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Twinky and The Brain

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/10/07

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Date of Production:

March 2007

The Movie:

Twinks in their early twenties suck uncut cocks and fuck tight touchholes with disinterested expressions on their faces.

Safe Sex:


The Dudes:

These dudes look to be in their early twenties with a nice mix of short dark, spiky punk, and shaggy blond hair; toned, slender, and average bodies, lightly hair and smooth chests; trimmed and shaved pubes, and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Felix (cute with shaggy blond hair and average/lightly hairy body) and his pal Fred (cute with short black/magenta hair, cool sideburns, and a husky/lightly hairy body) are in the middle of a hot make-out session sucking tongues and exploring bodies with curious hands. Felix pulls Fred's hard uncut cock from his tighty whiteys and chows down sucking that thang and jacking the shaft with his fist. Felix gives an excellent blowjob much to the delight of his friend.

Fred fucks Felix from behind starting with fast 'n smooth strokes leading to some all-out bung pounding. There is a quick camera shot of Felix's tight hairy asshole from behind as he fucks Fred's snug shaved chute. Switching to the side/missionary position, Fred continues to pork his pal as Felix's limp but very plump heavily foreskinned cock and big balls flop around. After a bit of the traditional missionary position, Fred sucks Felix to climax with thick cum dripping out of his hungry mouth and sliding down Fred's shaft. Felix does not shoot a load. There were much too many medium camera shots and not enough close-ups.

Scene Two:

Eli (hot with short brown hair and slender/lightly hairy body) and Ben (cute with punky spiked brown hair and average/smooth body) are fooling around with some tongue sucking when they decide to strip down. Eli reveals his shaved pubes and big fat uncut cock while Ben shows off his shaved pubes and unclipped tool. Eli takes Ben's cock into his mouth slobbering up and down giving him a literal "hummer" since he hums while working on that meat. Although Ben keeps "oohing" and "ahhing", it takes him forever to get a hard-on. Finally hard, Ben fucks Eli's willing mouth fast 'n hard with the thrust of his hips. Eli's fat cock and balls are very hot but stay limp throughout the scene.

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Ben fucks Eli from behind using fast/smooth/full strokes as Eli moans and looks around with a dazed look on his face. Ben puts an obviously bored Eli though his butt sex paces with some side/missionary and missionary fucking. Ben really pounds his pal's touchhole fast 'n hard. Too bad Eli is so disinterested in what's happening to his asshole. Eli chows down on Ben's dong leading Ben to shoots a thick load in his mouth. The thick jizz slides out of Eli's mouth. Eli does not get a nut. Again, there are too many medium shots and not enough close-ups.

Scene Three:

Ted (nice-looking with short dark brown curly hair, goatee, and slender/smooth body), Frank (short black hair and average/hairy body), and Doug (cute with short dark hair and toned/smooth body) feel each other up sliding their hands over chests, inside thighs, and bulging crotches. The dudes yank off their clothing with Ted revealing his trimmed pubes and uncut tool, Frank showing off his trimmed bush and unclipped prick, and Doug exposing his shaved pubes and uncut dick. Frank grabs Ted's dong and gobbles down and then switches over to Doug's meat working his wet mouth up 'n down. He strokes the poles with his fists and wildly suckles as his pals moan with pleasure. Doug fucks Frank in the missionary position using a long/smooth strokes with a nice tempo as Ted feeds his dong down Frank's gullet. Frank's cock is limp and Ted's tool is only semi hard.

Doug switches to fucking Frank from behind leading Ted to fuck Frank in the side/missionary position. These dudes are simply going through the motions with no real excitement in their butt sex. Ted and Doug kneel over Frank as all three beat their meat. Doug shoots a thick load of love juice on Frank's hairy chest as Ted squirts a wet load on Frank's neck and the side of his face. For all his simpering and pouting with "lust", Frank does not cum. Once again, the camera shots are too stagnant with not enough close-ups.

Scene Four:

Lazlo (cute with punky black/blond spiked hair and slender/smooth body) and Wentz (nice-looking with dark brown hair and toned/smooth body) explore each other's wet mouths with dueling tongues while rubbing their bodies. Wentz goes down on Lazlo's hard uncut cock giving excellent head by stroking the hard shaft with his fist and working his mouth up 'n down. Lazlo digs the head and begins to fuck his pal's mouth with swift hunching motions. Lazlo screws Wentz from behind using fast 'n smooth strokes switching to the side/missionary position where we see that Wentz's cock is limp. The dudes simply do not look like they are into the action and are "going through the motions, baby"--Aimee Mann. After some lackluster butt pounding in the missionary position, Lazlo shoots off in Wentz's mouth with hot cock snot oozing out of his pal's gob. As per usual, there are too many medium camera shots and not enough close-ups.

Scene Five:

Frank (from scene three) is back with brand-new friends Dante (very cute with short brown hair, beard, and lightly hairy/semi toned body) and Mitch (cute with short dark hair, cool facial hair, and slender/smooth body). Dante and Mitch engage in a heavy make-out session with slimy tongues while Frank is busy feeling those crotches. Frank chows down on Dante's unclipped prick giving it his full attention while Dante is busy sucking Mitch's hard uncut member. Both dudes give very good head stroking the rigid shafts and quickly sliding their spit-soaked gobs up 'n down. Frank sucks fast while Mitch takes his time savoring the taste of his pal's unclipped pork. Dante fucks Frank in the missionary position smoothly sliding in and out of that tight shaved bunghole while kissing Mitch. Frank rides Mitch's stiff business as Mitch wildly thrusts his hips upwards to fill his friend's need. Dante shoots a large thick load out of his swollen purple knob into Frank's mouth. The hot man-goo pours out of Frank's mouth. Hot! The other dudes do not cum. Again; there are too many medium camera shots and not enough close-ups.



"Twinky and the Brain" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen. The videography leaves a lot to be desires with too many medium shots and not nearly enough close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes' pouts, simpers, oohs, ahhs, and heavy breathing. .


The disc contains an interactive menu, scene selection with menu, chapter stops, a gallery of action photographs from each scene, a cumshot review, and trailers for: "Swap My Pop", "Sloppy Endings", and "Cabana Boys".

Final Thoughts:

With a title like "Twinky and the Brain", my imagination went wild hoping the movie would be a smutty send-up of cheesy 1950s B science fiction yarns. I was hoping for a cute/nerdy twink who keeps a disembodied brain in his secret college laboratory hooked up to some silly contraption to keep it alive. The brain would gain complete control and make his "slave" go out and fuck his way though the male student body. Oh well. What we have here is a mediocre offering with an excellent picture quality, some cute dudes, and low-rent direction, videography, and editing. The guys are appealing but most of 'em look bored and would much rather be somewhere else. The camera shots go on for much too long staying in the trusty ol' medium shot instead of plenty of close-ups. Now, there are close-ups but not nearly enough to satisfy my "strict" requirements. The saving grace here is that some of the dudes are very cute and the cum shots into hungry sucking mouths are hot. So, if you have a "thing" for these types of cum shots, rent it. Otherwise, stay away and select a better title.

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