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More of a Man

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/19/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

July 1990

Directed By:

Jerry Douglas


Joey Stefano, Michael Henson, Michael Parks, Butch Taylor, Rick Donovan, Sharon Kane, Lon Flexx, Chris McKenzie, Chi Chi LaRue.

The Movie:

Vito (Joey Stefano) is tormented by his own private sexual desires for men. He finds quick relief in a number of anonymous sexual encounters but suffers guilt after he gets off. Through his caring friendship with a hard-knocks drag queen named Belle (Chi Chi LaRue), Vito is able to accept his sexual identity.

Safe Sex:


The Dudes:

The dudes are appealing and definitely have a late 1980s/early 1990s look with blunt and blow-dry haircuts. There's a nice mix of toned and muscular bodies, full and trimmed pubes, and medium to enormous cut cocks.

Scene One:

Joey Stefano (hot dude with dark brown hair and toned/smooth body) parks his bum in a bus station men's room stall looking for some o- the-sly action. Joey patiently waits and plays with his hard cut cock while smoking a cigarette. The sound of a creaking door piques his hopes when Michael Parks (good-looking with brown hair and muscular/smooth body) enters the next stall and gets a good look at his neighbor's meat through the glory hole. Michel sinks to his knees on the grimy floor and slides Joey's stiff tool down his throat through the hole. He chows down on that dong working his mouth up 'n down while jacking his own hard clipped dick to some very neat-o 1980s synth ditties. Needing some oral relief, Michael sticks his tool through the glory hole and Joey wastes no time taking that fucker down his gullet deep throating and savoring the taste of anonymous man-pork.

Michael decides it's time for a little "pressed ham" and backs his hot butt against the glory hole. Joey is more than happy for fuck him from behind sliding his rigid dick in and out of that tight hole. Joey bends over for a li'l of the same action allowing Michael to plow his bunghole fast 'n hard. There are no actual penetration shots due to the wall with glory hole being between the dudes. Joey shoots a thick load of spunk on the floor as Michael squirts a thick nut through the glory hole. When Michael wants to continue the action in a more private setting, Joey punches him in the mouth.

Scene Two:

Michael Henson (handsome with short dark hair and muscular/smooth body) and his boyfriend Butch Taylor (good-looking with short blond hair and toned/smooth body) are in the mood for some romance complete with champagne, soft focus camera, and gooey "made for Lifetime network" music. The dudes are in bed fully naked showing off their sexy bodies and hard cut tools while rubbing each other's chests and kissing with heavy wet tongue. Michael takes Butch's prick into his mouth slowly working the member in 'n out and nursing the purple mushroom knob. He straddles Butch leading Butch to suck Michael's dong giving some very good head.

The guys get into a serious sixty-nine slobbering up 'n down on those rigid dicks and groaning. Relocating to the kitchen for some unknown reason, Michael fucks Butch in the missionary position using fast/smooth strokes on that tight shaved touchhole. There's a nice camera shot of Michael's tight hairy asshole as he porks Butch. To finish off, the dudes beat their meat with Butch shooting a large wet load on his stomach and chest. Michael shoots some thick cock snot on Butch's chest. The dudes proceed to get into a fight where Michael accuses Butch of being melodramatic and sounding like Joan Collins!

Scene Three:

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Joey's on the prowl and ends up at Zen Tattoos. He tells tattoo artist Rick Donovan (nice-looking with longish hair, mustache, toned/smooth body, and cool tattoos) that he's looking for something "mean". Rick can tell Joey's looking for more than simply ink. He stands up and pulls down his pants revealing his full brown pubes and enormous/fat cut cock. Rick beats his meat working the large knob with Joey's eyes glued to the action. Joey follows the lead yanking his clothing off and showing off his dark trimmed pubes and stiff clipped tool. Rick just happens to have a Swedish penis pump (Austin Powers!) handy placing it over his chubby dong/plump nuts and pumps away. After getting his tattoo (which in reality was already there), Joey chows down on Rick's big dick sucking his nuts while stroking off. Joey shoots a large thick load of jizz on his stomach and pubes. Rick beats off cutting loose with thick man-juice on Joey's neck and chest.

Scene Four:

Once again cruising for sex, Joey picks up hooker Sharon Kane (a pretty gal with blonde hair and nice figure). Sitting in a big pickup truck, Sharon begins to rub the bulge in Joey's blue jeans and ends up pulling his hard clipped prick out and sucking it like a chick that's starved for cock. Since Joey really digs men, he begins to fantasies that Michael Henson (from scene two) is slobbering all over his meat pole. Via quick editing, the viewer is treated to Ms. Kane and Mr. Henson giving a wild/hot blowjob as Joey's mind reels. Joey pulls Michael's blue jeans down revealing his dark pubes and hard cut cock. He crams that fucker down his throat giving excellent head with deep throat. There are no cum shots in this scene.

Scene Five:

Joey heads out to watch his pal Belle Zahringen's (Chi Chi LaRue) perform her act at the local gay club Another World. As Belle belts out her rousing number, Joey catches the eyes of Lon Flexx (handsome with brown hair and toned/smooth body) and Chris McKenzie (cute with blond hair and toned/smooth body). Lon and Chris begin some heavy kissing and body rubbing (Lon is wearing tight acid washed jeans). The dudes strip down right in the middle of the crowded bar while more cheesy 1980s synth music blares on the club's sound system. Chris takes Lon's large cut cock down his gullet jacking the shaft, nursing the big purple knob, and suckin' those plump balls. Lon takes Chris's clipped dick into his mouth cramming it down his throat and going to town.

This public display of affection sends Joey over the edge as he starts to rub the bulge in his tight blue jeans and allowing Matthew Rollins (nice-looking with dark hair) to go down on him. Joey sits on the bar as Mathieu sucks his hard clipped prick giving some very descent head. This is a sexual free-for-all when Joey sinks his tight hairy bunghole down on Lon's big cock and goes for a frantic ride as Lon thrusts upwards fucking that hole. Joey lays on the floor (God only knows what's on it) with his butt in the air as Lon pounds the hell out of him. Lon shoots a thick load on Joey's stomach. Joey lets loose with a load on his thigh and fist. He eats his own cum. Chris jacks off and shoots a large thick load on Joey's thigh.

Scene Six:

Michael Hansen hooks up with Joey Stefano during a gay pride festival. The dudes sneak into a hidden inner compartment of a fancy float and get down to some nice slow lovin'. They take their time kissing with slow wet tongues, body rubbing, and nipple licking. Joey sucks Michael's stiff clipped dick giving a complete blowjob by stroking the shaft, working the flared knob, and deep throating. Michael takes Joey's dong down his throat giving nice 'n slow head and switching to sucking those nuts. A side sixty-nine filled with cock gorging leads to a traditional sixty-nine with Michael tonguing Joey's hairy gooch and bunghole.

Michael straddles Joey riding his rigid pole as Joey thrusts his hips upward to fuck his new pal's man-chute. The dudes are clearly into each other and the action as Michael fucks Joey in the missionary position while sucking his tongue. Joey shoots a large thick load on his stomach and chest while being porked. He scoops up his cum and eats it. Michael beats off shooting thick jizz on Joey's spent cock and stomach.



"More Of A Man" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography by Ty Box provides full coverage of all the blowjobs and most of the butt sex but there are no close-ups or penetration shots in scene one. The picture quality is so-so with mild grain throughout with an image that is not completely sharp.


The sound is fine allowing the viewer to hear the dialogue and all the sex noises plus the cheesy/fun 1980s synth music and Chi Chi LaRue's song.


The disc contains an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, popshot-on-demand, the safe sex PSA "Wrap It Up" starring Chi Chi LaRue, and previews for "Animus", "Bull's Eye", "Flesh and Blood", and "My Sister's Husband" (featuring Sharon Kane).

The standout here is a feature length audio commentary with director Jerry Douglas and Chi Chi LaRue. Since the two are old pals, the conversation flows easily along with plenty of stories from the production and interesting tidbits. The guys tease each other talking about how Chi Chi wanted to look more glamorous, Chi Chi's Fred Flintstone eyebrows, and how the movie was shot before he started wearing fake tits. Jerry Douglas tells a little about his days working with the King of Soft Core Radley Metzger ("Score", 1973 starring cool cult actress Lynn Lowry and gay porn's Calvin Culver aka Casey Donovan) and how Mr. Metzger taught him to make a sex scene more interesting by placing objects such as candles in the foreground.

Final Thoughts:

"More Of A Man" is the winner of four 1991 GAYVN awards including Best Gay Video, Best Screenplay, Best Actor Joey Stefano, and Best Non Sexual Performance Chi Chi LaRue. I like that director Jerry Douglas (who directed the wonderful "The Back Row" in 1972) strives for something more than a simple fuck-flick. The movie has a plot that delves into the tortured psyche of a man who is in denial of his sexuality. Turning in a natural performance is Joey Stefano who smolders as "Vito". Joey conveys Vito's torment and the violent homophobic rage it unleashes. Chi Chi La Rue delivers a strong non-sexual performance as Vito's friend Belle. Chi Chi tones down the glamour and is enduring as a drag queen that has seen it all and wants to help her friend.

The dudes are all appealing with nice toned and muscular bodies that look to be into the action and each other. Scene three with Joey Stefano and Rick Donovan and scene six with Michael Henson and Joey Stefano are the standouts here with simmering buildups. My personal favorites here are Joey Stefano, Michael Henson, Rick Donovan, and Lon Flexx. For the most part, the direction, videography, and editing are strong but run into a problem in scene one, as it contains no penetration shots of the butt sex. The picture quality is simply okay since the video is seventeen years old. There is mild grain throughout the entire movie.

During a bit of my own research, I found out Sharon Kane (from scene four) has appeared in many straight adult titles, plenty of bisexual movies, and all-male offerings usually in non-sexual roles. She is a classically trained musician (violin), has scored a number of adult films, and written numerous screenplays. Sadly, Joey Stefano died in 1994 at age twenty-six from a drug overdose and Michael Henson passed away in 2002 from an accidental heroin overdose.

Overall, "More Of A Man" is a solid movie with appealing dudes and engaging sex scenes. Due to the picture grain and lack of penetration shots in scene one, I'm going with a Recommend with caution.

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