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Simple Fucks Vol. 1

Studio: Other » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/12/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Simple Fucks 1

Silver Sinema/Pure Play Media

Genre: Vignette

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Brooke, Christian, Eva Angelina, TJ Cummings, Jezebelle Bond, Barrett Blade, Sasha Knox, Anthony Hardwood, Hillary Scott, Joey Ray

Length: 103:27 minutes

Dates of Production: 5/15/2006, 12/7/2006, 7/11/2006, 7/6/2006, 6/1/2006

Extra's: There were not a lot of value adding extras here, not a surprise from a relatively new company to porn DVDs. The best of the limited batch was a 5:47 minute long solo masturbation tease provided by curvy Brooke on the couch. She stripped to the light jazz score, rolling around on the floor and couch as she felt herself up. It wasn't bad but considering the other extras consisted on a pop shot compilation from the scenes and a photogallery; I was underwhelmed to say the least.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Simple Fucks 1 was presented in an anamorphically enhanced 1.78:1 widescreen color offering by some uncredited director(s) for release by Silver Sinema/Pure Play Media as one of their first titles to hit the market as a DVD. I was left with the impression that the material was largely shot for websites and then compiled onto DVD for release but given the varied weaknesses, I can see why the director did not want to be credited. In any case, the scenes were largely shot in generic settings with minimal lighting and too much movement of the camera. The women were all looking pretty hot and that alone compensated for the technical mishaps but the color tones (in the form of the flesh tones mostly) were accurate and the basic camera angles were handled fairly well most of the time; the biggest nuisance being the editing from what I could see. There were a few compression artifacts but the bitrate for the video hovered around the 6 Mbps mark a lot here so I really don't think the compression rate was to blame. The lingerie and other focal points did help make the ladies look pleasing to the eye though so whatever minor gripes I have about the visual qualities of the movie, it was not all poorly handled (making me think there might have been three different directors in fact). The audio was presented in a LPCM 2.0 with a bitrate of 1536 Kbps, sounding almost as good as a mid level Dolby Digital offering but largely relying on generic porn music that sounded suitable for the mid 1990's but largely lacking in any vocals which weakened it for me.

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Body of Review: Silver Sinema/Pure Play Media is a company that announced a deal with Pure Play Media for distribution a month or two ago after forming up under the guise of providing top quality high definition porn. Not having heard much about the company, I took a look at their website and after the links largely did not work, I figured that their work would be largely no-frills, generic porn. As I watched their second(?) release, Simple Fucks 1, I came to realize that the company would have a long way to go if they were banking on providing quality porn better than much of what the market currently offers. The back cover advertised "No Games, No Gimmicks, just hot girls who simply love to fuck" and a quick look at the cast told me that they might be on to something. Sadly, the actual footage showed that anyone with the money to make content and point a camera could get into the porn business, though I was happy that they at least used a decent female cast. Here's a look at the scenes if you are still interested, noting that no condoms were used at all:

Scene One: Brooke, a curvy gal with a lot of experience in porn, was up first on the couch with Christian; both of them disrobing after she appealed to him more than his laptop seemed to. The scene lasted 17:57 minutes and was very basic in showing him go down on her, her reciprocate nicely, and then her climb onto his cock to actively ride by pumping her fleshy ass up and down to drain his balls dry of population pudding. They barely spoke and there was no chemistry here but for generic sex footage, it was far from the worst scene I've watched in the last 25 years. It ended when he jerked off to her chest, the enthusiasm levels reminding me that the cover advertised there would be no gimmicks.

Scene Two: Eva Angelina, a curvy Latina that I find quite adorable in most of her scenes, was up next on a different couch with TJ Cummings after the two stripped off their limited clothing. She showed him how well she can deepthroat and he pumped his hips in response to her oral skills. The scene was far too dark to truly show them off as nicely as possible but even without any tease or establishing of chemistry between the pair, I found them to put on a decent showing of talent. This scene lasted 20:10 minutes and while he provided limited oral on her after her sweet hummer, the vaginal penetration portions of the show were okay (especially as she yelled out only a few times, making it more believable). Her active riding style saved the day for me though I reiterate that the technical qualities were below par. The scene ended when he jerked out a small load of semen on her ass; barely noticeable in the limited lighting.

Scene Three: Jezebelle Bond, the latest brunette to retire from porn after claiming it wasn't for her any more, was up next with Barrett Blade in a generic living room setting. They kissed, stroked each other, and otherwise showed the weakest of build up before he started spanking her fine little ass in the scene that lasted 19:36 minutes altogether. She looked leaner than I recall her appearing in other recent fuck flicks, Barrett still sporting his little paunch that shows he is mortal like the rest of us as he ages less than gracefully. Her hand to gland combat style enhanced her hummer nicely too but he was unwilling to give her head, weakening the scene for me given the mutual respect aspect of failing to do so. They bumped uglies as he drilled her pussy, spanking her a little as she pretended to get into the action; never doing so convincingly but serving as a cock socket while he boned away unknowingly. She did some taste testing here too but the oral/vaginal routine became just that; a routine, and the scene suffered as a result. It ended with a decent facial but was nothing special.

Scene Four: Sasha Knox, a very cute blonde with an all natural body, was up next as she followed the established pattern with hardbody Anthony Hardwood in a living room on the couch. She looked as good as ever and her playful demeanor helped enhance the scene a bit as she aggressively worked his meat pipe with her sweet little mouth. The oral by her was the best thing of the scene though since he got as sweaty as possible while screwing her tight pussy, keeping the flexible gal from participating nearly as much as I would have enjoyed in this 21:27 minute long scene. It ended when she took the facial, swallowing a touch of it, and licking her lips at the end as she glared at the camera.

Scene Five: Hillary Scott, the award winning anal princess seen on the front DVD cover, was up last as she followed the same dynamic as the others on an even lower quality couch with a man suited for the setting; Joey Ray. She provided more aural assistance here with her squeals but she looked off camera a few too many times which told me she was preoccupied by external factors to really enjoy the action. Still, there is a reason why she has so many fans and her blowjob skills served to punctuate her desirability; even if she gagged too much for my tastes. The scene lasted 23:50 minutes and was strictly oral and vaginal only, Joey giving her some head but not enough to work for her in a scene that looked half as exciting as it should have once her initial hummer was over. The scene ended with a facial and some post coital sucking, Hillary swallowing at the end for best effect.

Summary: Simple Fucks 1 showed that in order to compete with the major players in porn, Silver Sinema is going to have to find some niche to compete for; be it lowering their price substantially, offering better extras, or maybe even catering to a specialized type of action that few others are shooting these days because this one was so bland as to be almost shameful in the way the otherwise talented cast was used. There were a few moments of heat but I've seen most of these gals blaze up the screen so the lack of passionate fuck for the buck made Simple Fucks 1 far too simple to get into. As a consumer advocate, I can safely say that each of the ladies has done a lot better work so picking up a copy of this title would be a waste of time even for big fans of theirs. That's why I regrettably rated the movie as Skip It. I can only hope that some of the other titles released by the company were a lot better given the vanilla offering this one proved to be.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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