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Exxxtra Exxxtra: The Bad Girls of Hollywood

Studio: Nectar Entertainment » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/9/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Exxxtra Exxxtra: The Bad Girls of Hollywood!

Hustler Video/Egoist Entertainment

Genre: Comedy

Director: Jennifer James

Cast: Audrey Hollander, Otto Bauer, Lexi Love, Rachel Roxx, James Dean, Nikki Benz, Kelly "Fuckin" Wells, Nick Manning, Sunny Lane, >Sunny Lane, Kurt Lockwood
Non-sex roles by: Megan Dahle, James Bartholet, Steven Sizemore, Erin J. Harris

Length: 106:03 minutes

Date of Production: 2/27/2007 to 3/2/2007

Extra's: Given the lack of quality extras on many flicks from Hustler Video of late, I really didn't think this scandal ridden release would provide a whole lot either but while the photogallery was pretty standard, the 90:41 minute Behind the Scenes feature by Frank Megl proved to be one of the best in recent memory for any company in Hustler's tier of production. There was a lot of addition sex, some anecdotes and enough interesting material to merit watching all the way through as far as I was concerned; ending with an impromptu shower sex scene between Rachel and James. I was initially creeper out by the dude with the camera until it was pointed out to me by a gal pal that this was the infamous transgender director, Jennifer James. It would have been even better if it had included a clip of the assault that took place by movie lead Kurt on fellow journalist Gram Ponante (allegedly a well loved porn media personality) but perhaps that can be negotiated for a special edition version like the mainstream DVD titles we all double dip for.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Exxxtra Exxxtra: The Bad Girls of Hollywood! was presented in an anamorphic widescreen offering using a 1.78:1 ratio as shot by director Jennifer James for release by Hustler Video. The lighting was pretty good in most cases with only a few minor glitches left untouched, minimizing the amount of grain and video noise. The framing of the shots was not as consistently appealing as I would have liked, the men given far too much screen time in terms of where the camera was pointed. The editing was choppy too with the lengthy BTS proving why a second camera might have been a wonderful idea, preferably in the hands of someone like Red Ezra (one of the crew) instead of the director (who often was framed too tightly to showcase the gals at their very best). The bitrate was not as high as it should have been but with relatively few changes, a sequel could probably look twice as good at no additional expense. I saw few compression artifacts here and while I have no idea where the reported $100,000 budget was spent (according to the IMDB as entered by producer Brian Scott), the impression I got was the movie wasn't the lowest budget flick of the year by Hustler. The audio was another case where seasoned veterans on sound could have made a difference too. It was offered up in 2.0 Dolby Digital English but aside from the relative lack of separation between the channels, the music was allowed to get too loud compared to the vocals during the sex. I prefer to hear the performers speaking when they are doing so, especially since the music was not as good as some recent releases by the company (think Britney Rears as good and this not up to that level).

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Body of Review: Some months ago, I read all about a journalist being assaulted by a loose cannon meat puppet (his story is here: The Story) on and around the set of a movie shot by one of the few transgender directors currently working in straight porn. Much of the community was dismayed at the assault with a predictable few apologists taking what amounted to the "blame it on the victim" stance, perhaps to curry favor since logic was missing from their diatribes. The movie in question was Exxxtra Exxxtra: The Bad Girls of Hollywood!; a parody of the tabloid TV shows where the sexual exploits of popular trailer trash rule in terms of ratings. With character names such as Paris Hyatt, Lindsey Loin, and Britney Tears, the show is a loosely threaded together selection of vignettes of varying heat. The IMDB had a passage by the movie's producer, Brian Scott, who described it like this: "Following in the long tradition of popular porn parodies such as "The Sopornos", "Britney Rears", and "The DaVinci Load", "eXXXtra-eXXXtra" is a good-natured satire on the well-published, current scandals of Hollywood's bad girls Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohan and others. As is well known, almost every popular movie and TV show has, at one time or another, been parodied in the adult industry. Using as its background a wild, surrealistic vision of one of the current crop of info/entertainment shows on the market, "eXXXtra-eXXXtra" follows the story of hard working, sexually naive, co-host Dana Divine as she fights to get the big interview that will save her job, and her career. Along the way she discovers her true self and finally uncovers her long-suppressed sensuality in a breathtaking on set sex scene at the end of the movie with the long-time object of her romantic daydreams, her handsome co-host Mark." If that sounds appealing to you, here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that only one person was harmed in conjunction with the making of this movie and no condoms were used at all:

Scene One: Audrey Hollander, one of the most popular extreme queens of modern porn, was up first as a redheaded starlet going too far in a posh eatery, the scene taking place with her real life significant other, Otto Bauer. One of the things that has long struck me about this couple is the chemistry they have together and this scene was no different as he sucked her titties and diddled her to a state of readiness. He then cleared off the table where she climbed up onto and started licking his cock through his pants, soon getting the real deal as he toyed with her cock hungry mouth. Audrey might be best known for her circus act sex and anal emphasis but she inhaled the meatpipe really well here too, giving some titty play to the rod as he spanked her fleshy ass. That led to her masturbating while he fucked her, both hand and penis going into her cookie before he settled into drilling her ass more and more frequently. The music was too loud compared to the vocals but if ever there was a pair in porn that could generate sustained heat, these two would be high on the list of favorites so even the vaginal pounding was visually appealing. In any case, when she was on top of him, she was quite an aggressive rider of cock and seemed to get off on doing ATM; the lengthy scene ending with her taking the facial like a champion. Whew!

Scene Two: Lexi Love, one of the hottest cuties in porn these days (I love her ass), and relative newcomer Rachel Roxx (a brunette cutie), were up next in a scene with scrawny James Dean on a maroon leather couch. Initially, Rachel and James went at each other with her slobbing his knob actively and taking it vaginally before Lexi broke things up for some limited lesbian fare. James joined in after the gals got a bit wet, Lexi dinning at the Y while maintaining eye contact with her flexible female friend who was spread explicitly for best access. The scene was a hodge podge of vaginal screwing and oral antics that proved to be pretty good but not up to Lexi's usual potential (some of the blame goes to the choppy editing while the lack of anal or enough sustained tease lowered the score for me too). Still, it was strokable if not as strokable as it could have been.

Scene Three: Nikki Benz, the curvy gal on the front cover, extreme queen Kelly "Fuckin" Wells, and amusingly funny Nick Manning were up next as the trio got close and personal inside an auto dealer's showroom. Kelly looked better than usual and fans of Nikki will find her appeal to be the same as usual (you either get it or not with little middle ground from what I've seen) as the gals explored the joys of womanhood on a well placed mattress. It was slow and teasing with the gals emanating a seductive dynamic rather than the balls to the wall type of action seen previously in the movie. The oral once Nick joined in was limited in scope and he plowed both of them vaginally while giving some of his infamous war cries (this being the only time when the vocals being set lower than the music worked for me). Kelly was the more aggressive cock rider of the two ladies and Nikki did not join in as much so I wasn't surprised that Kelly took the facial (though instead of swallowing or cumswapping, the camera pulled away; another blemish on an otherwise warm movie).

Scene Four: Sunny Lane, the hot looking female lead of the movie, was then set up to jump in on an orgy lesbian scene on the set of a remake flick with Lexi Love, Nikki Benz, and Audrey Hollander. Lexi's unbelievable comment about some aging lothario with a receding hairline aside, the scene wasn't bad as they worked into the action slowly; gaining tempo as they felt and diddled each other with toys (after the fingers proved to be too passť) and tongues. It struck me that the scene ended too quickly and the camerawork was annoying in the movement but I like the gals enough to have overlooked the technical issues (turn down the fricking music meatheads!) and figure it was worth a nod because of their participation.

Scene Five: Sunny Lane, still in her satin red top and black accessories, was up last as she engaged herself with Kurt Lockwood on the set of the show. The camera angle was too tight at times and I think the technical matters were in need of polishing up but Sunny aggressively sucked him off as though she was into the messy style of hummer she gave to prepare him for her very active vaginal ride. The way her breasts bounced was sweet and but for the mis-framed shot that favored showing Kurt's ass over Sunny's pussy in the reverse cowgirl, it was one of the better scenes. While I sensed little spark between them, her enthusiasm for putting on a good show made it worth checking out too, especially if you find her as attractive as I do. I think I would have preferred seeing her with a better meat puppet (of the male cast, Otto would have easily been the top pick) but I can't deny her appeal saving the movie for replay.

Summary: Exxxtra Exxxtra: The Bad Girls of Hollywood! as distributed by Hustler Video for Egoist Entertainment was definitely a mixed production with the technical values in great need of polishing up (mainly the camera work and editing) but the females in the cast saved it from obscurity unlike the director's previous attempts at porn with Memoirs of a Modern Day Geisha and Wet Fantasies. Sadly enough, Sunny Lane was underutilized (as the lead, she wasn't even given the front cover) and several of the scenes seemed truncated to the point where I wanted to scream at the director. Still, whatever misgivings I have about the drama behind the scenes that warranted inclusion of the phrase "The Most Dangerous Set In Porn" (which allows me to freely comment on the matter in this review), Exxxtra Exxxtra: The Bad Girls of Hollywood! managed to merit a rating of Recommended; in large part due to the BTS feature and cast elevating the heat levels to a point where the technical handling of the movie couldn't kill it for me (though for my own pleasure, I'll be turning off the sound and grabbing hold of my remote control). The basics of good porn parody have been handled better in the past by directors Will Ryder and Jonathan Morgan but with some work, perhaps Mr. James will figure out how to direct a better parody without weakening the sex. Oh, and if you're interested in the follow up to the behind the scenes events of the shoot, feel free to check out The Story Follow Up by the victim.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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