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Keep It Real

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/24/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Dates of Production:

February 2007 to May 2007

Directed By:

Rob Greco

The Movie:

NYC is filled with hot, butch, 'n streetwise Black and Latino dudes. They "Keep it Real" by skipping all the bullshit and get right down to intense 'n sweaty man-sex.

The Cast:

Carmello, Rhythm, Jay Scorpio, Kaj, Peanut, King, Tank, T. Malone, Remy, Paris.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

The Black and Latino dudes featured are all appealing with a mix of muscular, toned, and slender body types; full, trimmed, and shaved pubes; large/plump cut and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Rhythm (cute dude with very short hair, cool goatee, and toned body) and his buddy Carmello (nice-looking with dark hair/headband, goatee, tall/slender/smooth body with tattoos) lay around in bed talking about hating the drama in their lives. Carmello offers up his "business" and the dudes begin kissing with plenty of wet tongue action. "Why don't you suck on Daddy's dick?" Carmello's large cut cock just happens to be sticking out his boxer's fly. Rhythm grabs that tool and takes it down his gullet deep throating that fat fucker. Rhythm digs that big dong and exclaims, "You just got that perfect suckable dick!" Rhythm sucks a mean cock. Carmello yanks his pal's boxers down revealing full dark pubes, hangy nuts, and a meaty clipped tool. He chows down on that dick working the knob and cramming the fat man-worm down is hungry throat.

The dudes get tangled in a sixty-nine as they both gorge on hard meat leading Carmello to fuck Rhythm's face with his chunky tool using fast strokes. Loud slurping and sucking sounds fill the room. Carmello munches down on Rhythm's tight shaved bunghole licking the pucker and eating the hell out of that hot ass. Carmello fucks Rhythm from behind with fast smooth strokes. Spinning out of control in a lust-filled daze, Rhythm wildly rides Carmello's rigid meat pole. The dudes are very into each other and the fucking is intense. Carmello pounds Rhythm in the missionary position with a very nice camera shot from behind of Carmello's tight hairy butt hole. Rhythm pulls his pork while being drilled and shoots a thick load of spunk on his stomach. Carmello busts a large thick nut on Rhythm's butt crack and back and licks up his man-goo. Hot load!

Scene Two:

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Personal Trainer Jay Scorpio (hot dude with short hair, beard, and tall/toned body with tattoos) meets with new client Kaj (cool looking with short black hair, goatee, and smooth/toned body) and puts him through his paces with pushups, lunges, and sit-ups. Jay is quick to help Kaj with those sit- ups holding his feet while Kaj continues to exercise with his legs spread wide apart. Kaj digs the attention and soon the outline of his growing cock is visible though the thin material of his shorts. Jay pulls those shorts down revealing Kaj's dark trimmed pubes, plump nuts, and cut tool. He sucks that big dick slobbering up and down the shaft and making loud popping and sucking noises. Fist wrapped tightly around that rigid stalk, Jay gives excellent head. The dudes take a quick break from dick sucking for some very hot wet tongue kissing. Kaj pulls Jay's jogging pants down exposing his long/hard uncut cock which is sticking straight out with the foreskin halfway covering the moist knob.

In a highly erotic moment, Jay lays on top of Kaj as the two dudes slowly make out. Jay eats Kaj's tight shaved asshole licking the pucker and making sexy 'n loud slurping noises. Jay definitely knows his way around a pouting pucker. He slides his dong up Kaj's chute from behind using plenty of lube and long strokes. Kaj cries out in a mix of pleasure and pain as Jay humps his bum using slow/smooth 'n steady motions. Switching to the missionary position, Jay uses the same techniques to drive his buddy to the brink of no return while the camera provides a hot shot of Jay's tight shaved starfish as he plows. These dudes are definitely into the action and give hot performances. Jay straddles Kaj as both guys jack off. Kaj cuts loose with a large thick load of love spooge on his toned stomach. Jay dumps a load all over Kaj's stomach. Jay has a hot cum-filled foreskin.

Scene Three:

Peanut (good-looking with short hair and toned/smooth body and tattoos) and his pal King (nice-looking with short hair and toned/smooth body) play cards shirtless showing off their hot bods. Peanut wants to wait until he wins before he'll tell what he's playing for. Of course King looses and is soon chowing down on Peanut's big fat cut cock cramming the thick ebony meat down his throat and giving excellent head. King goes to town on that dong as Peanut uses his hand to guide his friend's mouth. Peanut munches down on King's tight bunghole sliding his busy pink tongue quickly back and forth over the pulsing pucker. King digs the ass eating with lots of heavy breathing and sharp intakes of air. Peanut fucks King from behind using fast 'n smooth/quick 'n hard lubed pounding. These dudes get down to some seriously hard fucking. Peanut does not let up. Hot! King plays a game of the old sink/bounce and then gets porked in the missionary position with some nice close-ups of Peanut's tight shaved butt hole. King beats his stiff cut tool while being drilled shooting a thick load of man-juice on his stomach. Peanut shoots a small but very thick load on his stomach.

Scene Four:

Tank (cute with cool sideburns and cap, smooth/muscular body) shows his pal T. Malone (good-looking with short hair and smooth/toned body wearing an Earth Wind & Fire tee shirt) how to look up gay porn on the Internet. The dudes get turned on and begin to rub each other's bodies. T. Malone sucks Tank's hard nipples while pulling his pal's tight red briefs down exposing his hard cut cock. He takes the stiff member down his throat jacking the shaft and making love to the swollen organ with his mouth. T. Malone pulls his clothes off to reveal his dark pubes and clipped dong. Tank fucks T. Malone from behind using long 'n smooth lubed strokes filling that tight shaved chute with plenty of hard tube steak. T. Malone digs getting plowed and makes all types of pouting, sighing, and mmmmmm sounds. This is some hard 'n intense porking. Tank drills his friend in the missionary position commanding him to "Take all that dick!" T. Malone chows back down on Tank's prick making him shoot a thick load on T.'s chest and stomach. T. Malone shoots a large thick load that flies out of his cock with great force hitting his chest.

Scene Five:

Paris (very hot dude with short hair and toned/smooth/tattooed body) is boozin' it up with his pal Remy (good-looking with short hair, goatee, and toned/smooth body). The liquor is flowing freely making the dudes loose their inhibitions as they start to kiss with plenty of wet tongue play. Paris strips down showing off his shaved pubes, hot nuts, and fat cut cock. Remy sucks that big dick sliding his wet mouth up 'n down the stiff shaft and making Remy murmur in his low sexy voice, "Yeah, Baby". He eats Remy's bunghole flicking his pink tongue over the pucker. The dudes get into a sixty-nine and both chow down on getting a good taste of meat. Paris munches down on Remy's tight hairy asshole with some very nice close-ups of that hot man-pussy. Paris begins to rub his large ebony tube against Remy's butt crack for a hot 'n horny dry hump.

"I'm gonna fuck you like you never been fucked before, yo!" With this explicit promise, Paris slides his hard cock up Remy's tight man-chute as heavy deep sighs and moans fill the room. There's a nice camera shot from behind of the dudes' hot hangy nuts as Paris pounds that hole. Frankly, Paris fucks the daylights out of Remy! Switching to the missionary position, Paris continues his anal "assault" with some of the most intense fucking I've ever witnessed. Gawd! To finish up, the dudes beat their meat with Paris laying on the sofa and Remy kneeling next to him. Both guys shoot large thick loads covering Paris in white cock snot. Hot!



Keep It Real is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of juicy close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes and their sexy NYC accents, heavy breathing, loud sucking noises, and natural sounds of city traffic from outside.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops. There are no extra features.

Final Thoughts:

Director Rob Greco along with The Latino Fan Club and Real Urban Men Productions has another huge turn-on with "Keep It Real". The direction, videography, and editing created five intense scenes of no-holds-barred cock sucking and butt sex. This is some of the hardest fucking I've seen since starting my review gig. The dudes are clearly into each other and the action filling the rooms with loud sucking and slurping noises as well as deep breathing and moans as they fuck, get fucked, and shoot their thick loads of man juice. I like the use of natural NYC sounds such as heavy traffic and sirens as they give the movie an authentic feel. Another non-sexual aspect of the movie that's cool is the title sequence. It reminds me of cool drive-in blaxploitation movies of the early 1970s. I was half expecting to see Pam Grier barge in with guns blazing! I like all the dudes with my favorites being Peanut, Paris, Rhythm, Jay Scorpio, and Remy. Once again, The Latino Fan Club does not disappoint. I highly recommend for fans of Black and Latino dudes with streetwise attitudes and big fat dongs looking for relief.

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