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Top to Rock Bottom

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/10/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Year of Production:

August 2006

Directed By:

Chad Ryan, Nick Cutts

The Movie:

"I Didn't think I was capable of taking such huge cocks!" -Rock Bottom.

The Cast:

Rock Bottom, Bob Law, Kasen, Delectable, and Sean B.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Sex:

Bob Law (good-looking with short brown hair, slender/smooth body) is playing a lovely classical piece on the piano in his tastefully decorated living room. Nice draperies hang from the windows, an expensive sofa to sit and converse, lush green plants as decorative accents, and a leather sling for nasty mean-spirited sex. Rock Bottom (longish greasy looking hair, doo rag, beard stubble, average build, and black leather mask over eyes) wonders in and the party begins. Bob immediately stops tinkling the ivories, unzips Rock's tight faded blue jeans, and pulls out his fat cut cock. He takes that chubby fucker into his mouth making loud slurping noises when Rock kicks the action up by practically raping Bob's mouth. Disgusting choking, gurgling, sputtering, gulping, and gagging noises fill the room as Rock rams his tool down that gullet. Frankly, Bob sounds as if he's vomiting after a late night of boozin'. Not appealing.

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Kasen (nice-looking with short hair, toned/smooth/tattooed body) joins in dropping to his knees to have his mouth assaulted by Rock's fat prick. More loud 'n sickening choking sounds are heard as Bob lies under Kasen and sucks his big uncut cock as Kasen eats Rock's shaved asshole (no good close-ups). Sean B. (good-looking with shaved head, tall/slender/smooth body) ambles in and begins to play with Bob's hard clipped dick. Sean B. chows down on Bob's dong sliding his wet mouth up 'n down as Kasen finger fucks his bunghole fast 'n hard. Kasen rams Bob's throat and dumps a thick load in his mouth. Bob allows the large load to slide out of his gob. Delectable (non-descript dude with average body) is the last guest to arrive and makes up for lost time by having his cut cock sucked by Sean B. Sean B. switches back and forth between Delectable and Rock's cocks taking them down his throat like a cock hungry vacuum.

Delectable fucks the hell out of Bob's mouth leading to the same gross choking noises shooting his thick nut in Bob's gob. Again, Bob allows the large load to drip out of his gasping windpipe sliding out of both sides. Bob is a true cum dumpster. Switching gears, Rock lays in the missionary position with his sloppy hole exposed as all the dudes take turns finger fucking him. Delectable pounds Rock's touchhole fast 'n hard while Sean B. fucks Bob from behind using hard strokes. For a special "treat", Delectable actually pisses while fucking Rock pulling out and cramming back in all the while letting go with the yellow flow. Nasty piss fuck! At this point, the dudes have a butt sex free-for-all pounding manholes doggy style, missionary, and side/missionary fucking those man-cunts. Rock makes it over to the sling where he relaxes while having his mouth and butt roughly violated at the same time. Naturally, a sex pig like Rock digs it. Rock shoots a thick load of jizz on his stomach, Delectable cuts loose with a wet load on Rock's belly, Sean B. shoots a thick load on Rock's cock, nuts, and inside thigh, and Kasen lets go with thick cock snot on his fist and has a very nice cum-filled foreskin.



"Top to Rock Bottom" is shot directly on video that looks like it's simply a VHS tape purchased at Walmart. The amateur hand-held videography by Directors Chad Ryan and Nick Cutts provides coverage of all the mouth and butt plundering but lacks descent close-ups of the ass eating. The picture quality is in no way sharp and contains a lot of grain.


The sound is tinny but clear so that the viewer can hear the sick strangled choking and gagging sounds as the dudes have their mouths willingly ravaged.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection (although the movie is simply one long scene), chapter stops, a compilation of the ass fucking, throat fucking, ass worship, and cumshots. Also included is a deleted scene featuring Rock Bottom playing sink/bounce with Sean B.

Final Thoughts:

Satyr Films and Directors Chad Ryan and Nick Cutts have a nasty little number on their hands with "Top to Rock Bottom". This is bareback action at it's most raw with hard throat and bunghole fucking that's nothing more than consensual brutality. The piss fucking is most likely one of the most hardcore sex acts I've ever witnessed and the constant choking, gagging, and "vomiting" noises add perfect ambiance to this smutty offering. I'll suggest a Rent It for those who are into this rough scene. Everyone else: Skip It!

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