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Booty I Like 3

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/9/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Booty I Like 3

Evil Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Justin Slayer

Cast: Mariah, Justin Slayer, Brianna Love, Leah Jade, Millan Blu, Nat Turnher, Ryder Cummings, Raven Skye

Length: 140:36 minutes

Date of Production: 4/16/2007

Extra's: The best 27:02 minute long Behind the Scenes feature was easily the best of the lot in terms of extras. Brianna was laughing it up at the beginning, with most of the others getting some quality camera time too. The gals seemed to exude some chemistry with Justin and while he apparently did not get as wild as some of them seemed to want, the lack of circus act sex might appeal to some of you that place the ladies' desires on the back burner. There was a lot of sex and nudity however and lengthy BTS features always seem to enhance the DVD package for me. The other extras were light this time with a pop shot compilation from the scenes, filmographies for some of the ladies, a cast list, a photogallery, a biography, and 9 trailers to shows like Mami Culo Grande 4, Unleashed Vs. Freshly Slayed 2, Ass Everywhere, Big Booty Moms, Big Booty White Girls 1, Big Booty White Girls 2, Big Booty White Girls 3, Big Booty White Girls 4, Just Fuckin 1, Just Fuckin 2, Just Fuckin 3, Black Pipe Layers, Black Girls Get Nasty Too, and Big Booty White Moms.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Booty I Like 3 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as originally shot by director Justin Slayer for distribution by Evil Angel. The fleshtones looked accurate thanks in large part to decent lighting, which also limited the grain and video noise but wasn't always consistent. The composition of the camera angles wasn't always the best to enhance the look of the females, typically zooming in on blemishes or having the camera move around like someone was always losing their balance, usually when HJ was shooting from what I could tell (though it could have been the result of "film buddies" since Justin typically shoots better than what I observed). The overall visual look of the show was above average compared to some of Justin's earlier works but I thought a lot more attention should've been paid to it than has been the case of late. The 2.0 Dolby Digital audio (in 192 Kbps) was presented in the usual English with the levels being a bit varied but you could hear what was said so most fans won't mind the lack of dynamic range or lack of separation between the channels. The music was kind of droning and lame during some of the scene openings but it was less intrusive here than in most of Justin's movies of the last year so I was pleased at the improvement here.

Body of Review: Justin Slayer is probably the least appreciated black man in porn with his current work at Evil Angel garnering less attention than some of their more extreme circus act sex directors from what I can tell. Justin is notable for actually liking women and in today's gonzo market that must not be a huge selling point with some distributors though I have corresponded with a number of fans that appreciate his work better than most black directors. His latest release is Booty I Like 3, another of his efforts that focus on rounded rumps of all colors having some serious fun with the director and his pal Nat. I last saw Booty I Like 2 and as a self professed Bootyologist myself, I was hoping he could instill this volume with more chemistry and heat than the previous version. Thankfully, he did just that and the result was a better outing for those of you in need of dropping seed to a tease filled, straight forward fuck flick. If you are still interested, here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Mariah, the curvy gal wearing the pink bikini seen on the lower left hand corner (with the fine legs and ass), was up first as se displayed her ample sample for the camera. The music was a bit overbearing but her ability to tease was such that the addition of oil to her repertoire added some heat to the appeal for me. The special visual effects were a bit shaky and her implants were kind of lame but her slow and seductive stripper pole skills certainly made up for them as she teased Justin Slayer on the bed. The initial oral and screwing took place in the kitchen after Justin couldn't wait any longer, sucking her ass to nice effect as she purred in delight. I half expected him to drill her ass given the position of his cock but this was a vaginal only offering. She did some nice taste testing on her knees and there was no doubt that she had a lot of experience working cock in her mouth by the way she handled his meat (she concentrated her mouth skills on the tip as her hands jerked the shaft though) but her biggest weakness of the scene altogether was the passive way she rode him in most positions. The scene ended with a wad of population pudding to her ass cheeks that he rubbed out, the camera cutting away before she could enjoy it fully.

Scene Two: Brianna Love, the sexy little gal seen on the middle of the right hand side of the cover (on top of Ryder), was up next and I have to admit that I like the way she has filled out since starting porn. Her ass cheeks were ripe for the plucking and the gal rarely shows any limits these days so even though it was strictly an oral and vaginal romp with Justin Slayer, I knew she'd be in solid form as she loves the brothers a lot. The tease was slightly out of focus at times yet not so much that her sunny personality couldn't shine through easily, her skimpy lingerie making me want a taste of her myself. Justin snacked on her ass crack before pounding her pussy, eventually giving her something juicy to taste in the form of PTM. Brianna showed that she can be an oral princess in the process of doing this, savoring his meaty member as though it were a bar of chocolate from the Hershey's plant rather than southern California. Her ass cheeks rippled as he plowed her cookie from behind, her squeaky voices as he pushed her limits adding to the fun more than the way he pulled her hair like a mane. I also liked the way she actively rode his cock when she was on top, bobbing up and down as though truly inspired by the minute, albeit slower than some gals are able to do. They moved around the house to accomplish all of this and the ending pop shot to her cookie was rubbed out on top of it, and then rubbed into it by Brianna.

Scene Three: Leah Jade/Jaye, the sultry brunette seen on the upper left hand corner of the cover was up next as she slowly crawled around on the floor in her small black & white striped bikini, savoring the moment she was in the spotlight to the fullest before embracing Justin Slayer. The camera work was not the best here as the cameraman used too many close ups and the lighting was too strong at times but this sweet cheeked hotty showed that she was no stranger to sexual contact too (I'd guess she had knocked out a puppy or three in her youth). She rolled around on the small bed and the floor with some enhancing masturbation before blowing the guy a little bit. I liked that she focused most of her attention on his cock and kept eye contact with him (only occasionally looking at the camera once they were doing each other). He was clearly too large for her but she continued to try, marking the professional dynamic she projected in the scene. When she was on top of him during the vaginal portions of the scene, she was active and while she didn't exactly go out of her way to ride him aggressively, she was into the sex and after the mouth pop, she made it clear that she liked being choked so he gave her some of that too (as the gal laughed and giggled).

Scene Four: Millan Blu, the light skinned black gal seen on the upper right hand corner, was up next in her black mesh body stocking that worked wonders for her appeal. That she had a wonderfully rounded ass to work with sure didn't hurt either as she projected a cool image of a frost princess, the walking tease showing her loose junk in the trunk. The tease was strong enough that I was surprised when Justin gave her up to Nat Turnher but her attitude was a bit too cold for me as well so I figured he was on the same wavelength as I was in regards to her act. She was orally gifted though and her vaginally penetrative performance was another one hampered by a passive ride. Nat was trying at one point to test her willingness to do anal (rubbing his cock on her asshole near the beginning) but she tensed up and wasn't having any of that. The scene eventually ended when he busted his nut on her face but it was as weak a load as her ride was for those who care.

Scene Five: Ryder Cummings, the curvy cutie featured on the lower right hand corner of the cover and Raven Skye, the dark skinned black gal seen on the center, were up last with Justin Slayer. There was a whole lot of ass between the two gals and while they were not picture perfect in the face or body, each seemed ready to rumble as they did each other and Justin with a certain degree of abandon missing from a few of the weaker rides of the movie. Fans of lactation will also enjoy that some of that took place too (it being the only TRUE "squirting" a lady can do in porn) and the use of toys by the gals was a surprise given their rarity in the movie to this point in time. The gals were notable for liking pole and pussy both though; the ending facial making it look like the guy took a week off before having them this time. It was a decent ending scene and probably saved the rating for the DVD considering the addition of two scenes lacking so much earlier, the trio into the action orally more than anything else.

Summary: Booty I Like 3 by director Justin Slayer for distribution by Evil Angel was worthy of being Recommended for the levels of fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value with three of the ladies giving heated performances and the other two at least looking into the tease and oral action if nothing else. In short, Booty I Like 3 showed that some of the problems with Booty I Like 2 were addressed and I applaud the improvements even though I hope for even more of them in future volumes of the series. It may not have lived up to the potential the director usually provides but it was still a DVD worth checking out if you like rounded rumps.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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