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Extreme Holly Goes Solo

Studio: Pink Visual Productions » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 6/25/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Internet Clip Compilation
Director: Unknown
Cast:: Extreme Holly
Length: 135 mins
Production Date: 2006

In a Nutshell - Good Given Its Mixed Media Origins
Presented in a 1.33:1 full screen image, the visual element of Extreme Holly Goes Solo is very good, especially when considering that this is essentially a bunch of homemade hardcore. Granted, Holly probably has some manner of crew working with her (we catch a glimpse of them during some Behind the Scenes footage), but she's basically like Seymore Butts in that she's performing in found locales. It's not the easiest XXX scenario to pull off, and yet this DVD does so.

In a Nutshell - The Basics, Plus Holly and a Friend
Aside from the standard shill material, we get a bonus scene between our star and an initially unwilling porn pal (don't worry - it's an act). Presented in a more S&M sort of mode, Holly spanks and chokes her paramour, performs cunnilingus, uses a fat kielbasa sausage to probe her pussy and her pooper, does a little V to M, gives the large link a blowjob, and even inserts the other end into her privates for a little double dong action. There is some minor vomiting involved (more like minor chewing and regurgitation) and Holly really lays on the dominatrix act. It's an intriguing bonus, but like the feature itself, it won't agree with everyone.


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For those who know her work, and her website, her reputation precedes her. Extreme Holly is an Internet star because she takes her name very seriously. Devoted to doing things nastier and naughtier than any other XXX actress in the industry, this is a gal noted for going gonzo one better. She's snorted sperm and experimented with vomerophilia (sexual pleasure via vomiting), but perhaps her biggest claim to (shame) fame is her ability to stick almost anything into her privates. From pens to athletic equipment, the typical to the insane, Holly's fans pay good money each month to see her investigate her innards with all manner of objects. They can even send in specific items and request individual fetishes. Always one to please, Holly does her best to comply. It's these specific sequences, as well as a collection of standard scenes, that make up the vast majority of this DVD. While she changes quite a bit throughout the course of the content (voluptuous to thin, real to surgically augmented), Holly's whore act remains the shame - take something you wouldn't normally associate with sex and she will cram it up her coot/crapper.

We begin with flashlights. Holly sits on her kitchen island and proceeds to DP herself with the multi-purpose plastic torches. Next up is a popsicle or two. Easily melting inside her warm woman parts, her individual entryways are reduced to a slippery, syrupy mess. While performing some necessary oral hygiene, our star sends her electric toothbrush to places it was not intended to go, and then we are introduced to the patron portion of the title. Holly thanks a New York Yankees fan for a replica jersey, and then accents said appreciation by fucking a baseball bat. After that, the creation of a few homemade signs leads to our hostess hamfisting eight magic markers into her snatch. She then follows that up with an oversized cucumber (used to provide mock oral, tit fucking and orifice gratification). Pain is explored with some carefully placed wax from a few lit candles, and a dildo helps round out the randiness. Finally, Holly sits in the backseat of a car and does something dirty with a screwdriver, a wrench, and another faux phallus. There's a little more DP here, and then the DVD is over.

Like any outrageous fetish and/or form of paraphilia, the things Extreme Holly does are not for the everyday hardcore viewer. There are some sequences that look very painful (believe it or not, the cuke draws a little blood when it's removed from her ass - yikes!) and more than a couple of the objects appear antithetical to what sexual satisfaction is all about. Holly adds to the oddness by working her cunt like it's a carp's mouth. She'll grab a pair of things, insert them, and then make with the unnatural gape. Even when she's purposefully playing with discomfort (as in the paraffin sequence) we sense a level of danger that will do very little for the common dick to dame lover. No, this is specific satisfaction aimed for a particular proclivity, so be warned. On the plus side, Holly is very personable and appreciative. She goes out of her way to thank her admirers, and makes sure they understand that, without them, she'd be nothing. Fake or utterly sincere, it's an attitude that helps soften the blow of many of Extreme Holly's more mystifying stunts. If she chose to be a normal porn star, she'd be an above average celeb. But in her own unusual world, Holly is a hero, and this DVD definitely explains why.

Disco Dirge Peter Meter Rating: 3 out of 5 (Recommended)
Cohabitation Certification: Withheld
While it's definitely not his cup of tea, the Dirge will agree that Extreme Holly is a solid sex film freak. Even without the gratuitous gimmickry and outrageous acts, she'd be one hot fuck and suck superstar. Oddly enough, this may be the most subdued of the performer's many presentations, so it's also a perfect way to gauge your Extreme Holly tolerances. If you like Goes Solo, you can choose to move deeper into her carnal canon. If you don't, well, I'm sure she won't mind. Earning a deserved Recommended, this is not a title for couples. Ladies will be lost on why anyone would find such peculiar penetrations pleasurable. So no Certification can be awarded. Still, all you insertion fetish fiends listen up. Holly has a handful of tricks and she can't wait to show you each and every one. Unless you want to pay for a monthly subscription to her site, this will be the next best thing.

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