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Breeding Sex Club

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 7/2/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:January 2007

Director:Michael Paris

Cast:Brandon Junior, Alex Arias, Mark Etro, Miguel de Sanchez, Leo Cooper, Alexander Lanchiny, Tommy Sem, Christian Salva

Body Types:twinks, uncut penises, smooth chests


Things to see:bareback sex, reinsertion after cumming, facial and oral cumshots

Plot:You never know what might happen at a sex club.

The Movie:

Where would bareback porn be without Eastern Europe? It would seem that almost all of bareback porn is being shot somewhere in Europe these days, except for a few niche companies filming in the U.S. Similar to how several mainstream Hollywood films are now shot in Eastern Europe and Canada, porn companies choose to film in Eastern Europe because the films cost less than those shot in America. Of course, another benefit for filming in Eastern Europe is that so many of the male porn stars are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks to the popularity of Kristen Bjorn's films in the mid 90's, Americans were introduced to some of the beautiful male models that can be found in places like Poland and the Czech Republic. Now, an explosion of Eastern European films can be found, as well as (increasingly) a number of Eastern European bareback films.

Eboys Studios is one of those companies that features an Eastern European cast of young men willing to do bareback scenes. The cast is entirely composed of hunky twinks who range from handsome to absolutely gorgeous (Brandon comes to mind). On the "whole" (sorry, I couldn't resist), there is much to like about this film, including the actors, and the erotic sex. Now, let's look at each individual scene to see if The Breeding Sex Club is a place you would like to visit.

Scene one:

A brunette touches himself in a darkly lit room, while an attractive voyeur watches him and masturbates. The brunette is attractive with a nice 6 pack. The voyeur can't resist the erotic temptation so he goes into the room and starts to kiss all over the stud's body, ultimately leading into some nice blowjobs. Some nice oral play follows.

The voyeur is then screwed doggie style, while he wears the same shirt that he came in with. The brunette takes great pleasure in screwing the guy forcefully from behind, sometimes shoving his dick in and out of the hole. The brunette then pulls out and creams the hole, followed by him reinserting his cock. Next, the voyeur shoots a nice load onto the guy's face. Finally, the voyeur licks up his cum.

This was a nice scene. The guy with the 6-pack abs has a very nice body, although his voyeur is also handsome.

Scene two:

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The actor named Brandon is used in several Eboys Studio titles. He has a very handsome face, spiky blond hair and a fantastic cock. It is with pure delight to be able to see him performing again in this scene. At the sex club, Brandon touches himself in his pants, hoping that someone will notice. In the shadows, he is watched by a twink with animalistic eyes. Noticing that he has an audience, Brandon pulls out his red rod to entice his watcher. Alex (his voyeur) eventually gives in to his urges and starts to suck on Brandon's pretty cock. After that, Alex's cock and hole receive some attention. The guys then 69, sucking on each other's pink rods.

Once Alex's hole is ready, Brandon shoves in his cock, making Alex moan. The boys screw for a while, with Alex remaining hard throughout. When the intensity becomes too great to withstand, Alex shoots a spectacular load onto his stomach. Brandon then pulls out, shoots his load, and then returns his spent member back into the guy's hole.

This was a nice scene. Both of the actors were cute and really got into the action. The guys had a nice contrast in skin colors with Brandon's tan body and Alex's creamy physique. Finally, I am happy to report that Alex changed his hair (slightly) from the film "Bare Twinks." His hair looks so much better here, and quite frankly, he looks twice as cute now.

Scene three:

Two attractive brunette twinks watch each other masturbate in another darkly lit room. One guy is a pure corn bred hunk, and the other guy has spiky brown hair. The spiky haired lad sucks on his hunky friend and fingers the guy's hole. The hunk then starts to screw the guy's tight ass from behind. The spiky haired brunette fortunately maintains his erection throughout the sex. The hunky brunette eventually pulls out to shoot his load, and then return his cock to the lubed hole. Spike jacks off his load onto the hunk's dick and then licks up his cum.

This was yet another nice scene. The actors were very handsome and worked well together. The sex was fairly standard, but still quite nice.

Scene four:

A muscled twink dances next to a pole for his friend. As he slowly removes more and more of his clothes, his friend gets increasingly turned on. Both guys are very attractive brunettes. The dancer has lightly spiky hair and a pretty large cock. The dancer's friend starts to touch his own cock and then invites the dancer over for some oral pleasures. The guys share some more cock sucking and then dance around in the nude.

The dancer takes the "lead" by fucking the guy, with the dance pole being used for support. The lad is also fucked with his legs up in the air. The dancer then shoots his load into his friend's eager mouth. His friend then gives him a spectacular oral cumshot on his face and into his mouth. Yummy!

Yet again, another nice scene with hot guys and great sex. The erotic dancing and oral cumshots made for a very nice scene.

Scene five:

Another spiky haired brunette touches his crotch in a stairwell. Alex returns for this scene (apparently he hadn't left the club yet). He walks down and starts to play with himself while watching the adjacent lad. The guys eventually reveal their hard penises to each other, which prompts Alex to give some head. While the two guys share sucks, another voyeur watches them from above and decides to join in the fun. The new guy has dark black hair and perfectly resembles the definition of twink. The new twink eagerly sucks on both of the guy's dicks.

After the oral play, the new twink has his hole plunged by each of the guys. Each guy gives the other a chance to screw the hole, only to switch again (it's like musical chairs, only with an asshole). After the boys have had their fill of ass play, they jack off their love wands close to the new twink's face. When they are finished cumming on him, his chin looks like it has been glazed with frosting. The twink then sucks on the cocks, trying to get the last drops of man juice. Finally, the twink shoots his load onto the other guy's chests, and then promptly licks it all up.

This was a wonderful finale for this film. I absolutely loved the twink being used as the fuck toy for the other twinks. He is perhaps the best bottom for this film, yet he still has the energy to take all of their loads. I think that many viewers will be coming back to this scene again and again.

The DVD:


The film is shot in the widescreen format. The image takes place in a darkly lit club, so most of the scenes lack intense colors. I also detected some grain in some of the darker colors (blacks and grays). However, the transfer is sufficient for the film and won't disappoint the average porn viewer.


This film gives you the option to watch the film with or without a porn soundtrack. The music isn't very distracting, yet I still preferred to watch the film without music. All of the action can be easily heard.


Extras include a cumshot compilation from the film, numerous trailers, animated menus, and the ability to watch the film with or without music.

Final thoughts:

The Breeding Sex Club is another impressive title in the Eboys studio line. All of the guys are cute, young twinks with muscular physiques and uncut penises. The sex is great featuring many oral cumshots, hot bareback action, and a nice threesome at the end. The film also features a widescreen transfer and numerous porn trailers. Therefore, this title is easily recommended for those of you looking for some frisky barebacking twinks.

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