. After the vegetable fucking, Alexandre bites off the lubed up carrot and spits the chewed pieces into Kevin's mouth. The guys spit the carrot pieces back and forth.

Once Kevin is ready for some "real" meat, Alexandre fucks him forcefully. During the screwing, Alexandre shoves his fingers into Kevin's mouth, as well as trying to close his nostrils. After the "real" fucking, Alexandre shoves in another "meat" replacement; a banana. Kevin gets fucked by the banana until the guys share the eating of the banana. Finally, Kevin cums on his chest, while being screwed by Alexandre. Being the bad boy that he is, Alexandre pulls out and shoots his load onto Kevin's face and into his mouth. This turns on Kevin so much that he shoots another load, which Alexandre then licks up.

The film ends with this rough bathtub scene. After watching this scene, the only thing that I can think of is that I would never want to eat a carrot that was stuck in my ass! This scene is not for the faint of heart, especially those who might be grossed out by things like sharing of spit, vegetable play, or choking. While the oral cumshots are nice, this scene still left me feeling like I had just witnessed abuse on the street.

The DVD:


Video quality ranged from good to average. All of the scenes were shot indoors, so the colors weren't vibrant. However, I didn't detect things like digital artifacts.


This DVD features standard 2.0 stereo sound. The action could be easily heard. There is no music soundtrack, which would undoubtedly lessen the effect of the extreme sex.


No special features, just scene selection

Final thoughts:

Gay Core will excite some people but flat out disgust others. For those of you wanting to watch something "different" then this will be a good choice for you. Therefore, this title comes with a recommended rating. However, if you think that anything in this porn might not be your cup of porn tea, then I advise you to skip it, because the sex in this film is pretty crazy!

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