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Farmboy Discipline

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/30/07

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Date of Production:

October 2006

Directed By:

Keith Miller

The Cast:

Jeff Sterne, Constantine Aimes, Aaron Armstrong, Aiden Shay, Aaron Tyler, Dakota Brittain.

The Movie:

Strict disciplinarian Jeff Sterne runs a farm with the help of cute young twinks (all age 18+). These naughty boys constantly break the rules and must be taught a lesson!

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

The twinks are appealing in their own ways with a variety of long and short dark hair, tall/slender and toned bodies, trimmed and shaved pubes, and cut cocks.

Scene One:

Jeff Sterne (nice-looking guy who looks to be in his early forties with short brown hair and dressed in a long-sleeve plaid shirt and blue jeans) has a fitting punishment in mind for naughty farmboy Constantine Aimes (cute with longish black hair and tall/slender/smooth body). It seems that Constantine is supposed to be out working in the field but has been caught "screwing around" instead. Mumbling a feeble lie about washing dishes, Constantine realizes the gig is up and he must take his discipline. "There are consequences when you don't follow though and do what you're told to do!" Jeff pushes Constantine down on a bale of hay and spanks him with strong open-palmed slaps. ""ou young punks are all the same!" Constantine lies across Jeff's lap as Jeff continues to teach him a lesson.

Jeff undoes Constantine's belt and blue jeans pulling 'em down and feeling his hot bum though the thin material of his tight white briefs. Jeff pulls the briefs hard giving his farmboy a complete wedgie and exposing his pink butt cheeks. The spanking continues alternating between feeling that sexy butt and smacking it. "Starting to learn your lesson?" Constantine cries out that he's sorry but of course this is not enough for stern Jeff. He pulls Constantine's briefs down, pulls those cheeks apart, and exposes a tight shaved bunghole. Jeff actually spanks that pouting pucker! Perhaps it was talking back to him! Constantine's plump nuts and cut cock are now visible. "On the farm we have these wonderful things to keep the animals in line and they work very well to keep humans in line too!" Jeff uses a leather strap on Constantine's bum. Slap! Slap! Slap! That bum is glowing pink. Constantine once again cries out this time in his bunched up briefs. Once the spanking is complete, Constantine dresses and leaves. There is no sex in this scene.

Scene Two:

Jeff is always ready to administer discipline and has plans for Aaron Armstrong (cute with brown hair and slender/smooth body) who has been caught sneaking booze in past the 10:00 p.m. curfew. "This is how we take care of young men like you who don't listen and don't obey!" Aaron is ordered to bend over the same bale of hay (the same cheap set is used for each scene) and receives numerous hard open-palmed spanks through his blue jeans. Aaron pulls his jeans down revealing tight blue briefs. Jeff is just getting started and begins to rub that butt followed by more spanking. Aaron closes his eyes and begins to pout and moan while being disciplined.

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Jeff pulls those neon briefs down revealing Aaron's bright pink bum and then spreads his butt cheeks exposing his tight hairy touchhole. Again, Jeff spanks that pucker. "I'm going to make sure you realize the severity of your little infraction. Understand that?" Jeff uses a black leather belt to rub Aaron's butt followed by hard slaps until he confesses who helped him get the booze. Aaron is ordered to dress. "Pull your pants up! Don't be walking around here with no pants on! What do you think this is? Some kind of nudist colony?" Aaron follows the orders and leaves. There is no sex in the scene and the viewer does not see Aaron's cock.

Scene Three:

I guess Jeff doesn't have any work of his own to do. Aiden Shay (cute twink with short brown hair with blond highlights and toned/smooth body) is in trouble for helping Aaron smuggle in that cheap roadhouse whiskey. "Someone told me you drove them to the liquor store last night at 10:30 p.m. which is half an hour past curfew! I don't know who your friends are but they gave you up real fast, real easy, real quick! You might want to consider changing that...I'm going to have to show what we do in the country here when someone breaks the rules!" Jeff orders Aiden to bend of a barrel and rubs his blue jeans-clad bum. Spanking with forceful open-palmed swats, Jeff demands to know, "Do you have one of those fake I.D.s?" Jeff rolls up his plaid sleeves and gets down to business spanking Aiden's tush through groovy green and blue boxers.

Aiden looks to be running the gamut of emotions with a grimace on his face as Jeff pulls those boxers down revealing his pink bum and continues his punishment with a black leather belt. "Next time you'll be thinking twice before you go out on a liquor run at 10:30 at night, won't you?" Aiden dresses once he has received full discipline. Again, there is no sex in the scene and the viewer only gets a quick glimpse of Aiden's dark trimmed pubes and cut cock.

Scene Four:

For some unknown reason, Aiden and Aaron are hanging out in that same damn room. Aiden laments that the farm is a little different that he expected and that he's horny and could a blowjob. Aaron gladly helps his pal out as the dudes rub each other's baskets and kiss with wet tongue. The dudes lick and suck those hard nipples, which leads to Aaron taking Aiden's big clipped dong into his mouth sucking the large purple knob and stroking the rigid shaft. Aaron gives excellent head slobbering all over that tool and working those balls with his wet mouth. Aiden pulls Aaron's briefs down revealing his shaved pubes and rigid clipped dick. He sucks that hard cock cramming it down his throat, bobbing up and down, and giving some very good head.

Aaron sinks down on Aiden's boner riding up 'n down while beating his meat. Aiden grabs his friend's waist thrusting his hips upwards to fuck that tight hole. Aaron rides that cock, baby! Aiden plows his pal fast 'n hard in the missionary position making both breathe heavily. Aaron shoots a large thick load of twink-spunk on his chest and stomach. Hot load! Aiden frantically jacks off as Aaron cups his nuts shooting a thick load on his stomach. Aaron's hair looks dirty.

Scene Five:

After our brief reprieve from Jeff's "discipline", he's back to administer more. This time, he has caught cute Aaron Tyler (short brown hair and toned/smooth body) on his property! "In this neck of the woods you do not walk on other people's property!" Aaron tried to explain that he just moved nearby. "You do not steal firewood! That's like taking children and cattle!" Jeff forces Aaron to bend over and spanks him with open-palmed slaps though his blue jeans. "The only way to teach you little city boys some manners in the country here is we spank their asses! Especially little things like you! I'm gonna make your ass red!" Aaron believably cries out and pleads for Jeff to stop. Instead, Jeff grabs Aaron's arm and forcefully holds it behind his back.

Jeff yanks down Aaron's jeans and spanks him though his tight white briefs. Giving Aaron a wedgie, that hot little pink butt his exposed. Jeff pulls the briefs down giving a viewer a good look at that bum while he feels it up, continues his spanking, and Aaron makes some hilarious wild animal type noises crying out and mumbling about firewood. To finish up, Jeff spanks him with a black leather strap over his blue jeans. Again, there is no sex and the viewer does not get to see Aaron's cock. That's too bad because he's very cute.

Scene Six:

Jeff's employee Dakota Brittain (cute with punky brown/magenta hair and toned/smooth body) is in trouble for not keeping the farmboys in line. Jeff is pissed that he's had to spend all his time disciplining these naughty twinks. Jeff forces Dakota to admit that he's basically doing a shitty job and forces him to bend over. Jeff hauls out a large wooden paddle and begins spanking Dakota's bum though his tight blue jeans as loud slaps fill the air. Jeff's spanks Dakota's ass hard with that paddle. He pulls Dakota's jeans down and gives him a wedgie with his white underwear. Dakota's hot bum is bright pink from the harsh discipline. Pulling those briefs down, Jeff uses a black leather strap to pop Dakota's naughty ass. "Don't use that tone with me! You will address me as 'Sir'!" Wow! Jeff is really on a power trip! He becomes enraged when Dakota begins to laugh. Dakota's laughter is short lived when Jeff kicks it up a notch with some very hard spanking! Oddly enough, the viewer can actually hear a gentle kitten loudly mewing somewhere off camera! Again, there is no sex in this scene and we do not get to see Dakota's dick.



"Farmboy Discipline" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Keith Miller and Mason Coxx is basic allowing for full coverage of all the spanking action and plenty of pink butt close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The Dolby Digital sound is clean allowing the viewer to hear each and every sharp slap of Jeff's hand, black leather strap, black leather belt, and the woosh of the wooden paddle. Oh....and the mewing of that kitten in scene six!


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a safe sex PSA starring two loud'n sassy drag queens, and previews for: "Parole Officer Spank", "More Lessons Learned", and "Spanking Curiosity".

Final Thoughts:

"Farmboy Discipline" is an entertaining watch for Jeff Sterne's performance. Each scene is basically the same (with the exception of scene four which contains actual sex) consisting of Jeff's "lectures", open-palmed spanking, wedgie, and spanking with a black leather strap, belt, or wooden paddle. The lack of actual sex and full frontals of some of the twinks (like cute Aaron Tyler) hurts the movie. The sex between Aiden and Aaron Armstrong is a turn-on and both dudes seem to be into the action. The twinks are cute with my favorites being Aaron Tyler, Constantine Aimes, and Dakota Brittian. The movie will more than likely appeal to enthusiasts and those who are curious. The spanking in scenes one though three is hard but really kicks into gear for scenes five and six. I'll suggest a Rent It due to the lack of sex and full frontal of Aaron Tyler and Dakota Brittain.

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