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Young Bulls

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/11/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Year of Production:

November 1998

Directed By:

Roman Pornanski

The Movie:

"Youthful and strong, the young bulls bring it on in a man-to-man display of big cocks, masculinity and non-stop lust." Well, that's only partially true since two of the dudes are raging queens.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

For the most part, this group of dudes are cute with a mix of short dark and longish blond hair; muscular, toned, and slender bodies; smooth chests; full and trimmed pubes; cut and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Romero (good-looking with dark hair and muscular body) heads over to Steven's (nice-looking with brown hair, slender/smooth body) apartment for a roll in the ol' hay. Conveniently, Steven is dressed only in a towel as the dudes sit on the sofa chit-chattin' in front of a coffee table that has one of the biggest/ugliest flower arrangements I've ever seen. Steven's eyes eat Romero's body up like a full buffet leading him to exclaim, "I just can't get over this body you have!" He applies baby oil to Romero's body running his hands over that beautiful chest with hard nipples and "accidentally" brushes his hand against a hard bulge. "Oops!" Steven pulls Romero's pants and briefs down revealing full dark pubes and a fat cut cock. He chows down on that fucker and simpers like a spoiled schoolgirl while he sucks.

Romero fucks that tight hairy hole making Steven cry out, pout, simper, and make a variety of hilarious over-dramatic noises. Frankly I had to do a double take to make sure Romero was fucking a dude and not some prissy sorority gal. He should have put a gag over Miss Thing's mouth. Romero orders Steven to back up against his chubby dong, which naturally leads to more irritating incoherent babbling from Steven. He switches to pounding his pal in the missionary position and again the room is filled with loud girly noises that sound like some pampered Southern Belle drunk on too many Mint Juleps yelping with high-pitched squeals. The entire time Steven's clipped tool is limp. Steven finally gets a boner and shoots thick jizz on his pubes and inside thigh. Romero squirts a large thick load on Steven's stomach as a cool blues guitar wails on the soundtrack. Did I mention that Steven has got to be one of the most irritating dudes I've ever seen in porn?

Scene Two:

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Leo (cute with short dark hair, cool sideburns, toned/smooth body) and his friend Duncan (cute with short dark hair with too much gel, goatee, tattoos, and toned/smooth body) are enjoying fooling around outdoors kissing with wet tongue and rubbing their bodies while some pooch cries in the background and thankfully off screen. The dog's whimpers remind me of Steven from scene one. Duncan sinks to his knees pulling Leo's blue jeans and boxers down revealing dark trimmed pubes and a chubby cut prick. He sucks that big thang working the large knob deep throating and giving a good blowjob. Leo takes Duncan's clipped tool wrapping his fist around the shaft and filling his mouth. After a cock sucking sixty-nine, Leo crams his fat dong up Duncan's tight shaved touchhole drilling for oil as Duncan plays with a Christmas tree ornament. 1970s-type easy listening music fills the soundtrack. After fucking Duncan from behind, the dudes beat off with Duncan shooting a thick load on his toned stomach while Leo cuts loose with an ample thick load all over Duncan's chest and stomach. "That's a real white Christmas!"

Scene Three:

Emilio (cute with dark hair, cool sideburns, slender/smooth body) is outdoors thumbing though an auto magazine when P. Morgan (very cute with blond hair, toned/smooth body) comes over to hang out. P. claims to be straight but curious about male-male sex. Emilio is more than happy to assist with some experimentation leading the dudes to slowly kiss and suck wet tongues. P. is soon taking his pal's hard fat cut dick down his throat while stroking his own rigid clipped member. Emilio licks and sucks P.'s weenie giving nice head as his head bobs up 'n down. P. fucks Emilio from behind using slow strokes at first but quickly kicks it up to fast 'n hard pounding. Emilio rides that cock for a little of the ol' sink/bounce and then P. switches to missionary position for some medium tempo screwing. Emilio shoots thick love juice on his stomach as P. squirts a large wet load that flies through the air and lands all over his pal.

Scene Four:

Anthony (an odd looking little dude wearing a goofy cap and cheesy ultra-tight purple shirt) and David (cute with dark hair and smooth/toned/tattooed body) slouch on the couch leading Anthony to suck his pal's cut cock. Anthony gives some descent head deep throating all the way down to dark trimmed pubes. We have another Steven type on our hands as Anthony simpers and pouts like some sort of insane cock hound desperately crying out for that dong. Creepy. David plows his friend from behind and of course Anthony starts in with all the loud babbling and piercing shrieks like a lunatic while jacking his own uncut pork. Annoying. When David fucks Anthony in the missionary position, the drama queen really pulls out all stops by thrashing around like he's having a seizure and simpering "fill me up baby". Yikes. The dude is a fucking freak (and not in a good way). Loud babbles and high-pitched trills fill the room that makes absolutely no sense. David finally shoots a large thick wad and Anthony doesn't cum. It may be for the best since I have a feeling if Anthony came, he would fall over dead from all of his melodramatic posturing. Yuck.



"Young Bulls" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is basic fulfilling the usual porn camera shots with some descent close-ups. The picture quality is grainy but watchable.


The only positive I can say in this section is the movie has a very cool soundtrack featuring blues guitar tunes. Most of the movie is ruined by the idiotic simpering/pouting of certain cast members.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a photo gallery featuring action shots from the movie with groovy organ accompaniment, "More Adult Fun" which is simply some shitty phone sex advertisements, and trailers for: "Humidity", "While the Cat's Away", "Inside Men #2", and "Intimate Moments with Jeff and Brian".

Final Thoughts:

Yikes! "Young Bulls" has got to be one of the most grating/irritating movies I've reviewed. Words cannot express how annoying Steven and Anthony's over-the-top performances are. I have a rather odd sense of humor so I found some of their simpering "act" to be hilarious in a sad way but in the end (no pun attended), the dudes come off as queeny dolts. Some of the other dudes are appealing but they cannot save this one. "Young Bulls" simply has nothing to set it apart from the other mediocre smut offerings, so I'm going with a Skip It. There are tons of better movies out there just waiting to be discovered.

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