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Manstars: Fredy Costa

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 6/17/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:March 2004


Cast:Fredy Costa, Antonio Carrigan, Ettore Valentine, matt Colmar, Antonio Moreno, Glenn Santoro, Austin Rogers, Brett Perez, Dane Michaels, Evan Rochelle, Tamas, Steve Hunt

Body Types: European guys, shaved chests, uncut penises, tattoos


Things to see:prison sex, pool sex

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

I had never heard the name "Fredy Costa" before this film. However, I can now understand his appeal and reason for the release of his own compilation title. Fredy is an attractive Eastern European lad with sensual lips and perfect swimmers build. Based on the DVD's interview with the actor, he was apparently a former auto mechanic in Budapest who decided to go into gay porn. Ironically he switched from lubing car parts to lubing holes.

Throughout the five scenes, Fredy sucks and fucks like a pro. He doesn't use any specific technique that makes him standout from other actors, but there is still something about him that makes him stand out from the rest. Similar to how some Hollywood actors are used solely for their looks, Fredy's talent lies in his ability to simply look good. In each scene, his tanned and muscular body looks perfect as he screws holes and sucks on cocks. His uncut penis is also quite spectacular because of its size. Watching various actors service his cock made me truly envious of their one on one time with Fredy.

As previously mentioned, this film is a compilation title, featuring his scenes from the films "Internet Sex," "Jailhouse Cock 1 & 2," "Flatmate from Heaven," and "Desperate Househusband." All of the scenes are quite good and feature plenty of Costa and some of his hunky European friends. The standout scene is the threesome from the film "Flatmate From Heaven." This scene showcases Costa's intensely hot body and his urge to please the other men.

Now let's break down each individual scene:

Scene one:

This scene comes from the film "Jailhouse Cock." Fredy (wearing a police uniform) makes a tattooed prisoner suck on his hard rod. Fredy moans a lot as his large member is serviced. Fredy then uses his beautiful lips to suck on the prisoner's cock, while sticking his finger into the guy's hole.

Next, Fredy screws the prisoner on some industrial stairs. The bottom is very hard and moans a lot. The guys then screw on a table. Meanwhile, another prison guard watches from above and starts to jack off. The horny guard doesn't last long because he quickly shoots his load over the railing. Next, the bottom straddles Fredy's cock on the stairs, while Fredy pumps away. Finally, the guys jack off onto the ground.

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The oral sex in this scene was fantastic, especially when Fredy was sucking and finger probing at the same time. All three of the actors were brunettes and were very hot.

Scene two:

This scene comes from the film "Desparate Househusband." Fredy first makes out with a chiseled older guy by the pool. The daddy quickly removes Fredy's underwear and starts to suck on his big cock. While Fredy lies down on a lawn chair, the guy gives him a serious blowjob, leading into some face fucking. Fredy returns the favor by sucking on the older guy's cock. Fredy then rims the guy's hairless hole.

Freddy screws the daddy from behind, followed by some acrobatic sex where the daddy holds his legs out (far apart) and grabs onto his own feet. Fredy then pulls out and shoots a nice load all over the daddy's chest, while the daddy oozes out some cum.

This was a nice daddy/twink scene. While the daddy was older, he was still quite attractive and eager to please Fredy. I also loved the oral sex that Fredy received on the lawn chair!

Scene three:

This scene originates from the film "Flatmate From Heaven." Here, Fredy has a threesome with two other sexy lads. All three guys wear some white underwear, although they quickly get naked. The lads alternate between sucking on each other. While the darker brunette sucks on the other guy's cock, Fredy starts to rim both of the guys' holes. Next, the darker brunette is screwed, while Fredy fucks the guy's mouth. Fredy then screws the dark brunette, while the guy has his dick sucked on. Freddy also fucks the other guy, while the dark brunette has his cock sucked on. Finally, the darker brunette releases a thick load, while Fredy face fucks him. Fredy shoots on his chest, followed by the other guy cumming as he watches the action.

This scene featured a very hot threesome. All of the guys constantly suck and kiss each other, which was a huge turn on. There were plenty of hard cocks to be found, and each of the guys was extremely eager to please each other. This was a very nice scene, certainly one of the hottest threesomes I have seen.

Scene four:

In this scene from "Jailhouse Cock 2," three prisoners (one is Fredy) decide to stop their factory work and instead, work on each other. The prisoners suck and kiss each other, while two prison guards make out above on a walkway. After watching the hot prisoners, the guards descend down the stairs to join in on the action. The two guards suck on each other, while Freddy and his cellmate seriously rim and finger one guy's hole. Next, the guards screw each other, while Fredy screws a bent over prisoner. Fredy and his cellmate alternate between screwing the guy's ass. Finally, all of the guys stroke on their cocks in a semi circle. The prisoners watch the guards and the guards watch the prisoners, ultimately leading into the guys shooting onto the floor. Several of these guys shoot impressive loads, although it's too bad that the guards didn't douse the prisoners for being so bad.

This was another good scene. The guys were very attractive and all have perfect bodies. My only qualm is that I would have loved to see the guards being rough with the prisoners, or vice versa.

Scene five:

This scene comes from the film "Internet Sex." The scene starts out with Fredy and an attractive brunette swimmer. The guys touch each other through their Speedos. Fredy's friend has some tattoos and a sculpted beard. While the guys are still wet, Fredy receives a nice blowjob. The guy gives a wet and slobbery blowjob, thoroughly enjoying the pleasure he brings to Fredy. The bearded lad then gets his chance to have his dick polished by Fredy's sumptuous lips. After the oral sex, Fredy rims the guy's hole in order to get it ready for an anal excavation. After the tongue probing, Fredy fucks the bearded guy in a chair. The guys screw for a while, until Fredy shoots his load onto the guy's chest.

This scene was shorter than the previous scenes. However, there was still plenty of erotic action to please fans. The sight of Fredy in a Speedos is enough to make me a fan because his body looks like it was built for two things; swimming and fucking.

The DVD:


All of the scenes were shot in widescreen. The image is very sharp, clean and colorful. The scenes are wonderfully lit and are very nice to look at.


The sound was good. The actors could easily be heard, although there weren't any subtitles. The film also features a non-distracting porn soundtrack. Overall, this was a fine soundtrack.


This DVD features several nice extras. The best extra is a scorching hot porno scene with Fredy (sporting slightly longer hair) and a sexy lad with a hairy chest. The guys have sex around a pool area. I was surprised that this scene was included with the main feature because the scene is just as good as those selected for the film. This scene is presented in fullscreen.

Another interesting extra is an interview with Mr. Costa himself. He doesn't speak English but subtitles are provided. While the interview questions are mostly superficial, you can still learn some interesting things about the guy. Finally, the DVD includes five trailers for other Private Manstars titles.

Final thoughts:

Compilation queens can rejoice because this is a compilation title worth owning. The actors are very sexy and attractive with their well chiseled chests and Eastern European appeal. The star is of course Fredy Costa, and he possesses several qualities that many people will drool over; plump lips and a big dick! Therefore, I recommend that you give Fredy Costa a chance to warm your heart and heat up your bedroom.

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