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Naughty Flip Side

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Robin LaCruz » Review Date: 7/10/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Naughty America presents Naughty Flipside, a DVD that appears to be their attempt at the "alt" thing. The themes are a little bit more, uh, underground looking than their other typical scenario videos. Brett Brando directed it not as a coherent film, but more like a collection of scenes with an attitude.
Scene 1: B/G starring Sasha Gray
Sasha Gray plays a super-bored Hollywood slut that just can't wait to suck dick . . . the bigger the better. She wakes up in her bombed-out room (graffiti, pizza boxes, booze) as if Motley Crue took the after party back to her place. This is one jaded rock chick, as she starts to complain about being bored. She screams, "I wanna rock!" Well don't expect Twisted Sister to come in, instead a big biker dude comes to the rescue.

He comes driving in ready to take up the challenge. There's a cool editing technique here, as we flash-forward to her sucking his dick deep, right as she's about to suck his dick in real time. Sasha is a complete pro when it comes to oral sex; she takes it all in and seems to grip it with her throat muscles. She's got a hot little body, so to see her stick her ass up while she's sucking is a real treat. She barley comes up for air, and when she does it's almost always to say something deliciously nasty. This is one of the most exciting blowjobs I've seen in a while. She pulls off her tiny skirt and bends over the armrest of the couch, and begins to demand some licking. He licks her from behind, but mostly her ass, leaving her pretty pussy exposed for the camera. She then lays back on the couch, spreading her legs so he can get in there and suck her pussy; all the while she's hyping him up for their moment of insertion. The dude lay back on the couch and Sasha hops up and begins to ride him reverse cowboy style. "Feed my dirty pussy," one of her favorite lines, another being, "Use that pussy up." It's awesome to see a self-destructive girl on a sex-path, even if it's only for the camera.

This girl can take it good, especially when she gets bent over a speaker cabinet and fucked from behind. A great shot of her boots, legs, ass and pussy will get your blood flowing. He turns her around sp we can see her landing strip, and he shows us exactly how this young slut takes it standing up (all the while she works her own clit). After about twenty minutes or so, Sasha gets on her knees to take his load all over her face and tits. Very good-looking scene.

Scene 2: B/G with Satine Phoenix
Satine is an original looking gal, with some sweet tattoo work, and speaking of work, she's having some problems with the help she hired for the store. He's giving her lip and she doesn't want to take it, but the good-for-nothing dude doesn't care, and says, "You need to get fucked." Apparently she agreed with him.

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There's a heavy make-out session over the counter, and they play their parts well ("You're so fired," she tells him) There is great chemistry as her top comes off, his shirt comes off, she drops to her knees and begins to suck his cock. Satine is one sexy actress and she works hard for her money too, getting under his balls and sucking each one good. He gets harder by slapping his dick on her tits and she sucks him off even more. The strokes it, and chooses to back under his balls for a second time . . . good girl. HE puts her up on the counter and starts to finger her pussy, taking the time to make her lick the juices off his nails. Getting down there for some oral, he brings her legs back and eats out her ass and pussy. Her spread legs are even more erotic with those fishnets on. Putting his hand in her mouth he fucks her hard, Satine, moaning the whole time. He then bends her over the counter and begins to pump her at a vigorous pace, while standing up. They do this for a few minutes, long enough for most girls to scream enough, and most guys to pass out trying. But it's not enough; with her hair all over the place now, he places her on her side and gives it to her while gripping that booty. H.O.T. It's so Miss Hilton hot, that he squirts all over her from the side.

Scene 3: B/G with Pinky Lee
Yes, there's even time for Broadway in this here porno. Pinky Lee stars in "A Clitoris Line," and an adoring fan makes his way back to the dressing room, to get a little bit of that star treatment. Pinky's not the sexiest, but she's got so much freakin' spunk you have to give her credit. Plus, that girl can bounce. Not just bounce, but stretch; like when she turns around and instead of straddling the dude's cock, she does a complete split and rides him. If only all woman had her dexterity.

She then gets all fours up on the couch and takes it from behind, abler to sign an autograph, even. The guy stands her up against the couch, and spreads her leg out. Picture this here; she's standing straight up, but has one leg stretched to the side so that she has to balance on the other leg while getting fucked standing up. There should be an Olympic event for this girl. After another performance, only this time backstage, Pinky Lee gets on her knees and takes a load on her face as praise. A sip of Champagne is a classy touch, of course.

Scene 4:B/G with Dana DeArmond
What happens when you catch your secret admirer in the act of leaving you sweet notes? What if that guy is your real life BF, Daniel? Well then if your Dana DeArmond, you have the most personal, intimate, and couples friendly scene on the DVD. There chemistry is palpable and when she gets him inside and whips out that cock, you can tell it's a member she's very familiar with. He grabs her by the hair and makes her piper-down on it just a bit more. DeArmond adorably talks with her mouthful, what she's saying you have no idea. After bending her over and working her holes with his tongue for a while, Daniel delivers it in her back door. Turning her over on her back, DeArmond spreads her legs all the way back, and gets ready to take it all in her ass again, only this time he gets it in all the way up to his sack. Dana's pink pussy opens up as he pounds that ass.

Daniel sits back on his knees while DeArmond inches her way up to him, continuing to take it in the ass. She then gets in a reverse cowgirl and bounces up and down, twisting it all around. He holds her butt open, thrusts up into her, and then holds her up by her back, just fucking away. Putting four fingers in her mouth, DeArmond looks like she's digging every second of it; to the point where she looks uninterested in appearing sexy, and much more concerned about genuinely getting off. The scene ends with her signature foot-job, where she jacks him off to completion with her toes. She even licks her own toes clean, as to not waste a drop of milk.

Scene 5: G/G/B with Adriana & Lorelei
Two bad girls figure out that there both going out with the same bad boy, Tommy Pistol, so they decide to get even. Great set-dressing in this scene, featuring a cool 70's phone that they call him up on, and pink walls all around. Adriana and Lorelei (who almost look like twins) decide that they aren't gonna let a boy get between them; so instead of getting fucked over, they decide to just fuck him together. The acting is terrible, but campy enough to make it cute. After teasing him for a long time about his underwear they trio finally get into the action.

They both start to work on his cock and balls, but the staging looks a little awkward and the cameraman looks like he wasn't quite ready for the action. Adriana hops up on his face so he can eat her out, as Lorelei strokes his cock. She too can't resist Adriana's pussy, so she comes up and licks her ass while continuing to stroke Tommy's dick. Lorelei does a reverse cowgirl on his dick, but not to be outdone, Adriana puts even more effort when she hops on cowgirl style. Lorelei hops on his chest facing her and the two girls make-out. He then fucks Adriana from behind, while the girl licks Lorelei's pussy. They switch it around again, when he fucks Lorelei with her legs held open by Adriana. He shoots his load on her stomach and they all make-out.

Video: Shot on digital, the video looks pretty good, but nothing too impressive. The best-looking scenes visually are Sasha's opening scene (smoke and strobe lights!) and the store that Satine Phoenix worked in (a lot of colorful things to look at). DeArmond's scene looked the most natural, but everything was just lit properly. The skin looks good for the most part, even though the Digital photography wasn't too kind to Pinky's complexion.

Sound:Location sound is awful at times; every thud on the set is heard, and often dialogue gets lost in the thumps of footsteps and sneaker squeaking. The soundtrack is pretty lame, to be honest, but the girls moaning is good enough.


A slide-show/photo gallery from the set
Trailers for Naughty America's other titles like My Friend's Hot Mom , Diary of A MILF, My Sister's Hot Friend , Seduced by a Cougar , and Latin Adultery.

Final Thoughts:
It seems there's another player in the game of alt-porn. While the notion of authenticity may seem like a moot point, but there's something about this that's fakin' the funk (even though you've got some of the genre's biggest players). The camera work is a little gonzo, and even though the sets were good for the most part, the blocking was lacking, at times getting in the flow of the sex. Does that mean the sex isn't good? No way! Sasha is an engaging little slut that needs to be seen, and just about every scene has its high points. It just seems a little like Naughty America are hedging their conceptual bets with this one, but then again, so did Vivid when they decided to make a whole "alt" division.

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