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Studio: Shane's World » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/2/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Kegger: The Keg Stand Edition

Shane's World

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Tim Von Swine

Cast: Riley Shy, Gia Paloma, Savannah Stern, Victoria Sinn, Sascha, Brad Baldwin, Tee Reel, Tone Capone, Wade Hardman, Sledgehammer, Aubrey Addams, Jack Venice, Krystal Jordan, Marcos Leon, Mark Zane, SinDee Jennings, Lefty Larue, Tone Capone, Mike Hash, Arnold Schwartzenpecker

Length: 124:07 minutes

Dates of Production: 4/26/2006, 8/13/2006

Extra's: The best extra was the 25:11 minutes worth of Behind the Scenes footage by Tim (and some by Mark Zane). There was more nudity, sex, and interviews as well as silly comments and lots of partying. There was also a photogallery, a true double sided DVD cover, and 17:36 minutes worth of trailers to movies including shows like Pork BBQ, Girls Night Out 3, Casey Parker: Girl Next Door, College Invasion, Blazed & Confused 2, Blazed & Confused 1, Guide To Anal Sex, Girls Night Out 1, Girls Night Out 2, Shane's World 37, Shane's World 36, Shane's World 38, and Shane's World: Nerdz.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Kegger: The Keg Stand Edition was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Tim Von Swine for release by Shane's World. As has been the case in the past, I'd have never guessed it was a Shane's World production since the style was unlike what they've provided previously (this being a gonzo movie instead of a travelogue for example); Tim having a certain style he tried to bring forcibly into the company before being let go as simply unable to shoot what they wanted. The lighting was generally decent, limiting the grain and video noise but the composition of the shots wasn't always favorable to the cast and the editing was definitely a mixed bag. The point of view (POV) style was used from time to time but not as much as one of his dedicated titles for those who care (but Mark Zane, the back up cameraman, tried to get some this way). In all though, the flesh tones were accurate and composition of the shots favorable to capturing the heated moments of the cast as the knob slobbing proceeded in all sorts of twisted ways. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps) with a bit of a mixture of quality too. It can be difficult getting good sound during party videos and Tim seemed to pay some attention here by trying to reduce the extraneous noise to a minimum but it was not a controlled set as with his gonzo efforts.

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Body of Review: Tim Von Swine is an admittedly talented director that has served the industry well in many roles, even working under contract for Shane's World under one of their pilot programs to expand their scope of titles. While it didn't work out as planned, he provided them with Pork BBQ, Black and White, Oral Supremacy, and Kegger: The Keg Stand Edition, before he left for greener pastures. To me, Tim was never suited for the company as much as the gonzo places he worked at but it was an interesting experiment while it lasted and I'm sure he'll land on his feet helming fuck flicks once again in no time. Kegger came out earlier this year and I only now got a look at it but it was another one of Tim's backyard party movies where he invited various people over to have some fun, food, beer, and sex; not necessarily in that order. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action as best I could determine them (the men were not always given a chance to identify or show themselves all too well), noting that no condoms were used at all:

Scene One: Riley Shy, the lean redhead seen holding a beer on the upper left hand part of the front cover, Gia Paloma, the busty bleach blond in a brown bikini on the lower right hand part of the group shot, and Savannah Stern, the gal wearing sunglasses on the upper right part of the picture, were up first as they engaged in a lesbian scene together on a blanket in front of the rest of the cast under the tent outside. The guys were watching intently as the gals orally and manually worked each other over for the opening floor show to kick things off. Swine and the others continually commented during the action but as much as some of you hate that, it did manage to help convey the party atmosphere as much as the frantic manner in which they played together. As they continued, the next scene started off nearby, the gals ignoring the secondary action as they had some fun.

Scene Two: Victoria Sinn, the skinny brunette seen on the lower left had part of the cover's group shot, was up next as she wanted in on the action while the other trio of ladies were doing one another. She wanted more than pussy though so she took Sascha's cock on in what appeared to be an unscripted moment that drew Tim's attention. Though it did not last long, Mark Zane started taking over and playing with her in semi-POV fashion, four others jumped in for the blowbang outside before they moved it indoors to finish in the living room (Brad Baldwin, Tee Reel, Tone Capone, and Wade Hardman were the mopes as best I could tell). She was handling them just fine on her knees before Sledgehammer cleared them out of their so he could have her exclusively (serving as the large cock blocker they gave nasty looks too before some of them wandered over to the next round of action over by the table with Gia in the lead). Victoria was not the most active cock rider of the cast and Sledge was the biggest cock so while she seemed to enjoy the work she was doing, it was far from the best scene of the show in my book. The oral, vaginal, and anal action all seemed to push her limits a bit and she masturbated to enhance the moment before he eventually launched his load of population pudding after Gia left Steve Taylor and Sascha to sit on Victoria's face and eat her out on the couch. Victoria took the facial and washed the semen down with some beer, Gia leaving to find her pals for more fun by the fireplace.

Scene Three: Gia Paloma, picking up where she left off after some verbal banter (she had been boning in the background), then did Steve Taylor and Sascha off in the corner of the room. They boned her, she blew them, and they engaged in all sorts of fun that culminated in a DP where the actively riding gal seemed to appreciate her better beer from the bottle almost as much as she enjoyed doing the wild thing. The attention whore nature of her attitude was such that she reveled being in the spotlight as much as possible, taste testing their cocks out of her ass and pussy while spouting off scores of dirty talk comments that her fans have grown used to. As a "keg slut", she certainly earned an invite to any parties I hold in the future, never slowing down as she continued her mad rush to depravity. For his part, Tim caught the majority of the scene better than expected, unable to rely heavily on editing given the way things worked out, taking a wad to her face after the vaginal creampie.

Scene Four: Aubrey Addams, a gorgeous blonde hotty with superior curves, and Savannah Stern, were up next in a scene shot on another day in the shower as the gals got dirty while getting clean at the same time. There was some licking and rubbing fun as the water poured down on them in the black tiled shower, studly Texan Jack Venice and his sidekick Tee Reel, both wanting in on the action. Tee whipped out his cock to get the gals interested, resulting in the ladies jumping both men in the shower to have a sucking off contest of sorts; each gal giving some fine oral skill demonstration before moving to the locker room where they all screwed like happy little bunnies. Aubrey was the more energetic cock rider of the two ladies but both poured on the heat as they took what the men had to offer them in various positions. It ended when Tee popped on Savannah's face and Jack busted a nut to Aubrey; resulting in the movie going back to the party mode from the earlier parts of the shoot.

Scene Five: Krystal Jordan, the sexy gal wearing the necklace on the upper middle of the front cover, Riley Shy, and Savannah Stern, were up next in the living room with Brad Baldwin, Marcos Leon, and Mark Zane, from the looks of it. The editing was choppy so it was tough to keep track of the action but the plethora of fucking and sucking served the party dynamic well as they all seemed to appreciate the finer things in life. Krystal's fleshy ass looked great rippling as she got a vaginal pounding and while I wasn't happy with the editing, the raw energy and passion of the performers was enough to cover it as far as I was concerned. It also looked like each gal had a moment in the spotlight where they really got aggressive too but it was admittedly uneven in some ways so while I enjoyed it, your mileage may vary. It ended with facials, cumswapping, and even some swallowing from the looks of it, resulting in a brief interlude where Tim pulled out the beer bong for the final scene.

Scene Six: SinDee Jennings, a cute gal with light hair, was up last as she embraced taking the beer bong like her favorite oral object and tried to swallow as much alcohol as possible before much of it was lost on her body. I gave her credit for giving it the old college try and Tim rewarded her by calling out Lefty Larue, Tone Capone, Mike Hash, and Arnold Schwartzenpecker, on the back lawn arena they used. Initially, it was a blow bang where she alternated between the quartet of men but they went inside to do the screwing where she became loud and obnoxious as she demanded they treat her like a "fucking bitch" and smack her around (to Tim's delight, I might add). They left a lot of marks on her body when spanking her and she screamed a lot as they took her one at a time vaginally, making it an okay scene that didn't work as well for me as it might for some of you. Aside from her pissing on herself in an awkward position, the guys shut her up by coating her head with their spew, finishing the movie with some random footage as Tim talked with his cameraman and more pissing took place.

Summary: Kegger: The Keg Stand Edition by director Tim Von Swine for release by Shane's World was a title that was worth a rating of Recommended for the levels of strokability, replay value, technical matters, and extras as much as the amount of fuck for the buck it contained. Tim has a way of encouraging people to have fun while goofing on them at the same time, most people not really caring what he says as long as the good times continue with plenty of alcohol and payment at the end. There are times when I wonder what kind of movies the guy would make if truly let loose as some of his old peers have been under their own production labels but Kegger: The Keg Stand Edition will serve as a nice interim project until he gets that chance so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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