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Straight College Men Audtions #9

Studio: 2SCM.COM » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/23/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


The Movie:

Straight dudes in San Diego audition by beating their hard meat in front of the ever-probing eye of the video camera in hopes of carving out a career in adult entertainment.


Ashton's a good-looking Navy dude in his twenties originally from Philadelphia. The Navy has shipped him to San Diego where he's been enjoying Southern California for about a month. Ashton has short red hair and is dressed in a tight black tee shirt and baggy blue jeans. He's a friendly and relaxed guy who easily shoots the breeze with Camera Operator/Interviewer Dean. Ashton attended college before joining the Navy and enjoys going out to all the bars on Friday and Saturday nights. When asked why he's auditioning, Ashton claims to be a "sex freak".

Once in the dressing room where the hidden camera is set up, Ashton strips down revealing his sexy toned/smooth body with tattoos, trimmed pubes, plump nuts, and a nice sized cut cock. He makes his way back to the sofa where he sits with legs spread and watches straight porn. Ashton toys with his tool using his right hand to stroke to full hardness. He stands up for a while showing off his bubble butt and jacks his fully stiff prick switching back and forth between his left and right hands and using over and under-hand strokes. Sitting back down, Ashton goes to town beating his meat. Eyes closed and head thrown back, he shoots a thick load of jizz just above his red bush. Hot! Ashton has gone on to be one of SCM's most popular dudes.


Nineteen-year-old Rafael is a cute dude with cool black hair. He recently quit his job and is currently looking for employment. Born and raised in California, Rafael has a nice deep laidback voice and is in need of some quick cash. In the dressing room, he yanks his clothing off revealing a slender/smooth body, full dark pubes, and large plump cut cock. Rafael gets comfortable on the sofa with his legs spread wide and eyes glued to some gal getting fucked on television. He slides his right fist up 'n down that hard lubed cock using long slow strokes. There's just a little hip thrust upwards once in a while as he beats his rigid member with an over-handed technique. Rafael shoots a large thick load on his fist and shaft. Hot load! He cleans up all that love juice with a washcloth but misses some on his nuts.


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Luke is a nice-looking ex Navy dude in his twenties with very short dark hair and a li'l bit of a goatee. Originally from Philadelphia, he worked on flight decks landing helicopters for about six years. Luke is friendly but quiet and Dean really has to lead the conversation to get any type of information out of him. He likes to go out to the bars, get laid, and thinks the gals in San Diego are much better looking than back in Philly. In the dressing room Luke stripes down revealing his stocky body, cool tattoos, hot hairy chest, trimmed dark pubes, plump nuts, and cut dick. He thumbs though the latest issue of "Turkey Tits" and then heads out to the sofa to view some straight porn on the television. Legs spread wide apart; Luke rubs his lubed cock and balls using his left hand. He switches to this right hand to pleasure himself. Never becoming fully hard, Luke somehow shoots a wet load on his stomach. "First time I ever cummed soft". Luke's heavy breathing and nice wet load are a turn-on.


Lance is a very cute dude in his early twenties with dark hair that contains some gray. He's dressed well in slacks, sweater and jacket. Lance is friendly and easily talks with Dean discussing his recent graduation from college with a degree in communications. His response when asked why he is auditioning is that he wants to branch out to "other things". In the dressing room Lance removes his clothes showing off his sexy very hairy chest, average build, dark pubes, and big uncut cock. Sitting on the sofa with his legs spread apart, Lance jacks that unclipped meat with his right hand while rubbing and pulling on his nut sack with his left fingers. Lance's heavy breathing, meat beating, and ball pullin' is a huge turn-on. Nearing the point of no return, Lance quickly slides his foreskin back and forth over his knob and shoots a thick load on his trimmed pubes.


Brad is a handsome twenty-six year old with the typical California blond beach dude look. He's an aspiring actor who at this time works as a "Carpet Tech" shampooing carpets who wants to "step into the wild side" by auditioning. Brad's a friendly guy who talks to Dean about trucks. It's dressing room time where Brad reveals his toned/slender/lightly hairy body, full pubes, and cut cock. He makes himself at home on the sofa with legs spread apart and begins to play with his cock using his left hand. It is nice to see a dude with full pubes, hairy balls, gooch, and ass crack. Although choosy about what porn he watches, Brad puts on an enjoyable show beating his meat using his left hand to jack up 'n down and work his purple knob. Taking a long time to pop, Brad switches back and forth between his right and left fists using over and under-handed strokes. He finally shoots a thick load on his bush. Hot dude. Too bad he's such a weenie about the porn provided to him.


Payton's a cute dude in his twenties with black hair and mustache. He's friendly, talks fast, and has an easy conversation with Dean about breaking up with his girlfriend and originally being from Miami Flordia. When Payton went back to Flordia for a visit, he stayed at the same motel where the infamous bathroom/chainsaw scene in "Scarface" was filmed. When asked why he is auditioning, Payton tells Dean he loves porn and is a "freakster"! Ha! In the dressing room Payton strips down and shows off his tall/slender/lightly hairy body, closely trimmed and almost shaved pubes, nice nuts, and large/plump clipped tool. Back on the sofa, Payton spreads his legs and uses plenty of lube while jacking his cock to hardness using his right hand. Using over and under-handed stroking techniques, Payton really gets into jerking off wagging that big fucker at the camera and slapping it against his open palm. With plenty of heavy breathing and "Oh fuck, Yeah's", he shoots a thick load of cock snot on his fist and pubic area. Hot!


Carson is a nice-looking dude in his early twenties with short reddish hair and goatee. Originally from Texas, he went to college in North Dakota where he played football and wrestled. These days, he works as a graphic designer of various tee shirts, logos, and CD covers for local musicians. Carson seems like a nice guy and has a slightly monotone voice while talking about his girlfriend and how she knows about the audition and doesn't mind. Once in the dressing room, Carson reveals his hot toned body, shaved pubes, and plump uncut cock. Sitting on the sofa with legs widely spread, Carson uses his right hand to pump his tool working the foreskin up 'n over the moist purple knob. He has an interesting technique in which he works his foreskin by using both hands. For a foreskin freak like myself, this is some very hot action! Carson beats off making his blood-engorge knob a very deep purple and shoots a thick clear load of man juice on his stomach. He has a very hot cum-filled foreskin.


Jared is a good-looking lumberjack in his twenties with short dark hair, beard stubble, and a hunky husky body. He's an easy-going guy who talks with Dean about logging in Oregon, his dad being in the timber business, and moving to San Diego. No dressing room this time as Dean accidentally fucked up the wires to the "hidden" camera. Jared has a sexy average husky build, hairy chest, full dark pubes, and a cut dong. Letting it all hang out on the sofa, Jared strokes his prick switching back between hands and working his purple knob with deep piss slit. Jared is very into the action and begins to thrust his hips upwards to fuck his fist. Hot! Using his right fist, Jared nears climax and shoots a thick load of spooge on his hairy belly. Hot!



"SCM Auditions Volume 9" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The footage from the dressing room is in black and white using a "hidden" stationary camera. The sofa action is shot by Camera Operator/Interviewer Dean (hot muscle-stud) in color with full coverage of the action and plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is fine allowing the viewer to hear as Dean shoots the breeze with each dude. The heavy breathing before and during busting a nut is all there as is the pouts of pleasure of some unseen gal on television who is getting fucked.


The disc includes an interactive menu, dude selection, chapter stops, and previews for "Ashton", "Dean, Brett & Trevor". The additional CD ROM contains previews for: "Brett and Caleb", "The Castle Day One", "Brett and Broderick", "The Island Day Four", "Caleb", "Steven", "Damon II", "Rocky Plus One", and "Brett and Dean Bake a Cake". Also included is a full color catalog of all the SCM releases.

Final Thoughts:

Straight "College Men Auditions #9" is an enjoyable 'n entertaining solo movie. All the dudes are appealing in their own way and it's a big turn on to see them jack their hard cocks knowing that no other dude has seen them like this until now. This is no-frills amateur filmmaking with stationary and hand-held camera by SCM muscle dude Dean. There are plenty of close-ups as the guys pull their pork and bust their nuts. For the most part, the direction and editing are sufficient providing scenes that are never too long and move along at a pleasant pace. A couple of the scenes with dudes who take forever to cum could have been edited down a bit. All the dudes are cool but my favorites are Ashton, Payton, Lance, and Carson. I recommend to fans of amateur straight guys pulling their puds for cash.

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