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Teens in Need

Studio: Score » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 6/24/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

One of the biggest deciders of the porn genre, is the attempts at different gimmicks, and approaches that often times work, and often times just fall flat. Preggo porn works, bondage works on some occasions, but POV porn is often a flat attempt at involving the viewer. Often times watching a woman blow a man off-screen with a large cock feels rather lame, because I bet there are many viewers out there whose cock is barely half that size. I'm not one of them, personally, because I have good genes, but is POV porn really a turn on? Am I supposed to hold my dick up to the screen and pretend I'm being blown? Somehow, sitporns are always much more entertaining than reality porn, in the end.

Scene One: Emma Red, Roller Skater Girl

If ever there was a more obvious reference to "Boogie Nights," there is Emma Red, a young girl donned in nothing but ancient roller skates, who is there to incite pleasant memories of dear old Heather Graham getting it on and never taking the skates off. Emma really never seems enticing enough to want to warrant pretending she's sucking my cock, as she's rather plain but still pretty, and does almost nothing but touch herself for a bit, and blows the camera man. She has a tight body, painted with stars, and really commits to the fucking, even if it was often difficult to get into as the camera kept wobbling while she gyrated. Red's segment is a sad topper to more mediocrity.

Scene Two: Kelsey Michaels, Lollipop Girl

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Kelsey Michaels is a doll, with features that seem almost normal, considering it's a porno. Her ears stick out, her eyes are large, and she's awfully petite. She licks and sucks a lollipop while trying to persuade the camera man to take off his pants, and proceeds to demonstrate her skills with the lollipop on his cock. She has great small little breasts, and can just flaunt her innocent gaze for the viewer, and help the gawks begin. It also helps she has a great ass hidden under a mini skirt that makes her all the more appealing. The sad thing is, in her attempts to keep the camera from wobbling, she barely moves at all during penetration, and only goes wild once anal is involved. Michaels is a pure beauty, but hardly a step up.

Scene Three: Misty Magenta, Carwash Girl

How the fuck can they botch Carwash Girl? She's sexy as hell, she has an excellent body, a wonderful ass, and looks damn inviting washing that parked car in the middle of the desert (?). Coming across the camera man, she invites him to watch and displays her beauty plump ass for him as she scrubs, and the two get to it. But the segment sadly just rambles on for a little while. Magenta has a great ass, but how many ways can we see her shaking it before we start fast forwarding to the fucking? And even when she finally starts the fucking, she's so out of range from the microphone we can barely tell if she's moaning or screaming. Her segment is yet another lackluster moment for such a cute girl.

Scene Four: Ivanna Rey, School Girl

They even fucked up "School Girl," what a shame. Ivanna Rey is a pure fox from the beginning, and looks so bashful, you almost relish seeing what she'd look like being pounded rough and hard. She has pigtails, a school outfit, all of which is covering some great lingerie. Rey is really hot, and has a great smile, and it's just too bad her segment is another mediocre one. But, because of her, this segment is worth a second viewing, because she looks great in pigtails, and has a beautiful little body on her.

Scene Five: Jeanie Marie, Painter Girl

Painter Girl is fire hot, she's really hot to watch, and the segment begins in just the right way, as she's spotted bending over and painting in short shorts, and a tight tank top. Jeanie Marie is rather beautiful in orange pig tails, and cute suspenders that don't suspend too much. Marie also plays the fool pretty well, faking ignorance to the camera man's come ons, and wondering why the hell he's hitting on her. They then proceed to fuck on a few paint stained tarps, and still it's a pretty average ending to an otherwise dull POV porn film. I was wondering if they'd do something creative with paint, but it's not surprising they didn't when they didn't do anything with the soap in the Carwash Girl Segment.



The video is pretty crisp and clean often, and only really tends to be too bright once the camera man steps outside to conduct segments. The film is bright and lively, and the settings are very sharp, and clean.


I had to turn this fucker up quite often, because I could barely make out what the hell anyone was saying in this. The conversations are often barely audible, and quite incoherent, and the rambling just sounds muffled. The camera man in particular sounds muffled as he's right next to the microphone, so any movement he makes presents a loud thump and he sounds very warbling, and fuzzy. The young girls here talk out of range, so there's barely any dialogue from them that we can actually make out, other than some "Sure" that drifts our way, and their screaming, of course. This was a troublesome audio presentation from minute one.


There's really nothing here other than previews to some porn that looks much better than "Teens in Need," a slideshow that's lame, considering the movie was just flat, and links to all Eighteen's official websites set to much of the porn actresses modeling and fondling themselves. It doesn't make up for the fact there's almost nothing to enjoy here.

Final Thoughts:

"Teens in Need" is a lame and rather dull porno movie that fails in the POV attempts, and is often hardly audible from the minute it starts. The models are cute, but the scenarios are just forced, and the sex scenes are lacking any passion, heat, and any energy. The movie is just a series of rather repetitive fucks, neither of which are ever as creative as they have the potential to be.

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