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Boys in Paradise

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 7/3/07

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Date of Production:October 2006

Director:Paolo Desantos

Cast:Alexandre Pemambuco, Alexandre Senna, Arnold, Douglas Torres, Kalo De Castro, Rick, Robert, Thiago Castro, Victor Manzini, Wendal Max

Body Types:Brazilian men, guys with lots of muscles, uncut penises, guys with tattoos, guys who wear sunglasses, older men


Things to see:outdoor sex, guys wearing jewelry and sunglasses, dildo play

Plot:These guys can't get enough sun, Speedos, and sex.

The Movie:

An "on location" porn shoot has both positives and negatives. On one hand, shooting porn outdoors makes the film feel lavish, expensive, and adds beauty and artistic value to the film. On location shoots also help to introduce audiences to some of the international porn stars, especially ones that are popular in their native country yet remain unknown here in the states. Of course, shooting outdoors can also result in poor sound quality, unstable lighting and weather conditions, and even surprised pedestrians walking onto the porn set. Thus the outdoor porn shoot is a sort of mixed blessing.

Similarly, "Boys in Paradise" is a mixed blessing because it suffers in some areas and succeeds in others. It should be noted that all of the guys look like authentic Southern American men. They are (generally) hot, ripped, and eager to screw. Some of their pairings are good with lots of positions, and even a little bit of dildo play. However, other scenes are plagued by missing money shots, boring sex, and in one scene, the actor completely disappears at the end! Additionally, the film's locations are spectacularly beautiful with bright sun, blue waves, and a jungle like atmosphere. Unfortunately, the bright sun forces all of the actors to wear sunglasses throughout their scenes (a little bit tacky) and the waves and jungle sounds make some of the sex sounds difficult to hear. Therefore, I found this to be a difficult title to review because it has some great things going for it, yet it also suffers from some problems.

Scene one:

Two guys make out in a tide pool. One guy is very well chiseled, has a tan body and a beautiful uncut cock. The other guy has a couple of tattoos and a strange dyed red haircut (it looks like a cartoon rooster). The hunk first blows the red haired guy, although he looks as if he is trying to avoid putting his mouth entirely around the cock (my straight detector was going off). The red haired guy also reciprocates the sucking, giving a much better blowjob. The hunk is then bent over so that the red headed stud can screw his hole. The two fuck in the same position for a while, in what turns out to be rather boring sex. However, when the hunk straddles the redhead's cock, the action picks up. In this angle, the hunk's long penis flops around (very hot!) while his hole is being screwed quickly. Next, the stud has his ass probed by a thick ass plug. After that, the guys screw some more until they both cum.

Each scene begins with some posing/flexing/stripping for the camera, while set to music. This is a nice way to start out the scene. However, the sex that followed ranged from average to mildly hot. The actors look sexy as they make out in the sun, yet there is a lack of chemistry and sheer sexual energy between the two actors. Instead, the actors look like they are waiting for the director to tell them when to climax.

Scene two:

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Two studs make out in the sand. One guy licks all over the guy's muscled chest, quickly leading into some oral play. At one point, the dick sucker tries to stick the guy's balls and cock into his mouth at once, being rather rough. It was at this moment where I realized that this was the same rough guy from the film Gay Core vol 1 (he roughly fucks a guy with a big carrot). This actor is finger probed for a minute and then fucked from behind. The bottom really gets into the action, moaning and speaking in his native language. The top then pulls out from the hole and glides in a ribbed dildo. After the dildo interlude, the top fucks him some more, making him scream loudly. Next, the bottom straddles the cock and rides it aggressively. He hides his dick for a while, which is normally a sign of the actor not being able to remain hard. Eventually, he lets his dick and balls flop around freely. At the end, the top releases a nice load onto the guy's leg. The bottom doesn't cum.

I enjoyed watching the bottom be so loud while his ass was being screwed. This was a pleasant change from the mute actors in the previous scene. While the top releases an impressive load, the lack of any cum from the bottom was disappointing.

Scene three:

Two more guys make out on a beautiful beach. A darker haired stud, with a nice dark skin tone, and braces is paired with a well-muscled guy who has a strange bleached blond/dark orange hair color. The blond guy is the first to receive some dick sucking through his Speedo, only to then return the favor by giving some head. The dark haired stud's hole is finger probed until the blond guy shoves in his cock. The two screw doggie style amidst the beautiful backdrop of the ocean. The bottom then straddles the cock and rides it like a pro. Next, the bottom's hole is filled with a shiny clear dildo. After that, he is screwed some more by they blond haired lad. While being screwed, he shoots out an explosive load onto his chest, followed by the blond top shooting onto the guy's shoulder and face. The darker haired stud looks like he wants to lick on the spent cock, but the camera quickly pans away.

The sex was nice in this scene. The darker haired lad brought a lot of bottoming expertise here because he was always hard and knew the best way to ride the blond guy's penis. My only disappointment was the wasted facial at the end. I can only offer my advice to the filmmakers; if you have an actor who wants to eat cum, then I say let them. Simply don't make it look like he is about to suck on the spent penis, only to quickly cut away! To quote Marie Antoinette, "let them eat cum."

Scene four:

A blond twink with lightly curly hair makes out with two darker skinned pals. One of the guys is rather tall with dark skin, and a beefy chest. The other guy has a smaller frame and wears a white hat. All three of the guys suck on each other's cocks in various positions and combinations. After that, the blond lad has his hole finger probed, in a doggie style position. Once his hole is ready, the guy wearing the hat screws him. Fortunately, the blond stud has enough energy left in him to suck on the other's guy's penis while being screwed. Next, the taller guy switches with the blond guy so that his ass is plowed, while he sucks on a dick. While his ass is being screwed, the tall guy makes a bunch of noise, ultimately leading to some oral neglect for the blond guy's dick. As if the guys couldn't find any more positions, the blond guy is then screwed again and sucks on the white cap guy's dick. Finally, to lead into their finale, the guys form a fuck chain, screwing each other's hole. At the end, the cap guy shoots a nice load onto the taller guy, who also cums. However, the blond is nowhere to be found.

This threesome ran the gamut of average to good. Some of the various positions, including the sex sandwich, were nice. However, the ending felt rushed, perhaps because a nearby boat was floating into the nearby shoreline. I also don't even know what happened to the blond guy at the end; he just disappeared!

Scene five:

Two dark haired guys passionately make out on some beach rocks, while the waves thrash against the shore. Both guys have some nice muscles, while one guy is older and the other is significantly younger with a little bit of facial hair. The younger guy first starts to give the guy some head. Occasionally, the older guy makes him suck on a clear dildo. Next, the younger guy straddles the cock and rides it aggressively. He isn't very hard, but he gets an "A" for his ass effort. The younger guy is screwed some more from behind, only to then have the clear dildo plunged into his hole. Finally, after even more screwing, the older guy cums on the guy's nipples, followed by the younger guy shooting onto his legs.

This was a nice scene to send the movie. The outdoor location was spectacular, while the sex was fairly good. I can't say that the dildo added much, and quite frankly, it served as a distraction for this scene.

The DVD:


The image is very nice. All of the scenes take place outdoors, so there is lots of light throughout each scene. Some of the scene's action suffers from the intense sunlight because the shadows make the action difficult to see. However, I think that this is only a problem with the choice to shoot in the sun, as opposed to the transfer itself. The image is detailed and sharp. Overall, this is a very nice transfer.


The sound is inconsistent, which is no surprise since it was shot outdoors. As I watched the film, I adjusted the volume so that I could hear the action. However, once the scene was finished, and the next musical interlude appeared, I found that I had to lower the volume since the music was so loud. The sound could have been better, perhaps if they mixed the sex scenes louder so that the action could be heard.


Extras include animated menus, a behind the scene look, an animated photo gallery, and a soundtrack CD. The behind the scenes look is short (under 5 minutes). You won't gain much information as to how this film was made, but the naked guys are fun to watch, as well as some of the beautiful scenery. The other aforementioned special feature is the film's soundtrack on an audio CD. This was an interesting choice, given that most porn music isn't known for being all that great. The music fits into the new age/light dance music scene. I can't honestly say that I would want to hear the music again, but some might like it.

Final thoughts:

Boys in Paradise is an attempt at shooting a lavish outdoor porn extravaganza. While the guys may be attractive, some of the sex was lackluster and incomplete. Additionally, the decision to shoot outdoors made the sounds of the action difficult to hear. Therefore, I think that you might want to rent this title first in order to determine if this is a DVD that you would like to own.

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