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Mister Fister

Studio: Hot House » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 6/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Date of Production:September 2006

Director: Michael Clift

Cast: Kent North, Matthieu Paris, Drew Peters, Jessie Balboa, Adam Faust, Josh Edwards, Manuel Torres, Bo Matthews, Riley Scott.

Body Types: hairy men, daddy types, muscular men, tattooed men


Things to see:fisting, heavy ass play, dildo and toy play, fisting, pissing, spitting

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

There is something about a fisting movie that reminds me of the recent "torture horror film" movement, seen in films such as Saw, Hostel, etc. In these horror films, the heroin (or their friends) must endure horrific torture on film, in an attempt to capture the audience's sense of terror. Similarly, the actors in adult fisting films must endure great pain for our viewing pleasure. For example, the actors are poked and prodded with unnaturally large items that wouldn't even fit into peoples' mouths, while gelatinous and slimy ooze drip from their orifices as they are screwed. In both genres of film, one could argue that both images are gory and gratuitous, however the fisting DVD does it for the sake of eroticism vs. an attempt to establish fear.

Unfortunately, this fisting DVD left me not feeling much of a sense of eroticism. There may be some shots of oral sex, a sprinkling of anal sex, and cumshots, but the whole film still wasn't very hot. I may not understand the sheer raw excitement that these actors may experience as they have another man's hand inside of them. However, I think that the film could have done more to include what pornos are all about... sex. Most of the scenes feature heavy dildo play followed by the eventual black rubber gloved fisting. Other than this ass play, there is little reason to watch this film again and again, as you giggle with friends about how far an actors anus has been stretched.

Scene one:

Matthiew sits in a black leather chair and starts to play with his hole. He brings out a giant bottle of lube, to get his hole ready. He easily glides three fingers into his hole. He then whips out a gigantic black dildo that looks like a torture device. He fucks himself, shoving the dildo deep into his ass, only to occasionally pull out, revealing a very red internal shot, oozing out lube and other juices. Amazingly, he sticks that entire (12 inch) dildo, all the way in and he almost looks like he could lose it in there.

He is then joined by Kent. As he stands up to kiss him he still has the dildo inside of him! Kent pulls the dildo out and gently glides it in again. Kent then whips out a chocolate colored dildo and starts to tease Matthiew's hole with it. He twists it and turns it, while juices drip down onto the ground. Kent ultimately shoves that incredibly thick dildo all the way in (at this point, you can see how large the hole has been stretched out). Next, Kent licks and spits into the guy's hole, followed by taking out some dark latex gloves for the fisting. Kent lubes up his hands and shoves in several fingers. He eventually glides in his hand all the way down to the wrist, making Matthiew moan. Kent alternates between shoving in each of his hands. At one point, he goes so deep that I thought he was going to lose his whole arm in there! He continues to slowly clean out Matthiew's insides with his hand.

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While Kent fists away, Matthiew sucks on Kent's hard cock. Next, Matthiew fists Kent, shoving in his wet black gloved hands. He shoves in his arm, up to the wrist and then alternates between each hand. At one point, Matthiew squeezes in so much lube that it looked like he was trying to drown Kent's hole. Next, The two guys lie on ground and fist each. While Kent is fisted, he jacks off his load onto his chest. Matthiew doesn't cum.

There was probably two minutes of sex, and 15 minutes of ass hole expanding, fisting, and lube dripping. I was barely turned on, and I doubt that you will be either.

Scene two:

Riley, A young blond lad is bent over, and some serious lube is spread into his hole. His pal Bo finger fucks him, while he lubes up his own hole. The guys then lube up a double-sided dildo. Bo shoves the dildo into Riley, probing him deep and fucking him hard. Next, Bo lies on the table and has his hole plunged with the dildo. Then, the two guys screw the dildo together, their asses writhing close to each other.

While the double-sided fun occurs, the red-haired Adam comes into the room. He grabs hold of the dildo and shoves it back and forth between the two guy's holes. He also shoves his cock into Bo's mouth while the dildo action continues. At this moment, Drew comes into the room to watch and participate. Drew is bent over, and sucks on the same gigantic chocolate penis from scene two. The dildo is then thoroughly lubed up and shoved in his hole. Drew takes most of the big dick. Occasionally, his anus opens up, revealing his red innards. Next, Drew takes a gigantic red dildo in his ass. Meanwhile, Bo and Riley break apart and play with their own dildo. They occasionally play with each other including blowjobs and finger fucking. Next, Drew, Bo and Riley sit on various large dildos while Adam supervises and "helps out." Adam then puts on his gloves to work some more on Drew's hole. Adam easily glides in his whole hand! He alternates his hands, making Drew's anus open up in ways I never thought possible. Finally, Drew jacks off a load while Adam's hand is inside of him. The other three guys cum on Drew's chest.

This scene had much more of the (IMO) gross innards shot, where the guy's anus retracts and shows you all of the red tissue inside. I found this to be less appealing than watching a baby crowning during birth. Yet again, there is little to no sex, just tons of gooey butt play.

Scene three:

The chocolate dildo returns again! Jessie sucks on it, then greases it up, and shoves it in his hole. While he plays with his hole, Manuel joins him. Jessie sucks on Manuel's dark meat, while the Manuel talks dirty to him. Manuel then shoves in a string of extremely large anal beads, while occasionally spitting into Jessie's hole. Manuel stretches out Jessie's hole, and then fucks him from behind.

Next, Manuel puts on his latex gloves. He shoves in his fists, losing his hand into Jessie's anal cavity. Jessie grunts and eagerly fucks the hand. Jessie then leans down so that Manuel can fuck him from below. While the hand is inside, Jessie strokes on his penis, while Manuel releases a nice and creamy load. Jessie then shoots out a nice load as well.

This scene could be described as being a little more "gentle." You don't see much of the innards shots and this scene actually has a small amount of anal sex. However, the one-minute of anal sex will only get you so far.

Scene four:

Josh starts to heavily finger his hole. He lubes up a fat butt plug and shoves it in and out of his hole. He then strokes on his pierced dick. Matthieu joins him and decides to offer his assistance. Matthieu slaps the butt plug, pulls it out, and shoves it back in. He also makes Josh suck on his cock. Josh then lubes up a gigantic red ribbed dildo and shoves into Matthieu. This is one of those dildos where you say; "I can't believe he shoved that up that far!" Josh fucks Matthieu deep and quickly. Matthieu then straddles it while Josh sucks on his cock and strokes it.

Next, Josh takes a large black dildo and lubes it up. He shoves it into his own hole. Matthieu then gets up to help fuck Josh's hole. While being probed, Josh sucks on Matthieu's dick. Josh then puts on black latex gloves and starts the gooey rimming process. He fucks Matthieu way past his wrist and alternates arms. While being fisted, Matthieu pisses all over Josh's shoulder. After his fisting, Matthieu shoves in his lubed hands into Josh's hole. His technique is to twist his hands back and forth, while in the hole. Josh then stands up as Matthieu fists from below. From this angle, you can see all of the sticky juices dripping down to the floor. Finally, both guys masturbate as they have one hand in each other. Matthieu shoots an impressive load onto Josh.

Yet again, there was barely any sex and was mostly fisting. I guess it should come as no surprise, given the title. On a final note, I wanted to mention one "interesting" moment during the scene. In this icky moment, Matthieu raises his body up from the floor to shove his fist into Josh's hole. As he does this, his shirtless chest sticks to the floor, thanks to all of the gooey and sticky lube and ass juices. If you didn't mind the slime in the movie Aliens, then you will probably be able to handle all of the ooze. Otherwise, this may not be to your liking.

The DVD:


The transfer is clear, vibrant, colorful, and bright. All of the scenes take place indoors so light isn't a problem.


The DVD features 2.0 stereo sound. The dialogue can be easily heard, as well as the pulsating music.


The DVD features animated menus, as well as animated chapter selection. Additionally, there is an animated photo gallery and 5 trailers for other Club Inferno titles.

Final thoughts:

Mister Fister is a film that will only appeal to a select audience. Given the nature of the film, people seeking out this type of movie will know exactly what they are going to see. However, for a newcomer, I found the lack of sex to be disappointing. Why couldn't the filmmakers have made a masterful fisting epic with sex and fisting, as opposed to one or the other? Alas, Mr. Fister simply isn't very exciting. Many people will not even go near this title because of the gross factor. However, I will argue that fisting fans should only rent this title to see if it is worth owning. For all others, stay away unless you like the sight of lube dripping copiously from holes.

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