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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/6/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

January 2007

Directed By:

Steven Scarborough


Alex Collack, Francesco D'Macho, Vinnie D'Angelo, Kent North, Tony Mercelli, C.J. Knight, Jason Ridge, Matt Cole, Steve Cruz, Nickolay Petrov, Marko Hansome, Max Schutler, and Josh Weston.

The Movie:

A secret society of horny leather fetishists worship at the alter of muscular male flesh.

The Dudes:

The dudes are sexy butch types with an age range of mid twenties to forties with short dark hair, muscular and muscle-bound bodies, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, tattoos, and hard uncut 'n cut cocks.

Scene One:

Marko Hansome (good-looking with short black hair, cool long sideburns, and muscular/smooth body) and Nickolay Petrov (handsome with short black hair and muscular/smooth body) stand at attention dressed in their leather gear of black jockstraps, boots, harnesses, and armbands. Kneeling before them are Max Schutler (cute with short dark hair and muscular/smooth body) and C.J. Knight (good-looking with short brown hair, facial stubble, and smooth/muscular body) both wearing black jockstraps and black leather boots. Max laps at Marko's bulge with his busy tongue as C.J. licks the pouch of Nickolay's jock. The dudes rub their hands over those beautiful muscular bodies. Max's tight shaved bunghole is exposed as he kneels tasting that leather.

Nickolay opens the cup on his jock revealing his hard uncut cock leading Marko to copycat exposing his rigid clipped tool. The dudes chow down on those stiff dongs jacking the shafts and slobbering up and down filling their throats with tasty meat poles both giving excellent blowjobs. C.J. pulls his hard clipped prick from his jock as Max yanks his unclipped member from the tight confines of his strap. C.J. bends over exposing his tight shaved asshole as Max munches down licking that pucker making a full meal. Nickolay gets in on the action feeling C.J.'s hot bum and begins to rub it with the head of his condom-clad dick. He slowly slides his hard tool in and out of C.J. chute using smooth/long strokes as Max gets down and sucks C.J.'s meat. C.J. has very hot 'n hard eraser tip nipples that he pulls and pinches while being cornholed from behind

Marko fucks C.J. in the missionary position (with condom) pounding that hole fast 'n hard while C.J. beats his dong and loudly moans. Nickolay fucks Max from behind (with condom) drilling that tight manhole fast and hard as Max sucks C.J.'s hard nipples and kisses him with full wet tongue. There's a nice camera shot of Nickolay's tight lightly hairy butt hole as he fucks Max. There are all sorts of butt sex switch ups as the dudes play wild games of sink/bounce riding those had members like their lives depend on it. Max beats off while riding a stiff pole and shoots a thick load of spooge on his fist. Hot cum-filled foreskin is fisted leading Max to taste his own nut. C.J. cuts loose with a thick load on a black leather bench, scoops up his seed and eats it. Marko shoots a thick load of love juice on Max's chest and Nickolay shoots a large thick load of man juice on C.J.'s chest. Hot loads by all dudes!

Scene Two:

Jason Ridge (fucking hot dude with buzzed dark hair, facial stubble, and muscular/smooth body) is wearing his black leather jock strap, harness, armbands, boots, and cap ready of action. Francesco D'Macho (handsome with short brown hair, sideburns, cool tattoos, and muscle-bound/lightly hairy body) is wearing his trusty black leather jock strap, boots, and vest. The dudes stand watching each other pinching their hard nipples and rubbing their bulging baskets. Jason turns around spreading his butt cheeks to expose his tight shaved touchhole, leading Francesco to show off his tight shaved bunghole spreading his bubble butt cheeks and playing with his pucker. Both dudes are fucking hot! Francesco pulls his jock down revealing his large unclipped cock spitting on it, working the heavy foreskin, and making it bounce with his groin muscles. Jason releases his long hard cut prick leading the dudes to jack their members.

Jason sinks to his knees and devours Francesco's dick deep throat taking it all the way down to those dark trimmed pubes giving excellent oral pleasure. Francesco digs having his dong sucks and fucks the hell out of Jason's willing mouth. Francesco gets down on his haunches taking Jason's dork into his mouth as Jason fucks his face making him take it deep throat whether he wants to or not. Jason bends over as Francesco munches down on his tight shaved starfish spitting on it, tonguing, and making Jason loudly grunt. After some hot deep tongue kissing, Francesco greases up a large black dildo and slowly works it up Jason's chute. "Want more?" "Yeah!" That's all the encouragement Francesco needs as he crams that rubber cock in and out of Jason's bung giving him a good ol' fuckin'!

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Francesco enters Jason's ass from behind (with condom) and plows that hole with sheer lust making Jason grunt and groan as he digs having his chute filled with big uncut pork. Francesco switches to the missionary position continuing his butt drill much to Jason's delight. The dudes are definitely into each other and the action. Jason porks Francesco in the missionary position (with condom) using the same fast/hard pounding that was used on him. Francesco moans, grunts, and growls. Fucking hot! The dudes kneel beating their meat next to that black dildo. Jason shoots a thick load on the dildo as cum drips down the shaft of the rubber lover and then sinks back down on in. Francesco shoots a thick load of jizz on Jason's face while fisting his cum-drenched foreskin. Francesco ends up licking his spunk off of Jason's face. Very hot!

Scene Three:

Steve Cruz (good-looking with short dark hair, goatee, and muscular body) sits on a leather swing suspended from the ceiling by a metal chain rocking back and forth like a happy bouncy baby. Suddenly, very butch/strict Vinnie D'Angelo (hot with short black hair, goatee, and muscular/hairy body) barges in dressed in a jockstrap that contains a metal codpiece, a chain harness, black leather boots and cap wielding a riding crop. Vinnie cracks that crop while pushing Matt Cole (very handsome with dark hair, cool long sideburns, beard stubble, and muscular/smooth body) around verbally intimidating him. The rough talk must turn Matt on, as his cut cock is hard as a rock and sticking straight up. Vinnie rubs the leather end of the riding crop against Steve's hairy chest, hard cut cock, and hairy asshole. Vinnie orders Matt to his knees to munch on Steve's bunghole tonguing the pulsing pucker as Vinnie teases Matt's hard member with that crop.

Matt slides his condom-clad dong up Steve's hole from behind pushing the swing Steve is in to slide in and out of that man-cunt. Vinnie pinches the hell out of Steve's hard nipples as Matt continues to fuck that bum. Steve digs being drilled and demands to be fucked harder. Vinnie fucks Steve from behind with his hard cut prick (with condom) leading to some of the hardest and intense butt sex I've ever seen. I'm talking fast/hard pounding without mercy. Steve chows down on Vinnie's tool swallowing it down his gullet and giving excellent head. Steve has no trouble deep throating Vinnie down to his dark pubes. The dudes engage in some very hot wet tongue sucking. Matt bends over and lets Vinnie fuck him from behind (with condom) drilling that hole like he will never be able to fuck again. Matt shoots a thick load on Vinnie's boot and floor licking his nut from the boot. Vinnie shoots a thick load on the floor while Steve cuts loose with a thick load of cock snot on Vinnie's other boot licking up his own cum.

Scene Four:

Tony Mercelli (hot with short black hair and muscular/smooth body) stands wearing a black leather jock, boots, and chain harness. His buddy Francesco (from scene two) is in black leather jock, boots, and harness. The dudes stand facing each other feeling those hot muscular bodies leading to some wet tongue kissing and nipple pinching. Francesco rubs his handsome face against Tony's jock releasing his large 'n hard cut cock jacking the veiny shaft and sliding it down his throat. Francesco gives excellent head as Tony fucks his face fast 'n hard as spit runs down Francesco's face. The dudes are obviously very into each other and the hot action. Francesco strokes his hard uncut dick working the foreskin up and over his moist purple knob. Tony gets down on Francesco's stiff dong sliding his wet gob up 'n down leading to Francesco to fuck his pal's face.

Tony pushes Francesco down on a large circular padded stool forcing him lay on his back. Tony crams his cock down Francesco's gullet making him choke a number of times as spit continues to cover his face. He lifts Francesco's legs and fucks him in the missionary position (with condom) using long smooth strokes leading to some very intense pounding making Francesco shout, "Fuck me! Fuck my hole!" Francesco pulls his pud shooting a large amount of man-dressing on his stomach. He has some very hot cum-filled foreskin. Tony dumps a large thick load on Francesco's face and neck. Hot!

Scene Five:

Josh Weston (handsome with short dark hair and muscular/smooth body), Alex Collack (handsome with short brown hair, goatee, and muscular/smooth body), and Kent North (good-looking with a brown hair in a buzz cut and muscular/smooth body) have their hands chained to the ceiling in a mysterious room. Some dude wearing a long hooded robe slowly walks past each "prisoner" clutching a large stick of incense followed by leather-clad Vinnie D'Angelo (from scene three). Vinnie unchains Josh and Kent forcing them to kneel before Alex. The dudes are decked out in black leather jocks and boots with their hands behind their backs. Alex releases his rigid uncut cock from his metal codpiece leading Josh to cram it down his gullet sliding his mouth up 'n down and working the foreskin. Kent takes that unclipped hog deep throat as the dudes share sucking and slobbering.

Kent rubs Josh's tight shaved butt hole spitting on the pucker and munching down licking that starfish with his wet tongue as Alex fucks Josh's face. Josh grunts like a wild animal as he rubs his bunghole back and forth over Kent's hungry mouth while Kent jacks his hard uncut dong. Josh fucks Kent's mouth with his stiff clipped tool as the three dudes make sex-pig noises. These guys are fully into each other and the action. Kent fucks Josh from behind (with condom) plowing that hole as Josh screams with lust. This has got to be some of the loudest sex I've ever heard. Alex drills Josh doggy style (with condom) as Josh chows down on that rigid piece of uncut meat that happens to be attached to Kent. Loud guttural grunts of man-lust fill the room. Gawd! Kent lays face up in a leather sling that hangs from the ceiling by a rope. His tight shaved bunghole is exposed for the world to see as Alex and Josh rub it. Alex eats that butt munching down on that touchhole with his busy tongue.

Alex screws Kent in the missionary position (with condom) cramming his tube steak in 'n out plowing his sensitive man-chute much to Kent's horny delight. Josh chows down on Kent's bung tongue-fucking the pucker when Alex breezes back in clutching three large sex toys. Josh rides a big black rubber butt plug as Alex plays sink/bounce with a fat white dildo while he works Kent's hungry asshole with a large black dildo. These dudes are having a great time playing with their play-pretties. Josh is on his knees as Alex and Kent stand above him all three wanking off. Kent and Alex shoot large thick loads covering Josh's face, neck, and chest and cock snot. Josh shoots thick jizz on the floor. Hot!

Bonus Scene:

Josh Weston is relaxing in a leather sling exposing his tight shaved asshole when Kent North enters the room and the dudes engage in some heavy tongue sucking. Josh immediately begins to play with his own pucker when Alex Collack joins the party and begins to finger fuck that bunghole spreading it wide. Alex slowly works his lubes fist up Josh's asshole with a big grin on his face making Josh once again scream with pure animal lust. Josh grunts like a hog as he's fucked with that fist delirious with sexual pleasure. Kent takes over the fisting thankfully using a large amount of lube for this intense sex act. The dudes switch up with Josh and Alex lying on the floor with arms and fists sticking straight up. Kent switches back and forth sinking down on the guys' fists sliding that stretched chute up 'n down and having the time of his life! Josh sits on a large white dildo as his pals stand by beating their uncut cocks. Both dudes shoot thick loads making cum fly in every direction hitting Josh's chest and stomach. Josh thick load shoots in all directions as well.



"Communion" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Richard Board is excellent providing full coverage of all the action and all the close-ups one could want. The picture quality is outstanding with a sharp and clean image.


The sound is of high quality allowing the viewer to hear loud slurping, grunting, and screaming as the dudes get down to some very intense action. The score by Rock Hard is very cool and includes some hypnotic and soothing techno tunes. The music is probably my favorite from all the movies I've reviewed.


The two disc set includes interactive menus, scene selections, chapter stops, a fuck compilation, cumshot compilation, and extensive gallery of publicity photographs by Darion, Chris Miles, and Fred Alert, and trailers for: "Full Throttle", "Trunks 3", "Private Lowlife", "Black & Blue", "Justice", and "Butch Alley".

Final Thoughts:

Wow! Hothouse Productions and Director Steven Scarborough have created one hot intense fuck fest with "Communion". The direction, videography, and editing (Jim Wigler) are all top notch creating six scenes of rough 'n tumble leather sex that never become dull. The dudes are fucking hot with their no nonsense butch attitudes and beautiful muscular and muscle-bound bodies. They are completely into each other and the action. This is most apparent with Francesco D'Macho, Kent North, and Josh Weston. My personal favorites here are Francesco D'Macho, Alex Collack, Tony Mecelli, Jason Ridge, Matt Cole, and Alex Schutler. I highly highly recommend for fans of butch muscular leather dudes and rough sex. Please be warned that the fisting is very intense and not for the faint of heart.

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