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One, The

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/26/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The One

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Feature

Director: Jonathan Morgan

Cast: Stormy Daniels, Voodoo, Kelly Kline, Sunny Lane, Delilah Strong, Mr. Pete, Cassie Young, Randy Spears, Katie Morgan, Brianna Love, Evan Stone, Nicole Sheridan, Eric Masterson

Length: 89:52 minutes

Date of Production: 1/31/2007

Extra's: One of the best extras was an Easter Egg presenting a great Sunny Lane interview lasting 21:21 minutes long on the front page (they are rarely this long, it can be found by clicking on the company logo on the upper left hand corner of the front menu page). Jonathan was interviewing her as though she were up for a contract spot and got to feel her up in POV fashion, leading to her doing a solo masturbation scene with a striped toy. For many of you others, the best extra will be the fair scene between Stormy Daniels and Marcus London taken from Driven that I described below and lasted 14:54 minutes in a letterboxed format. Personally, I like new extras that are geared towards the release in hand so I enjoyed the 22:11 minute long Behind the Scene feature by Mark Stone more but I prefer unique extras in my movies more than most so your mileage may vary accordingly (especially if you already have the movie the bonus scene came from). There was more sex, nudity, and short interviews as the guy meandered around the sets of the flick, talking with cast and crew, spending a lot of time trying to get the inside scoop from director Jonathan and the cast (~Jef editing yet again). There were the usual photogalleries (9) and 3 Star Stats, a whole 4:23 minutes of bloopers from the multi-day shoot, the 2007 Promotional Reel, spam, DVD Catalog of Wicked Pictures titles, the usual DVD ROM material, and trailers to movies like Gossip, Sleeping Around, For Love, Money Or A Greencard, Watching Samantha, Taken, & Three Wishes,

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The One was presented in the same 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director Jonathan Morgan for Wicked Pictures as shot & mastered in High Definition (with assistance by Francois Clousot). The DVD was not an HD DVD release but it did look pretty well shot, using video instead of film to limit grain and a lot of darker shots to mimic real life encounters (let's face it, most sex doesn't take place in well lit settings) with my only caveat being that the resulting shadows were not always compensated for in how Francois presented them. There were compression artifacts (it was typically showing a bitrate of mid 5 Mbps) and the overall impression the movie left with me was that more care was applied here than in some of the company's other lower budget releases, making it a treat to watch by comparison. The audio was presented with a choice of either a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English (with a bitrate of 384 Kbps) or a 2.0 DD track in Spanish. I listened to the English track and while I didn't hear any appreciable separation on the audio, it was nicely put together otherwise. The music was uncredited but did manage to add a comedic feel to the movie's scenarios, making that aspect pretty decent (even when some jokes feel flat). Still, as limited the audio was in this mid-level budget feature, it was handled pretty well overall.

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Body of Review: Stormy "The Princess" Daniels is carving her place in the porn pantheon out as a director & writer these days but for many of us, her true calling is related to her physical appearance and performance skills. Over time, she has been working on the former to show a lot of potential while still pleasing fans as a starlet worthy of her awards so I was happy to see her working for talented director Jonathan Morgan recently in a romantic comedy for Wicked Pictures called The One. The movie is a story about a couple that fall into the trap of over analyzing their commitment to one another based on the infamous three words that have done more to ruin good relations everywhere than just about everything short of "Honey, come look at my porn collection" on a first date. Led by director Jonathan Morgan, Stormy Daniels and Voodoo do an exceptional job as do the rest of the talented cast with some of the best dialogue I've heard all year long. The Back cover said it like this: "Three Little Words Can Cause One Big Mess. There comes a point in every relationship when it's time to say those three little words. But how do you know it's the right moment? What do you do if the reaction isn't what you thought it would be? How do you know this person is The One? For Jennifer (Stormy Daniels) and Dave (Voodoo) the moment has just arrived. In this hilarious comedy from Jonathan Morgan, a young couple explores the true meaning of their relationship...with a little unsolicited help from their past (and often hysterically disastrous) significant others." If this sounds as good to you as it did to me, you'll definitely want to take a look at the movie for the laughs and stroke value. Here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used in all the scenes:

Scene One: Stormy Daniels, the lovely blonde featured on the front DVD cover, was up in her sexy red dress as she and Voodoo pawed each other like a couple of teenagers on prom night. They came into the house kissing and getting naked, showing some fine passion as they headed for the bedroom together, showing a different dynamic than usual as they went at it. The oral they did was decent but hers was especially solid with her hand assisted corkscrew method serving up extra heat, her gyrating hips impaling on his cock as she rode him into oblivion. I haven't seen her acting very active of late so this was a nice change of pace that I appreciated as the two used dirty talk to work each other up. He came on her stomach and she uttered the infamous three words mentioned on the front cover, propelling the story forward with the uncomfortable craziness that ensued.

Scene Two: Kelly Kline, Sunny Lane, and Delilah Strong, each playing an environmentally friendly tree hugger, were up next in a loud lesbian scene with large toys. Yes, they were over the top with the vocals and I didn't get the impression that they were having nearly as much fun as they could have but the licking, sticking, caressing, and kissing all added up to punctuate the other scenes even more than usual (and they did look good together). Fans of anal toy work will like this one too, the assisted anal toy play figuring prominently in the scene.

Scene Three: Stormy Daniels, still beating herself up over her slip of the tongue (verbally of course), was up next in bed as she argued with Mr. Pete (who played a figment of her imagination). They kissed, made up, and she dropped to her knees to show again what she is best at in life (and I speak from the position of an admirer in this sense). Her blowjob was too short, a testament to her skill if nothing else, and it was mere moments later that his population pudding was gracing her face.

Scene Four: Cassie Young, playing a lean blonde trailer trash type, was up next hitting on cable TV repairman Randy Spears after he fixed her set. That led to her pushing him down on the bed to get a look at his hard tools, the couple undressing extremely fast after the cliché ridden dialogue (that actually worked really well considering the theme) was over with. She got her nipples hard blowing him, jumping on his dick in no time as she teased him a little to get him into the act. She was an active cock rider and her ass looked great bent over on his lap as the two actively pounded. They bumped uglies in several positions before he busted a nut on her chest; a series of similar encounters alluded to in the comedic portion of the scene at the end (using the production crew to hilarious effect).

Scene Five: Katie Morgan, one of my favorite blondes in porn, sexy cutie Brianna Love, and the mighty Evan Stone, were up next as he impressed the ladies with his financial portfolio to keep them from leaving. This worked wonders and the gals were soon working his cock over orally in no time, their fine bodies wearing skimpy outfits that enhanced their appeal all the more (if that was even possible). The blowjob and straight sex showed a lot of raw energy and enthusiasm if little pacing by the trio, Brianna's squeaky voice outdoing Katie's baby talk for once. Brianna also elevated the heat by doing anal, allowing Evan to tear into her really heatedly. Both gals took a dicking and kept on licking though, Even rubbing out his wad on Katie's chest for the gals to share; some last minute, post coital sucking finishing things up before the ladies made a gut busting series of comments before the capper; Evan asking Stormy is she believed him or her own lying eyes (Classic!).

Scene Six: Nicole Sheridan, playing a curvy control freak boss, was up next as she pressured Voodoo to earn his position as her personal assistant where he was required to "un-tense" her weary body. She threw him to the motel room bed and they were soon screwing in doggy style, Nicole appreciating how large he was as he drilled her seriously. The vaginal led to anal and the minor oral done here included him practically fisting her (no thumb of course) before the anal led to him rubbing out a load on her crotch. The possessive gal proved to live up to her reputation of being a controlling psycho, the humor element a mixed blessing given how accurate a portrayal her persona was given thanks to writer Daniels.

Scene Seven: Stormy Daniels, up last but certainly no less appealing than in her previous scenes, finished the movie with Eric Masterson, who was playing a geeky loser with a major effeminate streak. Her handjob and hummer were as sweet as ever, the music actually working better this time than the blaring crud from earlier. While she wasn't quite as active at riding the cock here, it was a decent scene of moderate stroke value thanks to her physical appeal. It ended with a belly blast and him being a wacko pussy (aka: "a sensitive wuss").

Bonus Scene: Driven: Stormy Daniels, the hotty on the front DVD cover, was up first with muscular Marcus London after the two met for drinks to discuss their troubles with Randy. She tempted Marcus with her heavenly assets, so they went back to her place after some kissing and feeling up, ending up on her staircase where her short skirt proved no impediment to the camera before it flew off with her top. The camera remained an active partner in this scene, capturing the playful couple engaged in carnal activity as he fingered her to readiness and then ate her out. He attacked her orally a bit too aggressively but she told him she wanted it so that's what she got. Unfortunately, her own oral action was truncated and her typically solid hummer was missing except for the briefest of knob slobbing. The screwing showed him doing most of the work in the vaginal penetration, moving down to a loveseat for better leverage when he took her doggy style. His face turned beet red with sweat as he tapped away, ending with a modest pop shot to her chest before the scene ended. I was surprised at how passive Stormy was given the way her character initiated the sex and her usual performances, marking this as weaker than average for her work.

Summary: The One by director Jonathan Morgan for Wicked Pictures was a solid showcase for the acting and sexual talents of Stormy Daniels, better than those she herself makes in fact. Still, the movie had a lot more to appreciate than just her as the rest of the cast were in fine form as well, the sex equaling the funny lines written by the starlet that managed to make a lot of good points about modern romance so I rated it as Recommended. In short, The One was a light hearted comedy in the tradition of Wicked Pictures, able to make me laugh and rub out a few loads as naturally as ever, employing some stereotypes but doing so in such a way that most of us will recognize exactly where the director was coming from. Pick up a copy if you want something you can watch with a significant other, knowing that if she slips up and mutters the infamous phrase "I love you", at least you'll be able to laugh your way out of it while watching the movie's zany antics.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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