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My First Time

Studio: VCA » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 6/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:February 2007

Director:Jim Steel

Cast:Tristian Mathew, Kyle Aames, Tyler Mason, Scott Wilde, John Wright, Brant Moore, Johnny Donovan

Body Types: Young guys, guys in their 30's, smooth chests, tattoos, body piercings


Things to see:facials, acrobatic sex

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

Do you remember your first time? Perhaps you were in your teens, or maybe you paid someone when you turned 42. Regardless, your "first time" is something that will forever be ingrained into your memories, whether good or bad. It is the concept of the "first time" that gets idolized by society because we are sentimental about those things in our lives that signaled a step towards becoming someone new. I will acknowledge that seeing a guy lose his virginity on camera would be a strange/fascinating experience, if it were real. Alas, it is impossible to prove that a guy is losing his virginity on film because we weren't with him for the thousand of hours before the shoot.

When watching the film, "My First Time," I was left with the impression that these guys weren't experiencing their first time, but their 200th time. All of the actors seem experienced and knew exactly what to do. In many ways, it makes sense to not show someone's first time on camera because the camera would undoubtedly catch the insecurities, the nervousness and the flat out inexperience of one's first time. Despite these qualms about the film's inaccuracy, its fun to fantasize about these studs losing their virginity, especially for our perverted enjoyment.

Scene one:

Two young lads make out on a red leather bed. Kyle is a very attractive blond with some tattoos, and Tyler is a young brunette. After some exploratory kissing, Tyler sucks on Kyle's pretty cock. During the sucking, Kyle teases Tyler by not shoving the cock into his mouth and practically making him beg for it. Next, Kyle penetrates Tyler's hole and screws him doggy style. Tyler moans and smiles, really enjoying the fucking. After the screwing, Tyler sucks on Kyle's eager member. Finally, Kyle shoots his load onto his own chest, followed by Tyler shooting a load onto his own chest.

This was a good scene. The actors were cute, and the sex was mostly gentle, with the right amount of aggressiveness thrown in. The scene was also well lit, but it was hindered by some annoying, jerky camera angles (this isn't MTV, people!).

Scene two:

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John is a yummy stud with a military haircut and a sexy hairy chest. He is paired with Scott, a slightly older guy who looks Italian. Both guys take a shower together, but quickly find that they can't keep their hands and tongues off of each other. Scott stretches out his legs so that John can rim his hole. Next, John sucks on Scott's long and dark meat. Eventually, Scott lies down and asks John to shoot his load all over him. As he waits for John to finish, he easily releases his load onto his chest. Finally, John delivers his juicy load onto Scott's chest.

This was another good scene. I'm not convinced that John was excited to have sex with Scott, but the oral sex was still good. I especially liked Scott requesting for John to shoot his load all over him.

Scene three:

Tristan (the cover boy) stars in this scene. He has a trimmed beard, dark hair and lots of tattoos. His fuck buddy is Brant, a tall and slender brunette. Tristan starts off the scene by sucking on his friend's long dick. Tristan licks all around, not neglecting the guy's balls. Next, Brant rims out Tristan's ass, giving him an aggressive rimming with a little ass slapping tossed in. Brant also spits and digs his tongue deep into the guy's hole. At one point, Brant looks like he is going to shove in his dick, but then the film goes back to more rimming (I think that this was an editing error!). Brant then fucks Tristan doggie style, while occasionally grabbing Tristan's hair. Tristan doesn't seem to mind, however, because he is hard throughout this scene. Next, Tristan straddles Brant's cock and rides it like it's a horse. While Tristan is being screwed, he jacks off his load onto Brant's chest. Finally, Brant stands over Tristan's face to release his load. Brant gives him a nice and wet facial, shooting all over Tristan pretty face. Brant licks a little bit of the cum off.

This was another good scene. The sex was slightly more aggressive, which contrasts well to the other scenes. However, the best part of this scene was the explosive facial that Tristan receives. He smiles after getting hosed, knowing that his face looked like a glazed doughnut.

Scene four:

John Wright returns for this scene. He gets to have sex with the attractive Johnny; a sexy, hairy guy in his thirties with some tattoos. The guys lie in bed and kiss all over before the heavy action starts. Johnny then sits on John's chest, waiting for a blowjob. John eagerly sucks on Johnny's veined penis and perky balls. Next, Johnny has his hairless hole rimmed and tongue probed. After that, John gets his cock sucked on, and occasionally asks, "do you like how my dick tastes?"

After the naughty foreplay, it's time for some screwing. John is the first to be screwed. He holds onto the bed frame as Johnny screws him from behind. After that, John gets to screw Johnny, only this time, the guys use an acrobatic position; Johnny props his legs up into the air and John pile drives his cock down into him. While getting screwed, Johnny shoots his load onto his own face. Finally, John shoots his load onto the guy's ass cheeks.

The final scene had the most acrobatic sex in this film. While John was my personal favorite for this scene, both actors worked well together, especially since both actors were so versatile. On a final note, it was fun to watch Johnny screwing from behind because you get a full view of his interesting spinal back tattoo. The tattoo runs along his spine and it reminded me of Tricia Helfer's glowing red spine on Battlestar Galactica.

The DVD:


This title was shot in widescreen format. The DVD looks flashy and stylish, thanks to the widescreen. The director used several camera techniques throughout the film. Unfortunately, I found some of the slow motion and jerky camera angles to be annoying. There were a few moments where the "stylish" shooting made for an obnoxious viewing experience. Finally, it should be noted that the colors are beautiful on this DVD, showing off the range of body parts in this film.


This DVD features 2.0 stereo sound. The sound was good and all of the actors could be heard. Music is minimal and only kicks in at the beginning and end of each scene.


There is a feature called "star index." This feature allows you to select one of the DVD's four scenes, and then choose a part of the scene, including the intro, the blowjob, the climax, etc. This was a nice feature, although it's too bad that this wasn't offered in the chapter selection instead. There is also an animated slideshow with scenes from the movie, set to music. Finally there are three vintage Joe Cage trailers from the 70's/80's, and one modern adult trailer.

Final thoughts:

My First Time is a good film. The actors are cute and the sex is very nice. Some of scenes feature annoying camera techniques that are more appropriate for music videos. Also, the film lacks any storyline. However, the film still has enough quality sex and hunky men (three woofs for John!) to qualify as a recommended title.

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