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Wet Food

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by kobiata k » Review Date: 6/13/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Wet Food 1 by Jonni Darkko

This is the best blowbang DVD on the market . . . PERIOD!

Running Length: 2 hrs 49 min

The Sex:

Hillary Scott

Hillary Scott, an 2007 AVN Winner for Best Performer of the Year AND the first million dollar contract woman for Sex Z Pictures, delivers one of the best blowbangs scenes ever! The former bank employee-turned-pornstar wears a silver sequined two-piece bikini. In no time, she's surround by three cocks and like a seasoned pro, she delivers great head with lots of dirty talk and great eye contact! The cum starts to pour down on her and she positions a dog bowl near her face in order to catch the residual cum. She displays her ability to blow cum bubbles! The nasty lady wants more and so in round two she does more of the same. At the end of second round, her face is splattered with cum, but she still wants more! She walks over to "station 3" still with jizz all over her face and sucks on four cocks! Her feistiness or cum intoxication unleashes the beast inside her! She gets throatfucked hard as heard by the nasty sounds that she makes! This doesn't faze her as she shouts to the guys that she wants them to fuck her face like they would fuck her cunt . . . apparently it wasn't hard enough because she tells them that they have to do better than that . . . which they do! By scene's end, her face is like a cum warzone! She plays with the cum with her fingers then finishes up the residual cum taken from the bowl! Hillary Scott is a fuckin' beast! NOTE: There's a slight A/V drop at the end of the scene.

Lela Star

Lela Star, the luscious Latina, has starred in many steamy scenes for Evil Angel as well as their rivals Jules Jordan Video. Apparently, her hard work has paid off as she is on the brink of announcing her status as a "contract girl." Speaking of hard work, this scene is fuckin' amazing and she holds her own against the prior scene! The scene begins with her teasing the camera with her sexy two-piece green bikini. Specifically, she teases the camera when she places her finger in her mouth and looks seductively into the camera. Several minutes later, Lela is seen resting, but is "rudely" awakened when she gets dick-slapped! She doesn't make it an "international incident" out of it because she sucks away on his cock! Lela really has nice blowjob technique. It gets better when she's in the supine position where she get fed cock! Then, the scene continues back on her knees where she's surrounded by four cocks! She deepthroats them so well that they urge her to make that "puppy sound" . . . and so she does! The first cum salvo demolishes her mouth and the area near the filtrum and the other three land on her face as well! At this point, she's still not satisfied because she wants one more cumshot, which she receives right on the chin! This is another perfect scene! NOTE: There's a video drop during the cumshot sequence.

Lexi Love

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I thought that Hillary Scott had a major cum fixation, but I was wrong again because Lexi Love is more of a cum-a-holic or at least that's what she portrays in her scene. The petite Lexi Love dressed in a PVC corset welcomes the guy at the door and drags him into the house because she's starving for cock! Once she's in the bathroom, she sucks him aggressively! After the nice and wet fellatio, he cums on her, but she's not done as she provides post-coital cleanup! The single blowjob has whetted her insatiable appetite for cock . . . but lucky for her the doorbell rings again and she drags four guys in and begins blowing them. Now, she's surrounded with cock where she can display her aggressive cocksucking skills! Even after swallowing their loads, she still wants more!

Lexi Love and Sasha Grey

Ding-dong! Lexi Love opens the door despite having cum all over face! She's greeted by her caring friend Sasha Grey who brought along more guys to satisfy her Lexi's cravings! Sasha and Lexi go to work on the guys using their ultra sloppy blowjob technique! At one point, Lexi is able to put the tips of three penises in her wide mouth! While the two ladies are in the supine position, they gets royally throatfucked, which results in saliva dripping form their faces! At last, the two gals take their jizz bombs in the mouth and swap the freshly made ball snot with each other until they spit it into the dog tray. Now, the tray is filled with a combination of saliva and cum! Something rather interesting happens when they apply the saliva/cum on their hair as it were shampoo or a protein conditioner!


Sativa is a sexy Latina that has steadily climbed up the porn ladder and is considered one of the best Latina performers! What differentiates her from other talent is her dick-sucking-lips (DSLs), which she puts to good use! In the scene, she s wearing a slutty pink-fishnet top! After the brief tease, she crawls on her knees to the three cocks waiting to be sucked! Apparently, her oral skills are too much for one of the guys as it doesn't take too long for him to bust a nut on her mouth and face! The others inevitably follow suit resulting in Sativa's receiving a direct hit on her eye! Like the nasty lady she is, she spreads the cum from her face onto her body as moisturizer!

Tia Tanaka

Tia Tanaka is an innocent-looking Franco-vietnamese woman, but don't let the looks deceive you as she is definitely a sex bomb! If you haven't heard already, Tia looks to get out of the porn business very soon . . . so all the more important is this scene for Tia fans as this is the last blowbang you'll ever see of her! She's dressed up like a "China Doll" with chop-sticks in her hair, but at least she wasn't tasked to say "me so horny . . . me love you long time!" This knockout teases the camera before the oral festivities begins. She's surrounded with cock and uses her oral skills to its fullest. Although she may not have the mouth capacity to deepthroat like a Bobbi Bliss, it's admirable when she attempts to do so. The dog tray makes its appearance yet again and it provides a container for the saliva and the forthcoming semen! Finally, they unload their cum salvos on her face, which she later spreads to her body! The scene is not yet done as one guy has her all to himself! Finally, he unleashes a load on her mouth. But, the scene is not yet done since she gets one more bonus facial! This is a great scene!

Chelsi Rae

This scene literally starts with Chelsi Rae sucking on cock! She deep throats cock like a pro, but even pros have to check if Cranial Nerve X (aka gag reflex) still works! Chelsi has appeared in several gangbang movies and being in a blowbang doesn't overwhelm her! Although she isn't much as a cum beggar as I have seen in other movies, she is skilled to say the least! Round one ends with several cumshots, which she gargles and then finally swallows. In round two, it's more of the same, but the dog or "cum" tray makes its way into the scene. At one point, she uses a straw to suck the cum from the the bowl. By the scene's end, her face is covered with cum with the last cumshot even hitting her eye! The cum on her eye doesn't bother her because she's a consummate professional!

Kissy Kapri

Kissy Kapri is the token stereotypical porn blonde with pierced nipples and a pierced tongue. One thing that instantly stands out are her stunning eyes, which look all the more better when she's sucking on cock! They throatfuck her hard, but she doesn't seem to have any problems . . . methinks that she has done this before . . . lol! The real test of her throatfucking capabilities occurs when she's on her back. It shouldn't be surprising that she passed with flying colors! Finally, she takes more than four loads in her mouth and lets pour out of her mouth eventually dripping into the "cum bowl."

Georgia Peach

The last scene stars Georgia Peach playing the sexy secretary complete with the oval glasses and black stockings! She looks like a fuller version of Hillary Scott with the sexy outfit! Georgia slaps her face with cock, which is interesting since it's usually the other way around. Multiple cocks wait to get deepthroated by this seasoned veteran! The nasty lady lets them fuck her mouth while she is on her back! It doesn't take too long for the cum to flow as she takes the first cumshot in her mouth and plays with it. She spits the second cumshot into the dog bowl while she takes the last two on her face! Finally, she feeds herself cum from her face, but leaves the well-placed cum-streak on her forehead! This scene is scorching as in it's hot as the state of Georgia in the summer!

A/V: As mentioned before, there are glitches at the end of the first two scenes. Other than that, the A/V quality is superb throughout!

Extras: The extras include an interesting behind-the-scenes video, trailers, filmographies, and a photo gallery. Unlike other bts videos I have seen, this one is by far the most interesting and the funniest I have seen. One of Jonni Darkko's lackeys, Dante, shoots and narrates the bts. His conversation with Lela Star is funny . . . they talk about the following: why in every blowbang scene the guy has to "grab" the boob instead of caressing it; how Lela doesn't like chunky cum and her preference of not using the dog bowl (she wants to taste the cum, but not actually see it). It's quite funny how other crew members knock on Dante as being effeminate, but he takes their comments in stride. When he interviews Tia, she mentions that this is her third and last blowbang. She mentioned that she had a bad experience in one of the other blowbangs. Also, she mentions that she has fans on myspace that email her everyday mentioning what they do everyday . . . how freaky??!! Other bts moments worth noting is a brief interview with Lexi Luv . . . she says something really funny, but I won't spoil it! Overall, I was impressed with the bts, which formed the meat of the extras!

Final Thoughts: I have nothing bad to say about this DVD! Even the minor A/V glitches can be ignored since this DVD is a winner on all fronts! This is easily one of the best blowbang/blowjob videos I have seen! From the industrial techno music, to the stellar cast, to the scenes, and to the bts . . . it's all good! To sum it up, if I had a choice to bring 5 porno DVDs with me on a long voyage . . . let's say to Antarctica, Wet Food would be one of the chosen few. It's a pure rain-coater's delight! I would have given this DVD a HIGHLY RECOMMEND, but because of several intangibles, I've bumped this into DVD TALK COLLECTOR SERIES status! These are the following intangibles not in any particular order: 1) The last blowbang for Tia Tanaka since she's retiring 2) The last blowbang for Lela Star as a free agent (it's possible she may do one as a contract girl) 3) Hillary Scott's (currently the Million Dollar Contract Girl for Sex Z Pictures) steamy blowbang session.

~Ich mache mich jetzt auf die Socken!

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