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Girls Dil-Doing Girls

Studio: Intense » Review by Robin LaCruz » Review Date: 7/9/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

The Movie:

Scene 1: Monica Sweetheart & Melissa Black
Porno chicks rarely look as hot as the airbrushed/Photoshopped specimens they appear as on the DVD box, and these girls are no exception. For one, Monica's got so much rouge on her face it looks like she's just been decked, and Melissa's got the same problem. There is no set up at all, just two whores starting to go at it on the marble steps of what looks like a Mary Jane Girls video; white steps, white metal railings, and a lot of white light. Monica starts to lick on Melissa's nipples. Melissa then opens Monica's legs and begins to rub on her crotch. Monica turns Melissa around and to finger her from behind as they both start the moaning early. She drools on her pussy from behind and starts to work it with her fingers, licking Melissa's asshole too. They've got a line-up of dildos' behind them that you'll know they'll get to soon, but not before lubing her ass and pussy up real good. Monica works in the red dildo from the same position for a while and Melissa looks like she likes it. But it's time for her to show some love back, so Melissa opens up Monica's legs now, and begins to give her oral. Darting her tongue in and out of Monica's tattooed and pierced pussy, she gets it ready for the larger pink dildo she's about to put in. She fucks Monica's pussy with the dildo while working her clit with her tongue, taking the time to lick her juices off of it.

Melissa then stands up as Monica works her pussy from below with the red dildo. This goes on for a few minutes before they change positions and Monica stands up for Melissa to work her pussy from behind. Melissa does a good job working the large pink dildo in and out of her pussy, spreading Monica's cheeks and licking her ass. There's a cut, and before we know Melissa's getting her pussy licked from behind again, only she's getting the dildo treatment even harder. She comes this way, and to get Monica off, they put the dildo back in her from the side. They both lick the dildo up when it's done. Not the most exciting girl-girl scene ever, by any means.

Scene 2: Ariana & Barbie Gold
Not sure if these girls are much better, but I still think they're an improvement from the cover girls. Perhaps in a different part of the building, we still have cold marble stairs, but this time, pleasant tea-green walls, and more natural lighting. These girls also don't waste one second before they get into it. Barbie's works her fingers in Ariana's pink panties and starts to play with her clit. Squatting with her legs open, Ariana's black pumps don't do anything for her outfit. The camera pans up and we see the girls making out for a moment. Barbie licks Ariana's boobs and we can see that both girls have a slight case of acne. She works Ariana's pussy pretty good with her fingers and really gets some long licks in there, taking the time to scoop up some come with her fingers to feed to her. Ariana then snuggles up to Barbie's pussy licking while she fingers herself. Barbie's got multi-colored hair, a bad make-up job, and even worse grooming habits, as her bush doesn't look too well maintained. Ariana spits on her pussy from behind as she fingers it, and this time feeding the juices back to Barbie.

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Barbie takes out a huge double-sided dildo and begins to work on Ariana from behind - sucking on the other end of the dildo. She then hands over the dildo to Ariana and offers up the back of her pussy to get worked over. In an awkward looking move, Ariana opens her legs and sticks the other side of the dildo into her own pussy as she fucks Barbie with it. The camera goes back and forth from their faces to the pussies. Back and forth and back and forth, until you kind of get bored with their pussies . . . and they make out at the end.

Scene 3: Stacy Silver & Gilda Roberts
With these two lovelies we get much higher caliber of girlies but we're back at the Mary Jane Girls set. In bad Fredericks of Hollywood gear, Stacy is in a white and pink outfit while Gilda is sporting black and red, with a red tongue-ring to match. Gilda's outfit comes off and Stacy works her pussy with her fingers. We hear camera shots going off, which could explain why they take such a long time in such boring "layout" looking positions rather than getting into more spontaneous looking fucking. Either way, Gilda's pussy looks nice all spread open, and with her leg pulled off to the side.

Gilda bends Stacy over the railing and starts to rub and spank her ass over her white panties. Pulling them down a little bit she gets right into the back of her gash working the clit with her fingers. She's also got too much bad make-up on, as it's revealed in the close-up, but this is still the hottest scene thus far. Stacy has an amazing body and a good face, and she works her own pussy from the front, as Gilda works it from behind. Stacy wraps her leg around the railing and she continues to receive oral. Gilda brings out a thick purple dildo and works it in and out from behind, and Stacy's got a perfect arch in her back as she takes it. After taking the dildo out of her pussy, Stacy sucks off her own juices before turning the rod onto Gilda. Gilda leans back on the steps with her legs open, moaning and groaning as she gets fucked. She brings her right leg up one step, and her left leg down one step, for a wide and dramatic effect. She then bends over on her knees so Stacy can give it to her from behind; and a few minutes into it the redhead is sitting on her back, jamming the dildo into Gilda's pussy. A cut has the Stacy back with her legs open and this Gilda underneath working the dildo and licking from below. Stacy looks like she's getting off, and squeezes her muscles hard, revealing how tight she is. They end it by making out over the big purple dildo.

Scene 4: Cindy & Jenny Baby
The setting is better because it's more real looking, and this two-girls-on-a-couch set up is more engaging then the other more artificial settings. The two cute looking brunettes start out by rubbing their boobies together. Cindy has a hot frame; skinny body, wide shoulders, perky tits, and tight abs. Jenny spreads her legs open and it's here we realize that Cindy has got a supermodels body. Jenny then gets on her back and Cindy works on her for a while. Jenny pulls out the dildo and makes Cindy suck it before putting it inside her. Cindy's got on tight black and red thigh high stockings, and her pussy is taking the dildo like a champ. Cindy works Jenny from behind but the latter isn't nearly as hot. Jenny does sound good, however, when she comes it's really loud. They wrap it up by sharing licks on the dildo.

Scene 5: Maya & Valentina
While it's hard to recognize Valentina without all the cock around her face, she doesn't look to beat up for this scene with Maya. We're back on the Mary Jane Girls set and Maya's long black hair looks good against the blown-out white background. She begins to lick on Valentina's nipples. She plays with each breast, tugging on each nipple and rubbing both mounds together. They move Valentina's panties aside and then they take off Mayas clothes. They try an interesting position where Valentina sits over Mayas face while getting licked, and then she bends over and fingers Maya's pussy at the same time.

The Romanian porn star then bends Maya's legs open and begins to play with her pussy. When it's time, Valentina will assume the position and get ready for her dildo work, which is severe at times. Using a tremendously long and thick double-headed dildo, Maya fucks Valentina's pussy while giving the other end a long and deep blowjob. They go back and forth on the double-sided dildo for a while and there's a lot of spit going around. The camera gets in really close to Maya's pussy as it's getting stuffed. In the end, the obligatory sharing of the dildo happens, as they both give it a final lick.

Scene 6: Jessica Sanchez & Sonia Red
The coolest chicks of the bunch, are Jessica and Sonia, the latter with the edgiest look of the video. The girls are by an elevator and Sonia is on her knees pulling Jessica's panties to the side and getting some licks in. Jessica has an adorable little body and is eager to get Sonia's clothes off as well. They lay Jessica back so she can be the first to get her pussy sucked. The industrial carpet beneath her thighs is pretty gross, but we're happy for a change of scenery. When on the floor licking pussy, Sonia makes sure to keep her own ass up high, and it's sexy. I also really liked it when Sonia got up on her knees with her back against the wall and Jessica got on the floor to return the licking.

Jessica gets on all fours sticking that ass up in the air, and Sonia licks and plays with her pussy from behind, paying special attention to her asshole. She pulls out a skinnier glass dildo (with a handle) and starts to work it in. After a while of this and getting off, Sonia gets in the exact same position for the reciprocation action. The girls come by taking turns fucking one another with the dildo while standing up. And of course, again, we get the obligatory dildo suck.

Video: Shot in HD, the video looks crisp and clear, but you know what they say about digital often revealing the limitations of the original source? Yeah, some girls just look better on old school video. There wasn't too much attention to lighting in this movie, and the result is either blown out or barley there. The skin tones look OK, except the faces, where in that case they should fire the make-up artist. Since the lighting is so bad, at any given angle, our girls look like they've been punched in the face. The camera work is also on the weak side, as if I really enjoyed the fly lingering on Jenny's knee.

Sound: For digital sound, there is nothing impressive to listen to at all. Don't get me wrong, the moaning sounds great, but the camera clicking away doesn't, and neither does the inconsistent levels. Not the greatest for offices, if ya' dig. There is no additional music or anything, so there's just you, the girls, and the people making noise in the background.

Extras: There aren't any, but for some stills from the set.

Final Thoughts:
This is NOT the porno you put on to get your girl into lesbian scenes. It's also NOT the one you give her if you already know she's into lesbian stuff. This is about guys who like to see chicks ram themselves with dildos and it's pretty non-eventful at that even. Yes some of the girls are sexy (Cindy is a knockout!) but too many of the other girls look a little beat-up, and their lesbian action seems way to forced for the photographer snapping away in the background. There are a million other girl-on-girl videos that beat this one.

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