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Breed Me Bitch

Studio: Other » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:

April 2007

Directed By:

Saint Cyre

The Movie:

"'Breed Me Bitch' says it all! Horny boys (all age 18+) willing to breed open wide asses with gallons of hot cum. They want to feel the warm jizz inside them. Huge dicks are fucking raw. Everyone is horny and going for long and hard fucking. Smooth twinks can be such dirty boys!"

The Cast:

Alex Arias, Chicky Hard, Samuel, Dano Anael, John Malcolm, Andrew Shut, Marock, Sebastian, Micky Coolio.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

These cute Central European dudes are in their early twenties with mostly short dark hair although one dude has a hilarious mullet that is bleached blond. Their bodies are sexy with toned/smooth builds. The pubes are mix of full, trimmed, and shaved. All the cocks are big and unclipped.

Scene One:

Lust is in the air when cute John Malcolm (short dark hair, toned/smooth body) and his pal Dano Anael (very cute with shaggy brown/blond hair, smooth/toned body) are in the bedroom making out and tasting those wet tongues. John playfully pushes Dano back on the bed as his towel opens revealing his shaved pubes and large unclipped cock. Robert grabs that fucker grasping the meaty shaft and slobbers up and down receiving a full taste. John gives an excellent blowjob with Dano expressing his pleasure though interpretive dance. Okay, so there isn't any dancing. Dano moans with pleasure and rubs his chest. The bedroom looks nice until I notice an ironing board set up in the background. Could these dudes not clean up before sucking cock?

Dano fucks John's tight hairy bunghole in the doggy position fast 'n hard. There's a nice camera shot from behind of Dano's snug shaved asshole as he pounds John whose busy grunting and breathing heavily. Dano busts his nut squirting a large thick load of juice on John's hairy butt crack. He then slides back in and continues to slam that ass. John straddles Dano frantically beating his meat squirting a large wet load on the side of his pal's face, chest, and chin. Hot load. Needing another taste, Dano chows back down on that dong.

Scene Two:

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Alex Arias (cute with short black hair, toned/smooth body) is fast asleep on a bench located in the hallway of his apartment building. Cute 'n horny Chicky Hard (short brown hair, smooth/toned body) barges into the hall, sees Alex sleeping, and rudely wakes him up for some fun male/male kissing with plenty of wagging tongues. Chicky licks and sucks Alex's hard nipples making his way down for bigger goodies. He wraps his fist around Alex's uncut tool and chows down using his busy tongue to circle the purple knob. Chicky wants to see more so he yanks those blue jeans and briefs down exposing Alex's dark pubes and full nuts. Alex thrusts his hips upward to fuck his friend's mouth. Alex sinks to his knees to suck Chicky's big uncut prick working the shaft and foreskin with his hand while nursing the purple cock head giving excellent oral pleasures.

Chicky eats Alex's tight shaved butt hole tonguing the pucker in nice close-up. The butt munch leads Chicky to fuck Alex from behind using full/fast/smooth techniques as both dudes make all sorts of sexy noises. Chicky pulls that big thang all the way out and slides it back in. Hot! Switching to the missionary position, Chicky plows Alex fast 'n hard making him squirt a sizable wet load on his chest and stomach. Chicky cuts loose with a big thick load of jizz on Alex's asshole and then sinks back in.

Scene Three:

Very cute dude Andrew Shut (short dark hair with some blond, toned/smooth body) engages in a goofy pillow fight with his cute pal Marock (short spiky dark hair, toned/smooth body). The pillow fight becomes annoying, as it's much too long. Finally, the goofy playtime is over as the dudes get down to some serious kissing with tongue and licking/sucking of hard nipples. Marock undoes Andrew's blue jeans pulling 'em down to reveal closely trimmed pubes and big unclipped dick. In no time, Marock's mouth is hungrily flying up 'n down that rigid dong. Andrew pouts and cries out with lust.

All horned up from his blowjob, Andrew pulls Marock's clothing off revealing his fat uncut cock and very nice nuts. Andrew munches down on Marock's tight lightly hairy touchhole as Marock yanks on his large phallus. Andrew spits on that hole and tongues the pucker in earth-shattering close-up. Andrew bangs his pal in the missionary position sliding in using long 'n full strokes. Both dudes dig the action and fill the room with grunts and moans. Marock fucks Andrew from behind using fast 'n smooth strokes making Andrew once again simper and cry out. Andrew shoots a thick load on Marock's face and tongue. Naturally, Marock crams that fucker back down his gullet. Marock beats off shooting a thick load on Andrew's tongue leading Andrew to suckle that flared knob with a cum-drenched smile. Happy!

Scene Four:

Sebastian (cute with brown 'n bleached hair cut in an ugly mullet, toned/smooth body) and Micky Coolio (cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth/tanned body) are in the middle of a red-hot photo session. Micky is practically like Dawn Davenport in "Female Trouble" (1974) wildly posing for the constantly probing lens of the flash camera. Bending over and exposing his tight hairy asshole, Micky smiles like a Cheshire cat. Sebastian chows down on Micky's hard uncut cock sucking up 'n down and cramming as much as he can down his throat. Micky pulls Sebastian's blue jeans down getting down on that hard uncut tool. Not satisfied with a knobjob, Sebastian fucks Micky's tight hairy bunghole in the missionary position long/fast/hard strokes as he porks that rump. After plowing his pal from behind, Sebastian shoots a large thick load of love-balm on Micky's asshole and slides back in. Micky shoots thick jizz on Sebastian's face and fills his mouth with spunk. The dudes kiss again sharing that tangy taste of man-nut.

Scene Five:

Samuel (cute with short dark spiked hair, toned/smooth body) and Alex Arias (scene two) fool around in bed with Alex pulling Samuel's stiff uncut dong out to suck and jack the foreskin. After some hot 'n heavy soul kissin', Samuel yanks on Alex's unclipped member fisting the shaft and working that foreskin. Both dudes give very good head and are obviously in sex pig heaven during a traditional sixty-nine. Samuel lies back on the bed with legs up 'n spread inviting Alex to munch down on his tight shaved bunghole in glorious close-up. Alex porks Samuel tight bum in the missionary position using slow/long strokes that lead to some fast/hard pounding. Samuel digs the action and quickly jacks his cock. Alex shoots an ample load on Samuel's face and in his gob. He takes that hard prick back into his throat for another taste of spooge. Samuel strokes off squirting a large thick load on Alex's face and tongue. Alex gets one last taste of salty nut by chowing back down.



"Breed Me Bitch" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen. The videography by Miki Sem and Saint Cyre provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear so that the viewer can hear these cute Central European dudes talk (no subtitles) and make all sorts of titillating sex noises such as heavy breathing, sighs, pouts, simpers, and grunts. I wonder if the management of the Toucan Apartment (where the movie was shot) ever had complaints of noise?


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a cumshot "festival"!, and nineteen previews including: "Twink's Box", "Holy Twinks", "Boy's Juice", "Dirty School Boys", and "Indecent Boys".

Final Thoughts:

Hmmm. I'm still trying to figure out where the studio came up with a name like "Breed Me Bitch" for this movie. Obviously there is not breeding here since it's all dudes and none of 'em are bitchy. At any rate, "Breed Me Bitch" has slick look with high production values, cute dudes, and strong videography that supplies loads of close-ups. The problem here is with Director Saint Cyre (whose name reminds me of famous burlesque queen Lili St. Cyre who is mentioned in one of the "Rocky Horror" songs). Saint Cyre needs to plan his action out a little better. Each scene is pretty much a carbon copy of the others with sexual positions that go on too long and frankly, become dull.

On a positive note, the dudes give hot 'n energetic performances with my favorites being Dano Anael (what's with the "fancy spelling of "anal"?), Samuel, Marock, and John Malcolm. The extras are cool with 19 horny previews and of course the Cumshot "festival"! Due to the lack of variation and positions that simply go on for much too long, I'm going with a Recommended instead of a higher rating. Fans of cute Central European men in their early twenties with big uncut cock and large cum loads should not be disappointed.

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