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Caught in The Act

Studio: Citiboyz » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 6/17/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:October 2006

Director:Steve Shay

Cast:Brandon Banks, Kellan Wade, Trent Mitchell, Steve Arbor, Adam Archer, Todd Bryant, Seth Tyler, Cody Ashland, Nevada Adams, Jared Long

Body Types: twinks, uncut and cut penises, shaved chests and balls


Things to see:guys jacking off, guys smoking cigarettes while masturbating.

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

All male solo DVD's are a quirky phenomenon. This genre of film is similar to bi films and spanking videos in how they appeal to a niche audience. The audience is of course gay men, although I have known some females who enjoy watching guys masturbate. What I find to be interesting about the solo genre is that it is virtually unique to gay porn. In straight porn, you might find one scene where a woman pleasures herself with toys. However, these scenes are rare because the general straight audience would rather watch a female getting it on with a guy or perhaps another girl.

Therefore, why would gay men want to watch porn where one guy only plays with himself? I think that answer can be found in how men develop a fetish for the experience of masturbation. As males, we generally all masturbate, and society covertly supports this behavior because the media is full of jokes, slurs, and remarks about guys jacking off. Even as teenagers, we might have been teased or even bragged about our masturbatory habits. We did this because we (a) all knew that each other was doing it and (b) knew that movies and jokes portrayed it as something that normal guys do. If you knew you were gay, when you were a teen, you might have actually masturbated with the thought of your best friend playing with himself. A few lucky ones even got to masturbate with their friend(s), regardless of how "gay" it was.

It is with these memories, of imagining friends masturbating, that we can see why gay men find these videos to be so appealing. Through these DVD's we can become the voyeur we always wanted to be; being able to watch a guy undress and jack off. Not only do we get to see guys undress and masturbate, but we can also watch straight men perform a sexual act on film. This genre is the only type of porn (that I know of) where gay and straight men perform in the same film. Perhaps it is the fact that these films sometimes contain straight performances, which appeals to gay men. After all, who hasn't checked out a straight man at the gym, and wondered what he looks like naked?

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There is no indication that the men in this film are gay or straight. This is perhaps the film's greatest drawback because it neglects to interview the models so that the audience knows more about the guy. This feature may sound simplistic and unnecessary. However, if you watch any of the Sean Cody or Corbin Fisher videos on the Internet, then you can see the potential that the solo genre has to (figuratively) grow. On these web sites, the actors are interviewed about their sexual experiences and their sexual turn on's, before they undress and masturbate. This technique allows us to becomes the ultimate voyeur, knowing something about the person and then enjoying their disrobing and masturbating.

Despite the lack of interviewing, and no real spoken dialogue, the guys in this DVD know exactly what to do in order to please the audience. Most of the guys seductively strip or douse themselves with water so that they can tease and tantalize viewers. Once they guys get down to masturbating, however, they pretty much do the same thing. It may come to no surprise that guys' techniques for masturbating are basically the same. Perhaps this is the downfall with solo porn, yet it is not a problem that is specific to this DVD title. Regardless, the lack of masturbatory variety won't decrease your enjoyment because there is such a nice assortment of guys.

Now let's take a look at the various models:

Brandon Banks:

Brandon is an attractive twink with a tan body, light spiky brown hair, and a plump cock. He jumps into the shower and jacks off for our enjoyment. He tastes some of his own spunk at the end.

Kellan Wade:

Kellan is a twink with brown hair, some body piercings, a skinny build, and a large cock. He jacks off on a black couch (with what looks like cum stains already stuck to the fabric).

Trent Mitchell:

Trent has spiky blond hair and a nicely chiseled body. He hoses down his body, making it glisten with all of the water. After getting himself soaked, he sits down and jacks off a thick load.

Steve Arbor:

Steve is a young looking twink with brown hair, and red lips, and a virtually hairless body. He plays with himself inside his pants, and then unleashes his big cock. He strokes his dick until he cums on his chest.

Adam Archer:

Adam is a brunette with a skinny build, and a sexy smile. He teases his cock through his underwear and grinds against a bed. Eventually, he strokes himself until climaxing on his chest.

Todd Bryant:

Todd is a brunette with some tattoos and piercings. He plays with himself in the sauna. He loves to use the water for lube, as well as the bubbles to stimulate his ball sack. He releases a sticky load.

Seth Tyler:

Seth is a cute blond guy who could pass for a college student. He does a strip tease and pours water all over his body, revealing his package. He jacks off on the floor of a garage.

Cody Ashland:

Cody wears a baseball cap and lights up a cigarette. While the cigarette is in his hand, he starts to touch himself. He pulls his uncut cock out of his pants and works on it for a while. He eventually unbuckles his pants and works on his dick through his boxers. He shoots a nice load onto his shorts.

Nevada Adams:

Cover boy, Nevada Adams touches himself in a men's bathroom, while smoking a cigarette. He strokes on his long, uncut penis and spreads his ass cheeks. He shoots his load into his hand and rubs the semen around.

Jared Long:

Jared is an attractive brunette. After mowing the lawn, he wipes down his chest to get rid of all of the sweat. He then heads into his garage and starts to play with his own "power tool." He jacks off on a chair, releasing a load onto the floor and coating the camera with his spunk.

The DVD:


The video image was clear without any transfer problems. Most of the scenes are colorful, although some of the indoor scenes have heavy doses of browns and muted colors.


The sound varied by scene. One indoor scene had a distinctive hissing/ratline sound in the background, and another scene had a loud air conditioner like sound in the background. The other scenes sound good, although the only thing you will hear is the sound of yanking on meat.


Extras include animated menus and a photo gallery.

Final thoughts:

All of the guys in this film are cute, young and full of cum. My personal favorites were Seth, Cody, and Steve. In particular, Cody's scene embodies what makes for a hot solo scene. His scene is raw, (feels) unscripted, and candid. For example, Cody masturbates with his boxers on, as opposed to stripping completely nude (after all, not everyone masturbates in the nude). The rest of the guys jack off without their clothes.

"Caught in the Act" won't revolutionize the all male solo genre. However, there are plenty of different twinks pleasuring themselves to satisfy your voyeuristic pleasure. Therefore, this title comes with a recommended rating. My only other recommendation is to be mindful so that you aren't "caught in the act" while you watch this film.

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