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Tease Me

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/26/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Tease Me

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Vignette

Director: B. Skow

Cast: Lanny Barby, Will Powers, Nadia Styles, James Deen, Trent Soluri, Tommy Gunn, Penny Flame, Stefani Morgan, Sascha, Brooke Haven

Length: 167:51 minutes

Date of Production: 10/17/2006

Extra's: For many of you, the completely unrelated bonus scenes from Dumb Blonde, Haunted, The Return of Tori Wells, The Secretary, and Wet Nurse will be the best extras. They were not the best such scenes ever offered on a Vivid DVD but did add some value for me so you might enjoy them too. There were also trailers to Debbie Does Dallas Again, Illicit, Dinner Party, and Sexy Young Thing, as well as a biography for hotty Lanny Barby, a photogallery of the contract babe, some spam, and a positions room too. For me though, the best extra was the 9:24 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that started off with sexy Lanny welcoming the viewer. Unlike many other features, this one spent a lot of time showcasing Lanny and as a fan; I appreciated it (though more time on Penny and Stefani would have been nice too). She was seen in action, during her photoshoots, and giving short interviews between the humorous comments so check it out!

Condoms: One

Audio/Video Quality: Tease Me was presented in the same 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment. For those unfamiliar with his background, suffice it to say that his experience outside of porn is superior to many inside the industry and it shows up in his movies, including this one as shot in HD, though presented in the SD format (for now) as shot in 1080i to provide a lot of resolution supporting some of the effects (making it look more like a real movie than just a porno). The lighting was reasonably well handled but some of the scenes appeared to be over saturated and dark; not completely uninteresting visually but still outside of the style I have been attributing to the director for so long now. The composition of the camera angles and lighting were almost always optimal this time though, Skow seeing fit to enhance the look of the ladies at every turn. The fleshtones were not as accurate this time but the DVD mastering was well done (if in a bitrate hovering around 4 Mbps), making it a mixed bag in terms of visual quality. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps) offering with the vocals sounding flat and the music pretty decent. For some reason, the levels were lower than usual but aside from the added background noise from doing so, the dynamic range was average and the separation of the vocal track nonexistent.

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Body of Review: What do Burnt Fury, Circus, $2 Bill, and Groupie have in common? Well, among other things, they have gorgeous Lanny Barby providing great sex scenes as well as direction by the talented B. Skow; one of my most consistently favored directors at Vivid Entertainment these days. Whatever it is about these two working together that makes their works so heated and worthy of my time, money, and seed; I can't say for sure but I do know what works and whatever it is, it works! Their latest collaboration is called Tease Me, a series of five lengthy vignettes that use a lot more tease footage than Vivid is known for as the cast went at each other with the ladies clearly in control of the tempo of the scenes. The scenarios were minimal and I found all of the scenes to be top notch in so many ways that I'm very happy to report that the tag team duo were in great form yet again. Here's a brief glimpse into the scenes by cast and action, noting that one condom was used for Stefani Morgan:

Scene One: Lanny Barby, the hotty featured on the front cover, was up first as she accepted a ride along a deserted roadway from Will Powers. The dry humor of her initial question to him might be lost on the fast forward crowd but it struck me as amusing to say the least, resulting in them making a pit stop where he felt up her breasts and other body parts, her sexy accent enhancing the moment more than a little bit. Her seductive eyes mesmerized and she was soon sucking him off as well as any gonzo gal on the market, the scene shot in a quasi-POV as she led the charge to sexual satisfaction. The titty fuck came at her request and she soon actively riding his pole after more oral. The way she bounced on his cock was great, the panting and expressions on her face priceless as she proved why she is such a valuable commodity to the company. While the later tint of the scene was too saturated, the sex was great and just when it looked like she'd drive him over the edge with her sweet vaginal ride, they started doing anal as she demanded he take her back door. She wasn't as active in the anal but it was still hot to watch and the ending facial closed out what amounted to a highly strokable opening scene. Whew!

Scene Two: Nadia Styles, a sweet looking cutie all dolled up as a stripper (complete with stage and pole), was up next as she did a full routine of taking her clothing off to blaring music while James Deen and Trent Soluri threw dollar bills at her as if in a real club. Had this been a real club where they wanted to gain her attention, they'd have tossed high denomination bills her way but this being porn, we accept the quirks of scenarios such as this since they feature gals like Nadia. The strip tease lasted a long time when she pulled them up on the stage with her, the men naked and giving her mouth a hot beef injection as she alternated between them. It was enthusiastic and energetic, her squealing with delight adding to the fun even if the music was too loud for the action in my estimation. With some dirty talk and hand to gland combat, she was soon taking them in her cookie one at a time; actively pushing back on one while slurping up on the dick of the other. The guys might not be top tier talent but she treated them like royalty, never letting up as she enjoyed working with them. The scene closed out when James gave her a facial and Trent provided a crotch pop, Nadia only slightly going over board in terms of her vocals. Yum!

Scene Three: Lanny Barby, wearing booty shorts and a skimpy blue jean top, was up next as she stroked herself outside while observing a shirtless Tommy Gunn; a man whose muscles glistened in the daylight. These two were the perfect match for one another, the chemistry exuded reaching very appealing levels as they kissed and she slowly, seductively, offered herself up to him. He appeared to be infatuated and they were soon inside where she masturbated for his viewing pleasure, not letting him go too fast but controlling his focal points as the action built up some steamy heat. As the title suggested, this was another scene where the tease factor was impressive; showing Lanny at her best instead of just getting the guy off quickly. The same dynamic continued as she slobbed his knob, taking her time as she made him appreciate her charms all the more by keeping him going. While he did savor her pussy a bit, the vaginal romp was exceptionally warm as they panted looked at each other like she was cheating on me (just testing you). Most of the positions had him in dominant stances so she wasn't as active this time but it was another reason to love this flick. The scene ended with him providing her a dose of population pudding, some of the semen going onto her frame (her breasts did look larger here, as per the BTS cameraman) before fading away. Sweet!

Scene Four: Penny Flame, the silly 420 friendly gal with the appealing goofus act, and major cutie Stefani Morgan, were up next outside as they played with each other in lesbian style while pushing off Sascha. This was done as part of the central theme of teasing him, the gals slowly stripping their bikinis off but slapping his hand away as they explored each other in front of him. As far as lesbian action is concerned, I have long been a fan (even before Janine solidified my appreciation for such scenes) and these two came off like they were very receptive to each other, elevating the heat of the scene nicely as the droning music played in the background. I also liked how the ladies kept teasing him as they did each other, never forgetting their purpose before he was allowed to join in (thanks to their need for "dick"). They teasingly asked if they could suck his dick, taking turns as they blew him and gave him some titty fuck action (thanks to Penny). Stefani was the first to get some cock inside her cookie, Sascha required to wear a condom as he sweat up a storm on the location. Penny played assistant at first but soon was riding him too, the sun setting as the dirty talk freely flowed from Penny. That said, Penny finished him off with her tight pussy and Stefani took the facial to cumswap it with her partner in crime; the semen let loose on Penny's breast before the camera faded out. Yowza!

Scene Five: Lanny Barby, wearing a black next to nothing outfit, was up last with curvy Brooke Haven, also dressed in slutware. They followed the tease dynamic well enough with some lesbian action, the background too dark but providing the scene with a means to keep the eye fixated as they passionately did one another. This was great stuff and while I found the choice of meat puppets in James Deen to be a bit lame, I give the little guy credit for savoring the taste of them both orally and with his fingers nicely enough. The gals each played assistant for one another to augment his talents, Brooke getting the first dip of his wick before Lanny offered herself up too much for him to ignore. The dirty talk, blowjobs, and PTM were off sweet but the aggressive riding style both ladies displayed were what really drove the replay and strokability of the scene for me; Brooke's anal the slowest part of the scene for me (and still well done). The scene ended with Brooke getting the titty pop and doing some post coital sucking, Lanny joining in before the credits rolled. Wow!

Summary: Tease Me by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment was a splendid effort well worth a rating of Highly Recommended. Lanny was her exceptionally skilled self and the other ladies were also in fine form as they drained the balls of any takers heading their way, the minor technical difficulties in terms of the picture never getting too out of hand as the strokability, replay, and amounts of fuck for the buck came close to receiving a collector rating from me. I admit that I'm a fan of the cast, especially Lanny but Tease Me was more than just an awesome showcase for Lanny Barby but a fine fuck flick on multiple levels. Having watched this twice now, I can safely say that Lanny and director B. Skow should be exclusively working together given the kinds of scenes they generate together; working in unison to make porn that Vivid detractors would be floored by in terms of the action.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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