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Sun Soaked

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/8/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production:

April 2007

Directed By:

Chi Chi LaRue

The Movie:

Handsome cover dude Johnny Castle's fetish for swimming pools becomes apparent when he stands outside and beats his meat while fantasizing about his pals engaged in various sex acts near clear inviting waters.

The Cast:

Tyler Riggz, Johnny Hazzard, Eddie Diaz, Tommy Blade, Tyler Saint, Justin Riddick, Danny Arnez, Max Blue, Johnny Castle.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

This is a hot group of dudes with an age range of early twenties to forties with dark hair, muscular and toned bodies, lightly hairy and smooth chests, full and shortly trimmed pubes, and cut 'n uncut cocks. There are also some very cool tattoos on display.

Wrap Around Scene:

Johnny Castle (handsome with brown hair, beard stubble, and smooth/muscular body) stands next to the crystal clear waters of a large swimming pool while rubbing the obvious tube in his Speedo. Johnny's hands explore his sexy muscular body as he fantasizes about other dudes having sex. He pulls his hard clipped cock and plump nuts from the confines of his skintight swimming suit and jacks off while rubbing his tight shaved bunghole. Johnny works himself into a lusty frenzy shooting a large thick load of man pudding on his stomach and chest. Hot load!

Scene One:

Tyler Riggz (hot butch dude with short brown hair, smooth/muscular body) is relaxing by a swimming pool's inviting waters watching Max Blue (very cute with short brown hair, little goatee, and toned/smooth body) slouch on a cool modern fountain. The dudes eyeball each other from across the pool as they begin to rub their bodies and bulging crotches. Tyler yanks his large stiff cut cock from his Bermuda shorts and begins to beat that meat sliding his tight fist up 'n down the shaft. Max follows the lead pulling his fat uncut tool and hangy balls out jacking the stalk and working the foreskin up 'n over the purple knob. Max makes his way over to Tyler, sinks to his knees, and takes that rigid dick into his mouth slobbering up 'n down giving excellent head. The dudes kiss using plenty of hot wet tongues to tickle those taste buds.

Max stands up exposing his hard unclipped meat leading Tyler to chow down with some very hot foreskin play. Tyler pulls the long overhang with his lips followed by stroking the foreskin up over the knob. He gives an excellent blowjob licking and sucking Max's hot hangy nuts. Laying in a sixty-nine, Tyler munches down on Max's tight shaved asshole tonguing the pucker as Max continues to suck Tyler's rigid pole. Max rides Tyler's face while stroking his hard dong playing a wild game of sink/bounce on Tyler's tongue. Ride it, baby! Needing something longer/harder than a tongue, Max rides Tyler's hard prick bouncing up 'n down having his most personal of needs completely filled. Tyler thrusts his muscular body upwards fucking that tight manhole. Switching positions, Tyler fucks Max from behind using fast 'n smooth strokes pulling out all the way and sinking back in. Tyler shoots a thick load of love juice on Max's goatee, neck, and face. Hot load! Max cuts loose with thick jizz on his fist, stomach, and shortly trimmed pubes.

Scene Two:

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Eddie Diaz (good-looking with shaved head, smooth/muscular body) takes a quick catnap on a posh white leather sofa wearing only his tight white briefs. Unknown to Eddie, Danny Arnez (handsome with dark hair, smooth/muscular body) is peeking though the front window while rubbing the fat lump in his tight aqua swim trunks. Waking up, Eddie pulls his chubby hard clipped dick and plump balls out of his underwear and strokes using his right hand with over-handed jacking. Danny yanks his cut prick and nuts out sliding his fist up 'n down. Past the point of no return, Danny barges in sliding up to Eddie on the sofa and taking that hard pole down his throat giving some very impressive head. Eddie chows down on Danny's dong deep throating that fat fucker as Danny plows his mouth.

Eddie repositions himself on the sofa with his legs spread wide and up in the air. This is the first chance for the viewer to notice that his nut sack is pierced. Danny spreads those butt cheeks exposing Eddie's tight shaved touchhole as he spits on the pucker and munches down licking the starfish in lovely close-up. The dudes taste each other's tongues during a wild kissing session leading Danny to sit on Eddie's face. Eddie licks that tight shaved bunghole and Danny digs the action moaning and beating his meat. Danny reaches back spreading his own butt cheeks wide apart to show off his beautiful rosebud. Eddie slides his rigid cock up Danny's chute in the missionary position using fast/hard/smooth strokes. The dudes stand as Eddie fucks Danny from behind. Eddie shoots a thick load all over Danny's inside thigh, fist, and wrist. Danny shoots a healthy thick load of man-juice on his stomach. Eddie grabs both cum-slick cocks and strokes 'em.

Scene Three:

Justin Riddick (hot with shaved head, muscular/smooth body) manhandles the bulge in his tight red Speedo while keeping an eye on sexy Tommy Blade (good-looking with dark hair, toned/smooth/tattooed body) whose lying on a float in the middle of a swimming pool. Justin jacks his hard cut cock using his right fist with over-handed strokes. This poolside wank has not gone unnoticed by Tommy who paddles that blowup raft over to get some man meat. Tommy chows down on that hard tool working his mouth up 'n down and deep throating all the way down to full brown pubes and large plump nuts. At one point, Tommy's face is actually buried in those hot nuts while that stiff man-prong is down his gullet. Hot! Big nuts are totally awesome! Justin spreads his legs in the missionary position allowing Tommy ample room to finger Justin's tight shaved butt hole licking and munching down on the pulsing pucker. Hot! Justin orally pleasures Tommy's big cut pole in a side sixty-nine where both dudes feast on tube steak.

Justin eats Tommy's tight shaved manhole tonguing that pouting pucker and rubbing his shaved head with a bit of hair stubble back and forth over the sensitive ring of pleasure. Justin fucks Tommy in the missionary position using fast 'n smooth strokes making Tommy moan with pleasure and choke his chicken. The guys stand up and Justin continues his butt sex by sliding in from behind. The dudes lay next to each other watching with intent eyes as their tight fists fly over their turgid tools. Justin shoots a large thick load of spunk on his stomach and chest. That cum flies from his piss slit with force, landing above his right nipple. This sends Tommy into a fit of lust busting a nut on his stomach.

Scene Four:

Johnny Hazzard (handsome with longish dark hair pulled back with doo-rag, beard stubble, toned/smooth/tattooed body) stands next to a swimming pool wearing a revealing blue Speedo while rubbing his big business. Johnny's busy watching Tyler Saint (hot with short brown hair, smooth/muscular body) and Tyler Riggz (scene one) make out in the water using loads of wet tongues. Getting worked up; Johnny pulls his large plump clipped dong and balls out and begins to stroke. Johnny's big nuts are fucking hot! He joins his new pals in the pool leading Saint to suck Johnny's big dick deep throating to those dark closely trimmed pubes as Johnny and Riggz make out with tongue. Saint latches onto Riggz's hard cut tool cramming it down his throat and when switches back and forth between the pricks gladly servicing both studs. Saint is a fucking cock hound! Johnny is soon gobbling down Saint's fat cut member and switchin' back 'n forth between the two dongs.

Now that the dudes are worked up, Saint sucks Riggz's tool while Johnny eats Saint's tight shaved asshole lapping at the pucker with his hungry tongue. Johhny takes Saint's tool back into his hot mouth while Riggz's fucks Johnny from behind sliding in 'n out of that tight man-chute fast 'n hard. Johnny rides the hell out of Saint's prick with legs spread wide apart cramming his hole with all the meat he can handle. To finish up, Saint and Riggz stand on either side of Johnny as all three beat their hard meat. Riggz shoots a thick load on Johnny's shoulder and chest, Saint does the same thing covering Johnny's other shoulder with thick nut juice, and Johnny squirts a large wet load on his chest and stomach. Hot load.



"Sun Soaked" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Brad Austin and Hue Wild is excellent providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear splashing water and the hot sounds of man-on-man sex.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, PopShot-On-Demand, the safe sex PSA Wrap It Up starring Chi Chi LaRue, and previews for: "A Man's Tail", I"n His Dreams", "Knob Bobbin'", and "Link V.: The Evolution"(which looks very good).

Final Thoughts:

Chi Chi LaRue does not disappoint with his latest fuck fest "Sun Soaked". Chi Chi has strong directing talents and definitely knows how to create a high quality production with plenty of close-ups during the cock sucking, ass eating, and butt sex. The videography and editing (Mike j.) are strong making the four scenes move along at a nice pace and never becoming monotonous. The dudes are clearly into each other and the action giving sex-fueled performances. All the dudes are appealing with my personal favorites being Max Blue, Tommy Blade, Johnny Hazzard, and Tyler Riggz. Johnny Hazzard has a much different look these days and is sexy as ever. If you are into large hangy nuts like I am, then you will love Johnny. Since I'm a huge fan of tattoos, it's nice to see at least two dudes with plenty of cool ink: Tommy Blade and Johnny Hazzard. I highly recommend for fans of Chi Chi's movies, hot butch dudes, and a nice mix of ages from early twenties to forties.

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