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Boys of Prague

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 6/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:November 2004

Director:Roman Pornanski

Cast:Vladamir, Vladan, Martin, Ondrej, Filip, Petr, Lukas, Radek, Pavel, Ricky, Milo, Mathew, John, Bruno, Jake, Victor, Peter

Body Types: uncut penises, average looks, unshaved bodies


Things to see:oral cumshots, a threesome, a magic "trick"

Plot:These Czech boys are hungry for some polish "sausage."

The Movie:

When you watch a foreign film, you are exposed to different images and messages than what you can find in American cinema. Some foreign films are thought to be much slower than most of our films here, as well as more thought provoking. When you watch a foreign porno film, can you expect to have a dramatically different experience than watching an American porno film? Surprisingly, porn seems to be a universal format that everyone understands, and emulates; normally starting with blowjobs and ending in a cum shot. While, this film does follow the "standard porno format," there are a few quirky cultural differences that may intrigue viewers. First, I noticed that there was much more dildo play in this title than most American titles. The guys in this film start using dildos before they go into blowjobs! Secondly, the guys don't shave at all. Their holes are so hairy that the forest service might declare their butts to be a protected nature preserve. Finally, the word "quirky" comes to mind because there is one scene with a bizarre magic show. I don't think that American porn would feature such a scene, mostly because a magic show would be viewed as strange and unexpected for porn.

While there may be some cultural differences in how the porn is portrayed on the screen, the sex is pretty much universal. The actors are generally enthusiastic and able to stay hard. Also, the guys are all pretty cute and range from redheads to blonds, all with twink bodies. However, the film does have some annoyances that may distract from your enjoyment. First and foremost, the transfer is too dark! The images are shot indoors with minimal lighting, making it difficult to see all of the action. Unfortunately, pairing guys with bushy pubes and dark lighting, the sex close-ups become difficult to see. At one point, a guy's pubic region looked more like a dark and mysterious mass than a penis and balls. Also, the dialogue is spoken in their native language without the use of subtitles. This is a minor qualm, but I would have loved to know what the guys were saying at some points.

Now, let's see if these cultural and technical distractions make for sexy porn or not.

Scene one:

A curly haired redhead takes his dog out for a walk. Unbeknownst to him, a naked lad is standing on his upstairs balcony, trying to get the guy to notice him. The naked guy eventually whistles at him and motions for him to come up. The redhead can't resist a naked invitation so he walks up with his dog. Perhaps wanting to build some anticipation, the sexy brunette puts on some jeans and welcomes the redhead into his kitchen. Quickly, the guys start to make out, leading into the redhead giving the guy some oral pleasures. Next, the redhead shoves a thin dildo into his ass. After the self-induced butt play, the brunette gives the redhead a blowjob and licks his hairy hole. This leads into finger probing and some more dildo play. The guys conclude their foreplay with a 69 position.

The redhead is then screwed from behind, followed by straddling the brunette's cock on the couch. As he rides away, he strokes on his cock. Eventually the brunette jacks off close to the redhead's face and gives him a wet load on his neck, face, and chest. The redhead also shoots on his own chest.

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This scene was OK. It would have been better if you could actually see all of the action. The scene was so darkly lit that it made it quite difficult to see everything. Regardless, both actors were cute.

Scene two:

Two dark brunettes make out in their cramped kitchen. One guy has shorter hair, while the other has curly hair. One guy strips off his clothes, giving his friend a sexy show. When he is naked, he then shoves a dildo up his ass (where are these guys hiding the dildos at?). The curly haired guy then blows his friend, followed by rimming, finger probing, more dildo play, and a 69 position. The curly haired lad then screws his moaning friend in a doggie style position, on their sides and concluding with the guy's legs up in the air. At the end, the "bottom" jacks off, followed by the curly guy giving his friend a side facial.

This scene had some problems. First it was so dark that it was difficult to see all of the action. The lack of light made it difficult to see the curly haired guy's package. Of course, he had a really dark and thick pubic hair, so it would have been difficult to see his cock anyway. Finally, the guy getting screwed wasn't always hard during some of the positions.

Scene three:

A dark brunette stud greets the redhead from scene one. At the redhead's house, the guys stimulate each other's crotches with their feet. The foot action makes the brunette hard so the redhead gives his cock a sucking. The redhead then strokes his own cock and fingers his hole in front of the brunette, followed by some dildo play. The redhead then sucks some more on the brunette's yummy cock. The brunette also gives the redhead a blowjob.

The brunette then pushes the redhead's legs up in the air so that he can lick his hairy hole. After this, the brunette receives a rim job, with the redhead having to traverse through the forest of ass hairs. The guys finger probe more and have some more dildo play. Finally, the brunette screws the redhead in various positions. The redhead seems to enjoy himself immensely. At the end, the redhead jacks off on his chest, and the brunette shoots a load onto the redhead's tongue and open mouth. The redhead eagerly sucks the cum down.

Here was another scene that was darkly lit. Also, there was one moment where the sound was scratchy, as if it was being played from an LP. Fortunately, the rest of the scene was good. The sex was pretty hot and the brunette was very handsome, with some classic boyish good looks. In addition, the oral cum shot at the end was also very nice.

Scene four:

A cute blond guy conducts a magic show (perhaps he will magically find a better lighting man!). He wears a cape, but is shirtless. He magically pulls out an adorable orange kitten out of a hat. Fortunately, that's the only "pussy" in the movie. His next magic trick results in creating a sexy hunk on the table (I wish I had that power!) His final trick is to make the guy's clothes disappear. Fortunately, the naked brunette that he has conjured up on the stage is attractive, with a nice body.

The blond plays with the guy's penis and then removes his cape. The blond gives him a strip tease and then starts to finger his own hole. He then pulls out a red dildo and shoves it in. After the probing, he gives the brunette a sucking. Next, the Blond lies on table and has his ass rimmed, finger probed, and screwed by a dildo. The blond also rims out the brunette. The guys then form a 69 position. The brunette then screws the blond lad. After a few position changes, they swap and the blond gets to screw the brunette. Finally, the blond releases a small load on his chest, and the brunette gives him a facial (or in his case, a cum goatee).

This scene was strange at first and "different." However, once the blond conjured up the naked guy, I could see the potential for hot sex. Both of the actors were very cute and worked well together. I actually thought that the blond closely resembled the actor James Van Der Beek!

Scene five:

Three guys head over to an apartment. All three guys are brunettes, with varying degrees of muscles and body hair. One guy undresses and fingers his hole for the others to watch. The onlookers give him a red dildo for to play with. Next, one guy's pants are pulled down while the other lads suck on his cock. This action continues when the guys alternate between stroking their penises together and sucking each other.

When the guys get down to fucking, they chose the skinniest twink to be their fuck toy. The bottom is screwed from behind while he sucks on one of the guys (hot!). Each of the guys take turns screwing his hole. In a nice change of standard fucking positions, two guys form a 69, while the other guy screws the guy on top. The guys then form a "chain rim off." Next, one guy supervises as the other lads screw each other through a double sided dildo. Finally, the film's cover boy cums into the bottom's mouth, making him drip semen down his chin, followed by the other guy giving him a facial. The bottom shoots his load onto his stomach.

This was a nice way to end the movie. The guys were handsome and had enough differences in body features to make it work (one was tall, one was small, and the other was just right!). The sex was also very nice, including some interesting positions.

The DVD:


Most of the scenes were clear and sharp. However, this film suffers from some serious transfer inconsistencies. Some scenes have lots of color, while others are muted and dull. The most pressing problem is how dark some of the scenes are. Whether the scene takes place indoors or outdoors, the light levels aren't intense enough to see all of the action. You won't notice this during most of the action, since the problem comes into play when you want to see the close-up of someone's penis or their hole. Finally, there are a few moments where errors with the video source can be seen. These instances are rare, however.


Most of the scenes had some background noise, sounding as if a nearby heater was turned on. However, all of the action can be heard clearly.


Disc one includes a photo gallery from the movie. All of the models are well lit in the pictures (too bad it wasn't the same in the film). There is also a "pop shots" collection from the movie, which takes you to all of the film's cum shots. There is also a commercial for a gay adult phone line, and trailers for four titles.

This DVD also includes a bonus disc. When you put in the disc, you will notice that it looks like you are about to watch another film. I'm not sure if these scenes were shot for the movie or for another film. However, you have the option to watch all of these four (full) sex scenes. The scenes aren't as good as those in the film, but they are still nice to have. This DVD also features the "pop shots" option and the same adult phone line commercial.

Final thoughts:

This film is a borderline recommended/rent title. Some of the action is only OK, while other scenes are very hot. The transfer may be clean, but all of the scenes suffer from low light levels. However, in the end, the film is still very hot and it has several extra scenes thrown on the additional DVD. Therefore, I will give this title the recommended status, with a warning about the unspectacular transfer.

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