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Flex Appeal

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/10/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


The Movie:

Five handsome muscular COLT men get their solo groove thangs on in various outdoor locations near the beautiful beaches of Northern California.

Mario Garza:

Mario (handsome with longish brown/blond hair, smooth/muscular body) arrives at his pal's house for a well-deserved vacation. His friend isn't home but has prepared a hot bubbly Jacuzzi and healthy snacks. Mario removes his coat and ugly gray shirt revealing his hot muscular chest and then it's off with his slacks exposing his full light brown bush and cut cock. Mario strokes his dick using his right hand and then high-tails it out to the hot tub and fresh fruit treats. Sinking down into the relaxing swirling waters, Mario immediately reaches for the bottle champagne leaning back and guzzling as if someone is going to take it away. The booze loosens his inhibitions and he's soon jacking his hard cock while soothing new age music fills the soundtrack. Mario sits on the side of the Jacuzzi continuing to play with his rigid tool while rubbing a fresh strawberry on his nuts and then eats it! Mario's masturbation session heats up as his hands beat that meat leading to a nice thick load of jizz on his inside thigh.

Peter Meers and Bruce Bennett:

Bruce (good-looking with brown hair and smooth/muscular body) arrives home to his large mansion undressing in what looks like a ballroom down to his tight yellow briefs. He heads outdoors to enjoy a beautiful ocean view and begins to oil up that tasty body caressing his pecs and hard nipples. Peter (cute with dark hair and toned/smooth body) heads up the beach catching Bruce's eye. To turn Peter on, Bruce bends over oiling his thighs and bum. Peter stands transfixed watching Bruce and rubbing his chest and bulging basket. Bruce pulls his swim trunks down revealing brown pubes and clipped cock. Peter is now jacking his fat cut cock from the privacy of his balcony while watching the free show. Digging the attention, Peter pulls his pork and then bends over exposing his tight shaved bunghole.

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The scene is intercut switching back and forth as both dudes beat their meat solo style. Peter uses both hands to jack off and work his nuts while Bruce uses his right fist to pleasure himself shooting a thick load on his fist and ground. Peter hops in his hot tub with legs spread wide wildly stroking his rigid dong, rubbing his nuts, and having a good ol' time. He towels off and sits on a sofa enjoying the fine art of self pleasure. He cuts loose with a large thick load on his stomach and full bush.

Ed Dinakos (cover dude):

Ed (a total hunk with dark hair, mustache, and lightly hairy muscle-bound body) works up a butch sweat while exercising on his outdoor rowing machine. His muscles bulge as he handles the equipment with ease and his nut sack peeks out of his shorts. Ed swigs a beer and ends up pouring most of it on his head and body. Cheers! Horny from the workout, Ed begins to rub that magnificent body and bulging crotch flexing his muscles. Ed's sexy deep Brooklyn voice may be dubbed in but it suits him well. Hosing himself off, he yanks his shorts off revealing full dark pubes and cut prick. Using his right hand to stroke his hard cock, Ed fondles his nuts and chest with his left palm. Talk about a beautiful bubble butt and muscular thighs! This dude has 'em. Working himself into a carnal frenzy, Ed pulls that dong and shoots a large thick load of jizz on his fist and grass. Very hot dude!

Sharkey Curren:

Sharkey has a cheesy name and wears an equally goofy 1980s headband on his short brown hair. He's dressed in a tight white "wife beater" tee shirt and faded blue jeans. Lifting heavy barrels of trash Ed finds a "dirty" magazine called "Busy Bodies" featuring black and while photos of gals getting fucked. Thank God for the freeze-frame feature. This way I could read the hilarious text accompanying the trashy photographs: "When Patty, Laverne (where the fuck is Shirley?), and Maxie (love that name) get together, the action doesn't stop until they're sated with orgasmic bliss!" Sharkey's eyes are glued to the smutty publication as he begins to rub the bulge in his tight jeans. Unbuttoning his blue jeans, Sharkey reveals his brown pubes plump nuts, and cut tool. Sharkey's right fist flies up and down that hard cock with a determined look on his face. While groovy synth music blares on the soundtrack, Sharkey dumps a thick load of spooge on the grass.



"Flex Appeal" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is strong allowing the viewer to feel like he or she is right there watching the dudes spank their monkeys. Full coverage of the jacking with plenty of close-ups makes for an enjoyable time. The picture quality has a little grain from the aging video but is still clear...just not sharp like the current COLT releases.


The movie is obviously shot silent with a variety of instrumental tunes and a couple of lines of dialogue dubbed in during postproduction. At any rate, the sound is nice and clear.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, slide show with high quality photographs of each dude, and loads of previews: "Minute Man Solo: The Hard Way", "Minute Man Solo: Work It Off", "Minute Man Solo 24", "Minute Man Solo: 23", "Minute Man Solo: 22", "Minute Man Solo: 21", "Duel: Taking It Like A Man", and "Man Country".

Final Thoughts:

COLT Studios has re-released a hot li'l solo movie featuring five good-looking muscular dudes who undress revealing their beautiful bodies and stroke their hard cocks to climax. Each scene is nicely shot in lush beach surrounding of Northern California providing full coverage of all the jack-off action with plenty of close-ups. Running at 50 minutes, each scene moves along at a nice pace and does not become repetitive or dull. All the dudes are sexy with my personal favorites being cover man Ed Dinakos and Peter Meers. I recommend to fans of muscular COLT men and high quality solo beat off movies.

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