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Rich Kid

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 7/2/07

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Date of Production:April 2007

Director:Csaba Borbely

Cast:Julio Carillo, Marco Sanchez, Petr Majer, Rod Stevens, Tamas Esterhazy, Dean Monroe, Manuel Martinez, Dewon Williams, Lucien Dickson, Derek Lyon, Mickey Cabalo, Thomas Vodnik, Sylvester Valentay, Mad Stefano

Body Types:body builder types, young and older guys, European men, guys with tatoos


Things to see:outdoor sex, orgies, facials and oral cumshots,

Plot:The rich kid is throwing a birthday party and he wants everyone to cum.

The Movie:

Richie Rich and Little Lord Fauntleroy were two rich kid characters that were popular with children and adults alike. Their characters lived the lives of royalty, yet we were able to sympathize and relate to their humanity. However, It wasn't until the 1980's where there was a backlash against the "rich kid." Suddenly, you had films where the rich kid might have been the bully who was oppressing the poor kid (Pretty in Pink) or the rich kid who had everything except for the one thing that defined the poor kid (Pee Wee's Big Adventure). What changed within our society, and represented in films like these, was that the differences between the rich and the poor became more noticeable as we morphed into a society where we get more attention for what we have and own, as opposed to what we do.

In the film, "the Rich Kid," we get to see a glimpse of what it might be like to be a gay man who just happens to have tons of money. The rich kid, Dean Monroe, has a beautiful house, a perfect body, and sexy houseboys. Dean also has a demanding nature, which results in him making some enemies. As the plot a progress, Dean is kidnapped, throws a birthday party, and eats some mysterious eggs for breakfast. Clearly, not much can be extrapolated from the plot. However, the story serves only to make excuses for staging various sex scenes. I am absolutely OK with the director's plot decision because the sex is just so fantastic. Let's take a look at how great this film really is:

Scene one:

After being bossed around, two houseboys (one blond, the other a brunette) decide to "get even" with the rich kid by leaving him a dirty surprise in his breakfast. They prepare his eggs by oiling the pan, gently whisking the eggs, and having sex with each other! First the guys bump and grind in their Speedos, rubbing their hard cocks against each other. Next, the houseboys suck on each other's cocks to get them properly stimulated. After that, the hunky blond butler fucks the brunette from behind, followed by the brunette straddling the cock and then being screwed with his legs up in the air. When the blond guy is about to cum, he removes his condom and shoots his load into the egg mixture. The brunette then shoots his load into the egg mixture. Once, the eggs are cooked, the guys giggle as they realize that the rich kid will be eating their salty cum.

I liked this scene a lot. It demonstrates that you should never piss off a chef because you don't know what he/she might do to your food. The sex was well staged, well lit, and all of the penetrating shots could be clearly seen, thanks to the guys having sex on a staircase.

Scene two:

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Two rugged men make out after enjoying some of their wine. One guy has a perfect furry body (not too hairy, but just right) and the other guy is very muscular with some nice tattoos. As these guys make out on some nearby rocks, they are (ironically) rock hard. The guys take turns sucking on each other's penis, followed by the hairy guy rimming the tattooed guy.

Once the guys start fucking, it is clear that the tattooed guy absolutely loves the cock up his ass. In fact, he looked like he could easily release his load, yet he chose to hold on for the furry guy to finish. After the screwing, the tattooed guy sucks on the hairy guy's dick like any cock hungry maniac would. The sucking doesn't last long because the furry guy jacks off a nice load into the guy's mouth, followed by some cum swapping. After that, the hairy guy sucks on the guy's dick, resulting in the tattooed guy shooting close to furry guy's face.

Both guys were very rugged and handsome. I absolutely loved the hairy guy's body and how he is hairy in just the right places. His body contrasts well to the mostly hairless guy that he has sex with. I also thought that the oral cumshot for the tattooed guy was absolutely spectacular and hot!

Scene three:

Two hunky lads swim naked in the pool. Their fun in the sun quickly turns into some erotic pool sex. Both guys are handsome; one has some tattoos and the other, slightly older guy, has an absolutely perfect bubble butt. The tattooed guy first receives some oral attention followed by his ass being eaten out. Next, the tattoo guy fucks his bubble but friend on a chair, with his legs up in the air. The guys change into several other positions, including an extremely hot position where the bottom straddles the cock. In this position, the bottom is incredibly hard as he aggressively rides the cock. After that, the guys suck on their cocks again. The bubble but guy shoots his load onto the guy's face and chest and then licks up some of it. More sucking follows, leading to the tattoo guy jacking off his load onto the older guy's tongue. Very nice!

The older guy has an ass that needs to be seen. It is no surprise why he bottoms with that incredible weapon he owns! This scene was really great. The actors were pretty cute and the scene was well staged and lit well (especially when the sun sets). What a great scene!

Scene four:

While the spoiled rich kid lounges about in the sun, two hunky men sneak into his backyard. The hunky men are really hot; one has blond hair and an incredible build, while the other is a very handsome brunette. They surprise him from behind and tie him up. The guys then force him into the trunk of their car. They take him to an undisclosed location where they start to kiss him and force him to suck on their cocks. The rich kid doesn't fight back, easily sucking on their pretty peckers and quickly finding that he is enjoying himself. He alternates between sucking on each of the lads until all three form a dick sucking circle (is this a 369?). Next, the rich kid lies on his back to have his ass fucked while he sucks on the blond guy's cock. The rich kid stays hard throughout. The blond then gets his turn at screwing the hole. All three suck on each other in the end. The brunette shoots his load onto the rich kid and into his mouth as well as the blond guy. The rich kid easily shoots out his load from being so turned on.

These three made a very hot threesome. The kidnappers were very hot and I loved to see them taking turns with the rich kid's hole. Fortunately, Dean is able to handle both of their dicks and take all of their cum. I loved this scene!

Scene five:

While Dean's party is going on, two younger studs make out in the hot tub while two other guys masturbate as they watch the action. One of the pool boys has quite a large curved penis. He is the first to have his cock sucked, only to then suck on his friend's cock and rim his ass. While this action occurs, the masturbating guys keep stroking until they spill their loads.

Back in the hot tub, the guy with the curved penis shoves himself into his young friend. The guy is screwed from behind, then on his back in a hot pose showing off his erect cock. While being plowed, the bottom occasionally strokes on his nice cock. Eventually, the guys jack off as they watch each other. Both guys shoot their loads onto the ground.

This was a very nice scene. All of the actors were cute, and I thoroughly enjoyed all four explosive cumshots.

Scene five:

Lounging about at his party, the rich boy hears some fucking going on inside. The scene then cuts to the action, already in progress. The five guys are already fucking and sucking each other. Some of the guys were from former scenes, while there were a few unidentified guys as well. The guys change positions throughout the scene, showcasing their fine bodies and expert screwing skills. However, the finale is much hotter because the furry guy from scene two is the lucky recipient of two oral cumshots. He takes both loads without hesitations (my kind of man!). The other two guys cum as well.

This was another good scene, albeit just a tad less hot than the other scenes. The actors were all handsome and cute and the sex was quite good. However, I was disappointed in not being able to see the buildup. Additionally, I thought for sure that Dean would join the scene at some point, however he is nowhere to be found. I guess the host can't have sex at his own party!

The DVD:


This film was shot in widescreen and it looks very nice as a result. The image is bright, detailed and crisp.


Non distracting porn music plays during the film. Fortunately, all of the action can be heard without a problem.


This DVD features some impressive extras. The meat of the extras can be found in the interviews section. Here, several actors and the director are asked a gamut of the questions. Some of the questions are superficial, but all of the interviews are interspersed with some interesting behind the scenes footage. I really wish that more porn companies would do this because its fun to hear a porn start talking when they aren't playing their character. In addition to this feature, there is a very nice foursome scene. I have no idea why this scene wasn't included because it was very hot, including a triple cum facial! This scene features Dean Monroe, so I can forgive the filmmakers for neglecting to put him into the orgy scene. Finally, the disc has some trailers, and a cumshot compilation.

Final thoughts:

I was so happy to be able to review this title because this film is so darn hot! I loved the beautiful scenery, the well-staged scenes, the sexy men, and all of those damn hot oral cumshots! The DVD itself is also rather nice because it features a beautiful transfer and some spectacular special features. Therefore, it comes with great pleasure to award my very first DVDTalk Collectors status to this title. This is one title that should remain in your collection for a very long time! I simply loved this title and I think that you will too.

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