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It's Huge! 7

Studio: Vengeance XXX » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 7/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Straight-Big dick

Director: Brother Love

Cast: Gianna, Lexi, Kitty, Lucy, Riley, Ramon, & Shane

Length: 2hrs 15 min

Production Date: Vengeance XXX, 2007

Extras: Chapter Selection: Without Act Access
Pick Your Pleasure
Behind the Scenes: 25 minutes of subpar between take footage.

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is 2.0 as expected, but is completely satisfying. All scenes are indoors and free of most background sounds. The Video of the flick is Full Frame Color and just above your standard adult flick. Direction was strong and the overall look pleasing.

Body of Review: Vengeance XXX Pictures brings back two of the biggest dongs in the business. Shane & Ramon have more pipe to lay as they plough their way through another flick. 5 women, 5 scenes, two dicks. "It's Huge #5" wasn't exactly a blockbuster, but maybe practice makes perfect. We will see.

Scene 1: Gianna & Ramon
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
Don't adjust your television, Gianna really is wearing all pink, wig included. Somewhere beneath the feathers and floursecent fishnets is a buxom babe with a crave for Ramon's thick meat. Gianna is a sweet faced older lass with thick thighs and a nice pair of floppy breasts. Gianna's cocksucking is as hot as her outfit; she tugs and spits his shaft, slobbing on it enthusiastically and with a decent amount of energy. Her tits are perfect for fucking and Ramon does this for a few minutes before bending her over the couch and pumping her like a rabbit. This action is less exciting than the oral, and the two joke around quite a bit so it steals from the scene. After a while it seems Ramon is just pumping to reach climax, and so we just kinda wait for the scene to end. Ramon eventually cums in her mouth and Gianna spits it onto her tities. An okay scene that grew repetitive.

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Scene 2: Lexi & Shane
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Squirt, Facial
Cute, redhead Lexi isn't satisfied with average Joe boyfriend's wanker, so she turns to Shane, the brother with a "you never go back" cock. Lexi is a hot little actress destined to prove that big dick is her game. She kneels down and sticks Shane's meat until is hard, looking damn fine the whole act. But Lexi puts the meat in this movie when she bends over and takes it doggy. She endures his thick dick, moaning and whimpering as he crams it into her tight frame. But Lexi's little body is built for it, and she gets her share, plus a few pussy farts as Shane eases it in. This is what a big dick flick should be: a hot gal, moaning and groaning because she is in over her head. Lexi is hesitant and concerned at times, but she never holds back. She throws in an occasional PTM and some deep throat near then end, but the real kicker is watching Shane stretch her slick twat to its limit--mind boggling with a girl as small as Lexi. A great scene that succeeds because it delivers without trying too hard. Plus they bone in nearly every position and on every surface of the living room. Easily one of the hottest scenes in a long while--big dick or not. Lexi yums down Shane's cum, but not without a shiver and a quick gag.

Scene 3: Kitty & Ramon
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
Kity has such a sweet and innocent face. A small Asian star with wicked blonde streaks, Kity too doesn't look like she has the body capable of taking big cock. She plays with his dick in her mouth for a few typical just-the-tip minutes and assumes doggy for another solid scene. Kitty takes Ramon's thick pounding with little ease, screaming as her head is pushed to the ground. Ramon is like a jackhammer to Kitty's little puss, stretching it wide and making it sloppy for her upcoming PTMs. My only qualm--aside from Ramon looking like Skeletor--is that Kitty hid her hot Asian legs under some silly looking leg warmer things. And her top stayed on for most of the action--but then she is flatter than a 12 year old boy. A steamy scene altogether, slightly under the previous simply because the talent was less to look at.

Scene 4: Lucy & Shane
Acts Included:
For some reason, the disc goes into a mini-skit with Shane in the market for some illegal hand guns. And so we have to sit through nearly ten minutes of drivel before redheaded Lucy and Shane get things on. Lucy is a pale white cutie, with freckles all over her body. In a short, plaid skirt and raunchy demeanor, she has that Lindsay Lohan thing going for her. Lucy makes good use of Shane's big dick by prodding her tonsils until she drools. The two in action just doesn't have the fire of earlier scenes. Lucy gives a decent performance, but her look just isn't enjoyable in long doses. After a few minutes she just looks like abused, white trash. The camera gives plenty of closeups of her wet snatch and her face feeling the burn, but the action seems dry and soon grows old. Lucy gets a spooge goatee before she's allowed to leave us.

Scene 5: Riley & Ramon
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
Riley is comfy sitting on a hotel bed, dressed sexy in long, leggy denim jeans and sheer, black top that just barely shows her perfect nipples. Riley has that average porn look you've seen a hundred times, but is a stunning girl nonetheless. She kneels on the bed to suck Ramon's raging hard-on and as she does this her black thong pokes out the behind of her jeans. Riley plays the flesh flute and licks his balls and then jumps on Ramon's cock, putting it in nice and slow. Once it's in though, she has no trouble sliding up and down, her bubble ass pumping in the air. Riley is hot, and gives a heated show, but damn it if she won't shut up. She narrates throughout and the 'mute' button becomes a necessity. Too bad too, because her overachieving zeal really dogs the scene. Riley's good looks are the only thing saving her act from going to the gutter. Just plain annoying. By the end she is sweaty and red from wear and tear, but even in a super sexy piledrive, she smiles like a pro.

Concluding Words: It's Huge #7 is in another spectrum than it's earlier cousin It's Huge #5 which I found to be just another bone flick. Here, the girls do the right thing; and that's handling large cock. Each girl gives some sort of reaction to the size of Ramon and/or Shane's enlarged appendage. And this I think is what is expected from the series. If the guy's dick is going to be advertised and put up as headliner, then the girls should at least notice. This isn't a flick about stuffing holes to the max or painful-looking insertions; but it is solid, one-on-one with cocks the size of firewood. And Lexi, whom I don't recall seeing before, gives a stellar show. Nothing, dazzling or scattered with glitter, but a clean fuck to put some big names to shame. Despite a few potholes, this disc is pretty damn satisfying. Highly Recommended


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