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Russian Teen Obsession

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 6/29/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

I don't particularly have a Russian Teen Obsession, even considering the fact they don't know how to say no, but there's a particular fetish in Russian teens, that "Russian Teen Obsession" touches upon, and touches upon well. And then touches breasts. All kidding aside, "Russian Teen Obsession" was a film that filled me with high expectations. The opening alone left me with much anticipation as to what the over two hour movie had in store for me. In the end, though Rocco Siffredi's porn is an entertaining if overwrought little movie that has a great extra worth the price of the DVD alone.

Three's Company, six is an orgy

The first model up, Sveta, is a gorgeous woman with a fantastic ass, and clit, and is found by the shore one day chatting it up with her friends. Two inept tourists, in an attempt to find a landmark, are taken up by she and her friends, and things escalate. Sveta agrees to model for them, and ends up playing a game that then transforms into a full on orgy. Sveta herself is a beautiful woman and one with a firm body that's utterly killer. She and her friends take full advantage of these two men, and get more than they bargained for. Sveta gains most of the focus, getting eaten out by the bald tourist, and engaging in a passionate one on one, while her friends play amongst themselves, with the second tourist fondling them all. It's a really hot segment that's worth a few replays here and there, because the lead up to it is great and as the group mingles, and engages in all sorts of finger play and fucking, Sveta remains the main focus, and for good reason.

Bondage for Hire

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Sonia is a gorgeous woman, one who didn't particularly garner a second look upon the opening credits. She's caught trading and dealing bondage materials in the forms of straps and chains with a street side seller, and she is most anxious to get the job done. She takes him up to her apartment to try them on, and things between the two and her roommates Kalie and Kleo escalate as the experiments get heated. The build up to this scene is also rather entertaining, as the seller seems to take advantage of a golden opportunity. Before long Sonia's beautiful roommates engage in girl on girl, and he takes advantage of their buyer's remorse, by putting them on one another, making them eat one another out, and then eventually fucking Sonia, who watches from a distance. The entire flirt and rough fucking sequence between the salesman and the three roommates is rather engaging, if goofy at times, but the girls look great getting slapped, dominated, and eventually fucked.

Girl Scouting

Lola and Dana are two absolutely beautiful and petite girlfriends caught on the street arm in arm walking home. Confused for girl scouts, two astonished men start up a conversation, and begin questioning and flirting with them, even though they insist they're school girls and not girl scouts. They walk in on a photo shoot taking place with the lovely leather clad Alex, and before long, the friends are persuaded to strip and fuck for the camera. Lola, a gorgeous girl with a face very similar to Cameron Diaz, is led off engaging in a long passionate blowjob, while Dana straps down Alex, and the two switch as Lola goes girl on girl with the beautiful Alex, while Dana is spread on the bed, and inevitably fucked from all ends. Lola and Dana are very charismatic about the situation they get themselves into, and their scenes with Alex, who is strapped and bound with black tape is hot, as is the eventual finisher with Lola and the camera man that works.



The video is of great quality, even if it tends to be fuzzy at times. The layer changes can be noticeable, but all in all, the transition is smooth, with a full screen format. The scenes in the apartments are often clear and crisp, with bright colors that can be blinding at times, but still very bearable, even in the midst of the fucking. The video compliments the great scenery we're given in the Russian outdoor sequences.


The sound could really have been better. Often times I could barely understand anything that the folks on-screen were saying, and the outdoors sequences were rather incoherent and often times difficult to comprehend. In spite of Russian speaking cast, their conversations are never quite audible, and the body sounds are also rather distant, as there's not too much pounding and slapping heard.


We're given a load of extra features, including the Cumshot Chapters, in which we're able to replay all of the cumshots in all of the segments in a row. Beyond that, we have a great Behind the Scenes special that details the utter difficulties with scenes and the cast. One of the actresses during Sonia's segment just goes ballistic after having her hair pulled, and Siffredi improvises a scene on the spot that makes it into the final cut, and Sonia and the male actor fondle one another while Kalie is on her cell phone in the background. Kalie gives the most difficulty, crying, screaming, and putting up a fuss about every scene, and it's quite telling of the false notion that directing is the best job in the world. The behind the Scenes is probably the best feature of the DVD as we're given a bonus scene with Laisha of her fondling herself for the camera, and fucking another of the actors in a bathroom, trailers for future releases, an entertaining photo gallery, filmographies for Layma and Kleo, a biography of Rocco Siffredi, as well as an ad for her website.

Final Thoughts:

"Russian Teen Obsession" can get slightly tedious, but it's full of three large and exciting segments involving utterly beautiful Russian girls, and men giving it to them in all areas. The set ups to the sequences are fun to watch, and most of the scenes involving foreplay, spanking, and some rough asphyxiation is hot. With some great extras, and gorgeous women, I'd say it's definitely worth a glance in the end.

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