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Breakup Sex

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/12/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Breakup Sex


Genre: Vignette

Director: Paul "Chuck Lords" Thomas

Cast: Cassidy, Lily Paige, Karlie Montana, Dee Lilly, Monique Alexander, Steven St. Croix, Marco Banderas/Duato, Jennifer Dark, Chavon Taylor, Erik Everhard, Nautica Thorn, Heidi Mayne, Nick Manning
Note: Christian was listed on the cover (though not the ending credits) but I did not see him in the movie.

Length: 125:42 minutes

Date of Production: 1/28/2007

Extra's: Most of you will enjoy the five unrelated bonus scenes the most, including scenes from Hot Property, Hard Candy, ECU Lexie, $2 Bill (all described below), and Karma starring Mercedez and Tommy Gunn. While none of the scenes were breakthrough additions to the DVD, it's nice to see extra sex offered up in the extras section of a title. Personally, I enjoyed the 10:24 minute long Behind the Scenes feature more but I've seen the previous scenes a number of times and as a reviewer, prefer additional material to be related to the movie. It started out with a photoshoot from the first scene (which did not have the leading lady Monique in it weirdly enough) and it had the lion's share of the footage so I wasn't really happy about it. Still, there were a number of cute clips for other scenes too, making it worth watching. There was a short text biography of lovely Monique Alexander, a photogallery, spam, a double sided DVD cover (advertising on the second side), and trailers to shows like Debbie Does Dallas Again, Alphabet, Emperor, and Grudge.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Breakup Sex was presented in an anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 ratio offering as shot by director Paul "Chuck Lords" Thomas for Vivid Entertainment. Like some of his more noteworthy titles of late, this one as shot in HD, though presented in the SD format (for now) as shot in 1080i to provide a lot of resolution supporting some of the effects (making it look more like a real movie than just a porno). The lighting was reasonably well handled (with minor exceptions in a few of the scenes that had less lighting), limiting the grain, video noise, and other distracting flaws seen all too often in porn these days; each vignette appearing to be shot with a nod to a slightly different "look" by cameraman Ralph Parfait. The composition of the camera angles and lighting were not always optimal this time, the over saturated look giving me the impression that some of the crew were new to each other. The fleshtones were not as accurate this time but the DVD mastering was well done, making it a mixed bag in terms of visual quality (perhaps the compression ratio was set too high as the bitrate was only averaging about 4 Mbps). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital offering (at 192 Kbps) with the vocals sounding flat and the music pretty decent. For some reason, the levels were lower than usual but aside from the added background noise from doing so, the dynamic range was average and the separation of the vocal track nonexistent.

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Body of Review: Paul "Chuck Lords" Thomas is currently best known for his work at Vivid Entertainment as their lead director. I could make guesses as to why his quality varies so much but in the end, reviews like this one might help in steering you to his better projects, or at least the ones you as an individual may find more appealing. Under his alias of "Chuck Lords", he tends to make a number of lower budget flicks in between the blockbusters that get most of the press. His latest smaller title is Breakup Sex; a vignette driven set of five scenes that starred Monique Alexander in two newly shot scenes but some pretty solid sex all around with the others in the cast too. The back cover said it like this: "In this series of vignettes about breaking up, adult's horniest director Chuck Lords puts nine powerhouse girls, three insane anals and three wild threeways to the relationship test. Can they take the heat ... or do they get out of the bedroom? Join Monique Alexander and Cassidey as they engage in the hottest Breakup Sex on the planet." If that sounds good to you, and it should, you will likely appreciate the amount of stroke value the movie had as much as I did, even if it was not designed to win major awards or otherwise stand out from the rest of the Vivid vault. Here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used in some scenes:

Scene One: Girl Party: Cassidy, Lily Paige, Karlie Montana, and Dee Lilly, were up first as they tried on clothing at a small boutique. They came into the store in pairs and ended up with each other's partners; flirting up a storm as they tried on some sexy outfits. This led them all to the expansive back room where they caught each other cheating on one another, resulting in a heated lesbian orgy (technically spending most of the time paired off but thankfully coming together, pun intended, by the end of the scene). The ensuing antics were largely centered on licking and going down but there was a lot of kissing, rubbing, and titty play before the strap on dildo came into play for some fine penetration too. It was a bit slower paced orgy for the most part but it lasted a long time and started off with some fine tease of the gal's asses in public, each of them clearly into one another as they diddled themselves silly. Fans of anal play will have an appreciation for the use of toys here too as Cassidy took a dominant role in stretching the limits, and sphincters for the viewer's pleasure but I would have liked it better if it didn't fade out midstream.

Scene Two: Morning Sex: Monique Alexander, the beautiful blonde on the front cover, was up next with Steven St. Croix, in the dining room and kitchen of a small loft from the looks of it. He was working on his computer and found some of her erotic writing, getting a bit jealous that she never shared it with him. He then proceeded to make her written fantasy of being taken come true, acting roughly as it said she liked. Granted, this was rough only compared to some of the other work at the company by the two but it was not bad and the use of a condom did not get in the way of the fun. She aggressively rode his cock when on top and she did some ass grinding here before the ass cheek pop, but there was no anal if that is what you were looking for. In all, it showed her skills off better than his, making me wonder what it would have been like if she had a better partner for the scene.

Scene Three: Night Vision: Monique Alexander, up again in a pacing nightmare, was in the darkened bedroom as she teased really well on the bed. This attracted the attention of muscular Marco Banderas/Duato and the two were seductively kissing and stroking each other with some smoldering chemistry and passion in no time. In that sense, I got my wish to see her working with a better meat puppet, although I would have expected to see such a scene at the end of the movie instead of back to back with her only other scene. She proved to be a decent cock sucker here, working his rod slowly but skillfully as he felt her up. He reciprocated and sucked on her meaty pussy lips and ass crack before they screwed with a sense of abandon using another condom. He was larger and she took a more passive role this time but I liked it all the same as her lean figure and attractive face distracted me from my usual desire to see a gal really impaling herself soundly. The scene eventually ended when he unleashed his load of population pudding on her abdomen and chest; the gal eyeing him as she stroked him a few last times.

Scene Four: Triple Play: Jennifer Dark, a skinny brunette, and curvy Chavon Taylor, were up next in a couch scene with studly Erik Everhard after Jennifer played hard to get as an attention whore. Chavon played the match maker this time, interceding on his behalf before Jennifer stormed out of the bathroom; leading to Chavon starting her up on the couch in fine lesbian fashion. While neither of these ladies is currently on my top ten list, they each seemed to provide at least a passingly warm performance with one another before Erik joined them to provide the meat. Chavon was the better rider of the two gals, using her pussy to pound on top of him compared to Jennifer's largely passive role as a meat socket. Jennifer made up for it by rimming him a little and taking anal from him before his wad of population pudding graced her Chavon's chest. It wasn't as good as some of his gonzo work but Erik gave both of them a good dicking by the time the scene ended and they all appeared to enjoy working together on some level or another.

Scene Five: Dropping Loads: Nautica Thorn, an exotic cutie with a nice body and appealing blonde newcomer Heidi Mayne, were up next with bitchy Nick Manning in the house. Nautica was throwing Nick out and they were busy dividing up their porn and other articles while Heidi masturbated to the home porno the couple had made in their better days. Their arguing ended up in the only true example of "breakup sex" of the whole movie (at least the clearest case of it by far), with Heidi joining in on the living room couch as the trio got busy. They did some moderate oral on each other and the gals took turns riding his dick; Heidi surprising me by her active pumping style when on top of him. I loved watching her fleshy ass cheeks ripple as she drove herself down on him, her vaginal work better than her anal by a wide margin. Nautica was fine too but she added more in the way of ear candy and some generic screwing, the ending taking form in the way of Heidi's mouth but it was so minimal a pop shot that I figured they missed most of it with the camera.

Bonus Scene: Hot Property: Lexie Marie, still looking good, Venus, looking a bit less attractive this time, and Trent Tesoro, looking like he always does, were up next after Venus and Trent warmed up in the bedroom. Lexie was brought in to enjoy the trio and all three of them had some heated fun in a better scene than they had previously in the movie. I would've appreciated it more if Venus wasn't a bystander part way through the scene but the chemistry between Trent and Lexie was pretty good; as was the energy. It ended when he blew his load on Lexie's breasts.

Bonus Scene: Hard Candy: Nicki Hunter, the curvy, busty blonde that always seems driven in her scenes, took care of tattooed Julian on the couch after all the gals teased Tommy into submission. Nicki's moves were great as she gave Julian a lap dance in her black & red lingerie, making me appreciate her talents too. I've long known she's an anal queen and she did not disappoint after the splendid oral and vaginal screwing; giving some solid energy as she performed with him on the couch. It was also a nice touch to see her masturbate as he jerked off onto her but I've long held that letting the gal work out the load is preferable most of the time.

Bonus Scene: ECU Lexie: Alexis Malone, a gal that looks a bit like Jill Kelly used to, was up next on a staircase with Jerry, wearing a sailor cap and flimsy dress with nice white underwear to accentuate her sweet ass and small breasts. They did oral together and her sexual skill was easily the best of the movie with the practiced ease of a champion. Jerry did a pretty good job too, likely because of who he got to work with, as he went down on her like a seasoned veteran. The moved the vaginal boning to the dinning room (probably for safety purposes) and she was more energetic than her colleagues with him enjoying the ride as much as I would have. He rubbed out a load to her lovely face and she sucked him clean to finish up a decent scene.

Bonus Scene: $2 Bill: Lanny Barby, the hotty on the front DVD cover and well known Canadian beauty, was up first as she provided a private dance for the mighty Evan Stone inside a strip club's VIP room. Her teasing gyrations on the metal pool, the way she gave him those sultry looks and the generally seductive manner she employed all enhanced the preliminaries here before she orally attacked his penis with her loving mouth on the purple velour couch. That led him to snacking on her as she moaned in pleasure, eventually leading to her actively riding his shaft on top of him. If there's anything better than a beautiful gal bouncing on your cock as though it's the only thing in the world of importance, I'm unaware of it but once again Lanny showed the world that Vivid is a company changing with the times as this former gonzo gal displayed lots of passion in her scene. For those of you into anal, she was just as aggressive at taking him inside her ass though he sure couldn't last long when she did, blowing his load like nobody's business. She tried to save what could be salvaged in terms of doing a facial but it was a chemistry filled, heated scene nonetheless.

Summary: Breakup Sex by director Paul "Chuck Lords" Thomas for Vivid Entertainment might not be the best movie starring lovely Monique Alexander but it did have enough quality to rate as Recommended for a vignette stroke flick. The extras were the standard package for Vivid (not a bad package by the way), the scenes all had something to like, and the replay value was high enough to elevate the rating above a generic rental status that most porn is suitable for as long as you enjoy the cast presented. In short, Breakup Sex was a cute title that couples will like and even raincoaters should find worthwhile; proving Vivid is still offering titles the public can enjoy as fluffy little fuck flicks.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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